Is It Wrong To Slip My Child Bennidryl To Put Them To Sleep?

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I was told this worked well for me.

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21 Responses to “Is It Wrong To Slip My Child Bennidryl To Put Them To Sleep?”

  1. Rosie_08 says:

    The only time I think it is ok to do that is if they are so overwrought they can’t get to sleep and are working themselves up to the point where they’ll make themselves sick. Obviously you need a kick in the rear if you allow that to happen regularly, but that can sometimes happen if there’s been a late night and too much excitement(Christmas Night, for example.)

  2. beetlemi says:

    No, its not and its done all the time. Speak to your child’s doctor about insomnia. Benadryl or diphenhydramine has a sedative affect and is used as a sedative in children’s psychiatric hospitals all over the US, and it is one of the meds in an ER cocktail for adults the other two being haldol and ativan. I even have a script from the specialists for atarax which is another antihistimine that is longer acting and is prescribed off label as a sedative as most drugs are prescribed off label for my son who just turned 2 and he has had this prescription for over 1 year to help him sleep as needed.

  3. Kelsey N says:

    This is a drug! You can go arrested for that that is considered child abuse. Try to find another method to put them to sleep. You can have your children taken away! This can affect their mind. Some children actually get hyperd because of this pill. They can go crazy. If they get addicted to it they will never be able to sleep without it again!

  4. Mommy of 2 awesome babies says:

    are you kidding me??
    Yes it is WRONG. Giving bennidryl for anything but what it is suppossed to is WRONG.
    Someone told me to to use whiskey on my daughters gums, but i sure in hell didn’t listen to that lousy advice.

  5. jahkahn1 says:

    Some cases it will. Take you baby to the doctors if your baby is having a hard time sleeping. Try giving your baby a nice warm bath, massage, bottle, bed time story and your baby will go to sleep.

  6. getagrip says:

    Can you say child abuse? Can you say accidental overdose? What the hell is wrong with you? Are you that lazy and immature that you can’t care for your own child? Get a grip loser!

  7. sunkissed aussie says:

    Yes its wrong. My sister inlaw is a heroin addict and she “slips a little bit” of bennidryl to make her baby sleep. But then her baby is very slow to wake up. Just dont do it. Its not worth it.

  8. M???? says:

    I’m not going to be mean to you. I think it was okay, as long as you don’t do it alot. If they seem to be acting okay, it should be fine. Did it really work? That’s pretty interesting…

  9. ?Silly? Due 3/17/2010 says:

    Is it ok for a guy at a bar to slip a drug in your drink so he can do what he wants to do?
    No it’s not ok.

  10. philosop says:

    Is it wrong to slip your child BENADRYL to put them to sleep? You were TOLD this worked well for YOU?
    I think you’re a troll, quite good at spotting those.

  11. julie.wi says:

    That depends, does your child also have allergies?….

  12. ChrisChr says:

    Yes it’s wrong. Why not just give them Bourbon to drink? Is your free time that important that you would endanger your child? It isn’t work the risk.

  13. Libre says:

    If you can’t find a better way than drugging your child to get the result you want, that’s pretty mediocre parenting.

  14. Yes. Kids are rambunctious and don’t sleep sometimes. Its part of being a parent. Suck it up.

  15. Teri ann Sensible. says:

    Yes it is wrong you are giving your child unnecessary drugs.

  16. phillip_ says:

    why would you even want to do that?? just because you child wont sleep? well give the child a bed time!!!!! not good at all

  17. BoSox27 says:

    If you truly have to ask, you never should have had children. Of course it’s wrong.

  18. Miss Coffee says:

    Of course it is not to mention dangerous if they do not need it.

  19. ozboz48 says:

    Yes, it’s wrong.
    A relaxation CD is much better.
    All the best.

  20. weswme79 says:

    of course its wrong to DRUG your child!!

  21. Girl Interrupted says:

    Why would you do such a thing?

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