Is There A Natural Way To Get Over Laziness And Depression.?

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Well I don’t have any health care but I just want to know if there is like a tea or something natural i can take?

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21 Responses to “Is There A Natural Way To Get Over Laziness And Depression.?”

  1. Hanna-Party of 3 says:

    First off laziness and depression are different things. Some say that st. john’s wort is suppose to help people with moderate depression. I have never used it so I’m really not sure. Exercise also can help. It really would be best if you could find a way to go to a doctor-a psychiatrist would probably be your best bet.

  2. mechanix says:

    Go to the gym, eat healthy, and go out( even if it’s by yourself), try to interact with others and talk to your friends. If your lazy then u just need to overcome the fact that you need to do more. If your depressed, just try to keep yourself busy like mentioned and listen to happier music because believe it or not, depressing music can make someone depressed. One thing leads to another.

  3. tnxm says:

    Eat healthy, and go to the gym. It sucks for the first few days, after that you’ll get in to more feel better about yourself and have more energy. Idol hands are the devils play pen.

  4. yeah i would to health food store like maybe whole foods. talk to the employees. there are a lot of natural hormones, vitamins, and teas that can help your mood. :) good luck.

  5. Unless you have clinical depression and need meds,Forcing yourself to make a change in your life is the best thing you can do. You can’t keep doing the same things everyday and expect your life to get better. Get out there! And it doesn’t hurt to eat well, get enough sleep, and drink tea. Love tea, to me It’s a wonder drug.

  6. alessand says:

    well, if you’re suffering from clinical depression (depressed for a long period of time. at least 2 weeks) you should seek help. when i was in middle school-highschool i received help for my long term depression problem. i didn’t realize i needed help but i took anti depressants for it. and it helped a lot. so if you really need the help, contact your family doctor or a psychiatrist. and see what you should do
    besides that, if you’ve only been down and lazy because of a certain event that occurred, or just because you’re being lazy, than you should get up and get out. you should do the things you love and just have fun. relax, and take your mind off of whatever that’s making you depressed. if it’s something you can fix or sort out, then fix it. if it’s an issue with someone, then talk it out. if you can’t do much about it, get it off your mind by getting it all down on paper. then you’ll feel like it’s no longer inside of you. you should eat, but not binge. eat healthy things, but things you’d enjoy, like a fruit salad, or enjoy a water ice or something…not Mcdonald’s though, that will just make you more lazy. stray away from clutter, a clutter free space/room will make your mind less …cluttered? it will keep you more at ease. and you’ll be able to focus more and not be so lazy. stay away from lazy environments! spend time with friends and go out in the city and breatheee, just keep yourself moving as much as you can. and stay away from the couch, sleep on a regular basis, eat healthily and normally, exercise daily, and be social, don’t keep yourself lonely, and resolve issues and you’ll be okay! if that doesn’t work, you should probably talk to a professional or something.
    oh and tea does make you feel a lot beter. green tea. and other healthier foods. when you eat healthier, you’re a lot more energized and in a better mood =)
    hope everything works out!

  7. Locked & Loaded says:

    The lazy portion comes with being depressed. I’m not aware of any natural items that you would find at your local grocery store for your problem. I was diagnosed 12 years ago with depression and I didn’t have any motivation to want to do anything. After being placed on Zoloft, it made a world of difference in my attitude, but you need a doctor to write you a prescription for any medications to help with your depression. It really sucks to feel the way you do, so bite the bullet and see a doctor in order to get the right meds to help you with every day life. Your not going to get better by consuming tea.

  8. susie says:

    Sub lingual (dissolve under the tongue) vitamin B-12 Trader Joe’s has it for a good price which also contains B-6 and Folic acid. This is good for both mood and energy.
    EFT – Emotion al Freedom Techniques – google it and watch the free youtube demos
    If you like these ideas, let me know, because I have others to try as well.
    Keep and open mind (especially with regard to treatments and cures)
    P like crazy! meaning……
    be pernicious, persistent, positive, pray, ponder the unknown, peruse everything you can get your hands on, play!, practice, practice, practice a new solution or technique to give it a chance to work, prove it to your self and loved ones that you can do it!, promote happiness and help others, prescriptions don’t have to be pills, pride yourself in your progress~every little bit, polish your appearance, protect your physical health with exercise and healthy eating, partake in a long desired interest or hobby, pursue a new venture or romance, plenty of Sunshine…..
    you can do it :)

  9. bethgabo says:

    There are some lifestyle changes that will help with depression. Try to exercise regularly (although I know it can be very hard to make yourself do that when you’re depressed). Physical activity will improve your mood. Also, stick to a regular sleep schedule. Many depressed people find themselves sleeping either too little or too much, but setting a regular bedtime might help somewhat. Finally, try to force yourself to go out and do fun things as often as you can. It’s really easy to get trapped indoors and stop doing a lot of your regular activities when depressed, but by forcing yourself to do things you like (or used to like), you will usually find you feel a little better by the end even if you have to fight to make yourself do them at first.
    Some people claim over-the-counter pills such as St. John’s Wort and SAM-e help with depression. You can buy them at health food stores. I used SAM-e for a while and it didn’t seem to do much for me, but others say it helps them.
    Talk therapy helps many people understand the root causes of why they feel depressed and teaches them ways to change the thought processes they want to change. Seeing a professional is better than just talking to a friend because the professional has a much broader knowledge of the types of problems their other clients have had and what was effective for them, and they can guide you to a solution. If money is an issue, there might be low-cost or free programs you can apply to at clinics or medical schools.
    All that said, prescription anti-depressants are important, and I would urge you to consider them. Lifestyle changes and therapy are more effective when they’re combined with medication. There are neurochemical and neurophysiological elements to depression, and over time medication has the effect of making the depressed person’s brain more similar to that of a non-depressed person. The best way to think of it is untreated depression causes damage to the brain over time, and medication will restore the brain to the way it’s supposed to be. And again, if you can’t afford it, there are options. Many drug companies have reduced-price medications that they offer to patients who have low income. Also, some anti-depressants are available generically and are pretty cheap.

  10. CrshTstD says:

    exercise also. exercising releases endorphins… also making yourself exercise gets you out of the habit of being lazy, trust me i know :P

  11. Dark cloud says:

    Go out a lot, go to the gym and admire the scenic beauty. All these help you get rid of depression.

  12. Poppy's slave. says:

    get outside and do not succumb to television.

  13. I'm totally illiterate. says:

    orgasm often.
    it releases endorphins…
    which are happy. :)

  14. ?Laura? says:

    try to take a walk everyday it really feels good once your moving :)

  15. firefigh says:

    yeah, get off your lazy a%s and do something!!!!!

  16. [][][] says:


  17. i dont eat my vegetables says:

    eat healthier that will make drastic changes

  18. deathcup says:

    yes i agree with the beer and weed,works wonders.:P

  19. Kim W says:

    A trip often lifts the spirits. I really like that Jama Juice place where I order a raspberry with the immunity packet—it perks me up. As does also a fresh shower and clen clothes in the am.

  20. britster says:

    yes! what you need to do is drink green tea and watch you favorite tv show.
    then clean your room.
    get occupied…..
    get out even if its by yourself
    and then eat your favorite foods :)

  21. hewray says:

    If you smoke weed, stop.
    I recently became vegan (meaning no eating meat or any other animal product like milk) and after ~2 weeks I have heaps more energy and feel a lot better about **** in general. You could try that out

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