Is It Normal For A Child To Sleep All Day When Feverish?

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My 4 yr old was seen at the ER last night with a 104.3 degree fever. They said he has strep and an ear infection, gave him antibiotics, and said to give him motrin and tylenol alternating every 2 hrs. When he woke up this morning, his fever was back up to 104, i gave him motrin, and put him in a warm bath. His fever eventually came down, and im keeping it controlled with the medicine, but he just wants to stay asleep. He will wake up, and im waking him every 2 hrs to give him the medicine and some water, but then he just goes back to sleep. Is this normal? He’s only been awake for maybe 2 hours total since about 10pm last night (18 hours ago).

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18 Responses to “Is It Normal For A Child To Sleep All Day When Feverish?”

  1. AV says:

    Very much normal. I’m so sorry that your little one is so ill. Fevers and infections completely wipe out the energy of everyone. To want to sleep is to be expected. Having strep, an ear infection, and the high fever is going to make anyone want to just sleep.
    Keep giving the meds and allowing him to sleep. If there is no change within a couple of days, you may want to let the ped know. Hang in there, I hope he’s feeling better in no time.

  2. Big Nobby says:

    Why ask the idiots here
    trust in your instinct, if your not sure get the bloody doctor out
    you can apologise to your doctor for wasting his time but if you lost your son cos some quack here tells you its OK would you ever forgive yourself

  3. ask'n' get 25 says:

    The reason for giving people with fevers, water, is to make them urinate constantly, so the better chance of the fever and infections getting out. With that said you should make your child drink probably more than 5 average water bottles a day or more just to be safe. It is a pretty good idea to give your child a very warm blanket to make him/her sweat for the same reason for drinking A LOT of water. Just make sure he/she keeps sweating. Also if he/she sweats too much then change the shirt every 3 hours or so to prevent her from catching a cold or something like that. Another good idea is to make your child get as much phlegm out as possible, and make sure he/she brushes her teeth at least four times a day to prevent from anymore bacteria adding up to the infection. Also add A LOT of juice with a lot of vitamin c and not “Hi-C” or anything like that. The Juice thats all bitter and such to help he/she’s body fight the infections, because vitamin c is a vital supplement to a persons immune system, because of the fact that the body does not have the ability to hold vitamin c, which is used in the body to fight viruses and such. With that said keep on giving your child the medicine and do what i said and your child should be fine in 3-5 days if you did everything i told you. I’m just trying to help I don’t want to make your child worse so please just do it.

  4. Sabrina says:

    I would csll the doctor just to be sure. That is a LOT of sleeping, even for a kid that feels bad.

  5. All that painkiller in his system? Sure he wants to sleep. Don’t you want to sleep when you are ill? Why should it be different for him? I guess it’s easier for him to try and sleep through the pain and discomfort.
    It’s okay. Let him sleep, and he’ll recover faster :)

  6. Southern says:

    Yes, it is ok. Most children when they are running a fever will sleep alot. For my kids motrin seems to work better than the tylenol, but what they told you is what I do when I am treating a fever. Next time you wake him for his meds try to get a little more fluids in him, weather it be water, juice or gatoraid. Poor little guy should feel better by tomorrow once the antiboitics kick in. If he is not better by monday you might want to get him into see his regular dr.

  7. girlzmom says:

    Yes its pretty normal for a child to sleep alot when they have a fever its the bodies way of fighting off the the virus or infection. As long as the meds are controling the fever and you can rouse him every 1-2 hours to get him to drink something so he stays hydrated I would let him sleep. If you have any difficulty waking him though or he is really not alert and able to help drink anything I would take him to the ER immediately! You should notice the antibiotics (depending on what he is on) kicking in about 12-24 hours after he is on them.
    Hope he feels better soon!

  8. it is fairly normal for a child to sleep non-stop if sick. whenever im sick i sleep for 1 or 2 days non-stop, your child just needs time to relax, rejuvinate, and fight its illness. especially when i had strep when i was little, i had a high fever and the only time id wake up is when my parents woke me up to give me medicine. then id fall right back to sleep again. your son should be fine. <3

  9. Right Parenting says:

    Hi, I think you should contact your doctor immediately. If the child is lethargic or drowsy in presence of high fever and an ear infection, there is sometimes a danger of a complication like meningitis (a brain infection) or septicemia (a blood infection).
    If in spite of presence of high fever, if your child is active, playful and cheerful, then it can be taken as a good sign but not otherwise.

  10. totally normal…. he is sleeping so that he can get better!

  11. yes! Completely normal for him to be sleeping this much.. Think about it, when you are sick you dont feel like doing anything but laying around normally do you? And your poor kid has three thing beating him down.. fever is normally enough for me!
    Your son is also experiencing a really really high fever, so that’s gonna drain his energy even more, not to mention the fact that the meds they probably have him on will drug him up and put him back to sleep…
    Just a tip I learned long ago.. to help break a fever faster and keep it down.. Give your son advil (or ibuprofen) then two hours later switch off the tylenol (or acitametiphen).. My doctor recommended this for my son when he has a fever and it gets his fever down faster…

  12. ©rimin says:

    yes definately, but wake them up every hour and a half, and say to them if they have to use the bathroom so they don t wet the bed, andgive him fluids each time. and give him the medicine, and tell hima lso to wash his hands even if he does not use the bathroom, also get a cool wash cloth and sponge his face and neck. by the time that is done, it should have been 2 hrs.

  13. mystic_e says:

    Sleeping allows the body to heal itself, it is pretty normal.

  14. its okay miss i had that problem too i also couldnt stop sleeping you are sick so you sleep alot it is okay for your son to do that but try waking him up and giving him what he like to eat he will get up and feel healthy by the way nice question. I hope your son gets better good luck.

  15. Anniekd says:

    His body is in overdrive producting antibodies in response to all the germs in him right now, that’s why he has a fever, and that’s why his body is exhausted. It’s normal to want to just sleep when you’re sick, but make sure he gets lots of fluids during the times he’s awake.

  16. Riven Liether says:

    Yes, it is normal. Sleep allows the body to heal and further fight off the infection in combination with the fever. Let him sleep all he wants. ^^

  17. Meghan H says:

    Do you usually sleep all day when you have a very high fever? I do. And so do children. Let him get his rest; he needs it to get better. Give him medicine to keep his fever down, let him eat if he wants to and try to keep him hydrated. And let him sleep, sleep sleep.
    Best wishes for the little guy!

  18. Angel School Girl says:

    Yes it is normal. A small child cannot take being sick because their bodies are not used to it. Especially if your child has a fever and ear infection. Rest is one of the best thing for a child when they are sick. Another think that could be making them tired is probably the antibiotic, some antibiotic has some ingredients that makes them drowsy.
    Be sure to give your child lots of water and juices. Juices can restore your child’s health a little more especially when he only stays up for 2 hours. When your child eventually wakes up make them some soup. Try to stay away from the salty types. Of course there is always your traditional Chicken Noodle Soup. When he is sleeping try not to put to much blankets on him and keep his clothing light. Keeping his coverings light will probably help decrease his temperature.
    Strep is very contagious so i would try to prevent sharing the same food, cups, napkins, and the same utensils before you wash them thoroughly.
    Use your time wisely when the child is asleep. You can do things around the house or you can just have a little me time. If you want to get ahead I suggest making his soup or food before he wakes up so its ready to eat when he wakes up. You can obviously store it in the fridge and when he is ready to eat you can just heat it up in the microwave.I hope this helped and believe me i have a lot of expirence with children more of my family is a pediactic doctor or nurse.
    ask’n’ get 25 would be saying basicly saying the same thing if i were to keep going.

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