Is There A Natural Remedy For Hypothyroid Health?

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I would prefer to be on a natural supplement for a hypothyroid condition and wonder if there is something available that is easier on my health. I take Cortisone for Addison’s disease and am just not too crazy about adding other harsh medicines. Thanks in advance.

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3 Responses to “Is There A Natural Remedy For Hypothyroid Health?”

  1. Paul says:

    See a Dr, taking chances with Your health, is Not a good idea.

  2. DNA says:

    Yes, either Armour thyroid or Naturethroid. I have been on Armour for 4 years and highly recommend it. Link below

  3. Zambiti says:

    A good homeopath should be able to help some. Also, there are some things to avoid which you can do -
    don’t do triclosan (the additive in all things anti-bacterial – with the few exceptions of those that are just plain alcohol) Regular soap and warm water is antibacterial enough to keep you safe.
    avoid fluoride as it does horrible things to the thyroid. NO you do not need fluoride for healthy teeth. It is a by-product of agricultural processes which would have to be disposed of as toxic waste if they didn’t tell us it was wonderful for teeth and put it in the water supply. Fluoride has long been used in chemical warfare.
    supplement with iodine, that does help support the thyroid.
    keep rested and avoid pharmaceuticals as they also work against thyroid.
    support your adrenals, as the symptoms can overlap and compound your thyroid issues.
    Soy is shown to cause problems, but more so when fed to infants as soy formula. Infants fed soy formula are more likely to develop thyroid problems in their teens. I’d say, if it has that effect on infants, you may as well drop it from your list of edibles too. For more info on the dangers of soy read “Soy: The Abominable Bean” Can be found on the internet.
    Check with your local naturopath for a natural thyroid supplement. I can’t remember the name of it right now, but my mom does all the above and takes that supplement when the above isn’t quite enough because she is either sick or overtired. Thyrolate is what comes to mind, but don’t quote me. Many docs hate the use of natural thyroid because they can’t control it, btw, so be forewarned if you are going to address any of this with your doc. They may not like it.
    Definitely visit the Stop the Thyroid Madness link that DNA provided. I was under the impression that Armour was by prescription only. I’ll have to check that. If you can get it, that is a good option.

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