Is There Another Method Besides The Cry Out Method To Get Your Child To Go To Sleep On His Own?

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I have a 5 month old that I’m trying to teach to go to sleep on his own. Is there another method besides the cry out, or is that the only way?

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9 Responses to “Is There Another Method Besides The Cry Out Method To Get Your Child To Go To Sleep On His Own?”

  1. poprocks says:

    Try reading the book “Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler and Preschooler” (… ). It covers all the different sleep solutions out there instead of just focusing on one particular method.

  2. Just wait it out. All kids eventually sleep on there own, some earlier than others. My son is 11 months old and has been going to sleep on his own at night since 8 months, he still won’t do it at nap time but he only needs rocking for 5minutes or less so it’s nice cuddle time for both of us. At night he needs to see me while he falls asleep but doesn’t need any comfort.
    We tried CIO at 5 months and again at 8 months to help with night time sleep and he never cried less than 1hr after a full week and still woke just as often at night. Even though he self sooths he still wakes every 2hrs, it didn’t make any difference. They all do it when they are ready. I’ve never heard of a 10 yr old still needing to be rocked to sleep.

  3. Cas and Em's Mommy says:

    There is the be a mom approach and cuddle and/or nurse/bottle feed your baby to sleep. No baby needs to “learn” how to fall asleep on their own, that will come in time. My daughter is just about 19 months old and never once CIO, she was nursed to sleep and once weaned we lay down in my bed together and cuddle to sleep and she is out like a light all night. I understand all the push from others that your child NEEDS to self soothe and fall asleep on their own but its not necessary. They are only babies for so long, enjoy it.

  4. Ashley ?Aislings Mum? {09.25.08} says:

    What worked for me was when Aisling was crying I’d go get her for about a week. Then I switched to leaving her in her crib and talking to her and holding her hand until she fell asleep. Then once she got comfortable with that I would put her to bed, say goodnight and leave her room. When she cried, I would go in and talk until she stopped crying and was just looking at me, then leave and I did that until she was out for the night. Shes almost 5 months now and we’ve gotten into the routine of as soon as I put her to bed she knows that it’s bedtime and goes to sleep right away.
    It will take a few weeks until hes going to sleep on his own but that’s what worked for me. Hope that helps :)

  5. I’m curious to know why you think your five month old has to go to sleep on his own? Or is it just because you want him to?
    He may not be able to, honestly. Some babies don’t learn self soothing techniques until later on. CIO is not the “only” method and it’s certainly not the best. Plus most don’t recommend it until your baby is older than 6 months anyway.
    What sort of routine do you have for your baby at night? If you don’t have one I’d start implementing one. We’ve always done bottle(now sippy cup), bath, and bed. Up until our son was 7 months old we rocked him to sleep. After that we would put him down still kind of awake but if he cried we went in and soothed him. He had something to cuddle with(a couple of small, silk, blankets), though, and he usually went to sleep on his own.
    Have you rocked or cuddled your son to sleep up until this point? If so you can’t expect him to all of a sudden be able to go to sleep on his own. You’ll have to help him transition into doing so. Maybe rock him a few minutes less each night or put him into his crib and stroke his hair, pat his back, rub his belly. It’s not fair to him(or you, really, because it will drive you crazy hearing him cry) to just put him in his crib and let him CIO if he’s been comforted to sleep up until this point.

  6. Try a bed time routine. It worked wonders for our son.
    I recommend ‘The No-Cry Sleep Solution’ book.

  7. dixiechi says:

    No! It is not the only way. In fact, even psychologists who advocate for the crying it out method only say you should do it in infants over 6 months of age. Try the book “The No Cry Sleep Solution” It was helpful for me

  8. River Euphrates says:

    There’s the ‘give them a couple drops of bourbon’ method.

  9. Kim says:

    well if you dont mind that your kid gets fat or always needs to fall asleep this way
    give the baby a warm bottle and let the baby keep drinking until he or she falls asleep
    it works for my cousin
    but she is pretty chubby

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