Is Giving Your Kids Medicine To Make Them Sleep Child Abuse?

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Does anybody think that it is child abuse to give your kid medicine to make them go to sleep just to get em out of your
hair cause my mom use to do this to me and my sisters all the time when we wouldn’t go to sleep and star trek was coming on lol.

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17 Responses to “Is Giving Your Kids Medicine To Make Them Sleep Child Abuse?”

  1. rokelmil says:

    I’d say child abuse yes sounds like she just rounded you up and said “ok girls come get your star trek sleepy time medicine”.

  2. lillilou says:

    Theres a lot of things parents used to do, that are now illegal. No carseats for instance. You cant compare on anything science based that advances with time. Such as meds. More research is out now.
    Also just saw a clip on cnn with parents charged with murder, they say just gave benadryl (baby was just a few months) DA says it was a much more intense drug cocktail. Looking for the link now. But I think giving benadryl after all those day care deaths is absolutely ridiculous and abuse.

  3. munkees8 says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as to call it abuse, but it’s not exactly the best parenting. I have never considered drugging my son no matter how much he aggravates me.

  4. jsfnita says:

    I think so. That’s sick. I have given my child sleep medicine but only when needed. Like if they have a cough or ear ache and can’t sleep.

  5. FurSid says:

    yes it is!!! … anything they’re going to take unwillingly and will effect or influence their mental health is child abuse! Wear their shoe and walk a mile … you’ll know how it feels.

  6. Sierra<3 says:

    Yes and its drug abuse no offense but your mother has issues if she drugs her kids so she can watch star trek.

  7. ??Julian says:

    Yes i think that is so cruel to do a child that way. I mean dope them up so you can watch star trek is pathetic and yes it is child abuse.

  8. meow says:

    Abuse is probably too strong a word, but if it’s done on a daily basis with no more reason that waching TV than yes, it’s wrong.
    However, being a frequent flyer I completely support the parents who give their children something (mild and doctor consulted) to make them sleep through the flight, and get them out of everybody else’s hair – I’m sure we’ve all been stuck for hours next to some screaming, hyperactive brat at one point or another.

  9. arkiemom says:

    Drugs – no. But I do confess to being guilty of an occasional dose of children’s Benadryl when my pre-school daughter was being excessively cranky or over active and it was 11:oo at night. Sometimes you have to weigh the consequences. Having a difficult child and her parents get a good night’s sleep – or a household in chaos because everyone is wound up, tired, and cranky. By the way, she is a well respected attorney now and my very best friend – so I don’t think she suffered any long term consequences.

  10. WarEmble says:

    Yes, I think so.

  11. Wow, I’m sorry your mother didn’t have better parenting skills. That’s really sad.
    Yes, it’s abuse. Taking any medicine not for its intended purpose is abuse. Intentionally drugging children is also child abuse/endangerment.

  12. Ion Foot Spa says:

    Drugging someone when they don’t need it? Kind of iffy.

  13. karlene c says:

    I would not ever do that unless i was about to go insain but even then i would just ask a family member to take care of my child/children so i could get some sleep.

  14. I ? Purple! says:

    Yeah, because it’s not good to take medicine all the time. It damages your liver if you take it too much. And plus it’s just like drugging someone to make them go to sleep.

  15. TNEmily says:

    Your mom was essentially drugging her children for HER benefit, so yes I don’t agree with that. I don’t agree with using medicine unless you absolutely need it – I think we have a tendency to overmedicate these days.

  16. AV says:

    It’s immoral to medicate your children when they are not in need of meds. A trend starts, and the child is overdosed. Parents who know better do not do this.
    Think of that little girl who died from being drugged up in this matter last year. She was “diagnosed” with bipolar at age 2… she was a TYPICAL two year old. Her parents continued to dope her up to get her out of their hair. She’s now dead b/c of that.

  17. Jason White says:

    I just caught my mother dosing my kids with benedryl right before bedtime. She tried to lie to me and say it was tylynol. Thank god for internet pharmaceutical identifiers

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