Irritable Bowel Syndrome: What is the best treatment?

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Hypnotherapy is not only a treatment of stress, it is the best treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a very distressing condition yet there is no abnormality of the gut. It is the commonest gastrointestinal illness and affects as much as 20% of the global population. It is the most common condition seen by Gastro-enterologist. It is a heavy burden on Health Professionals and Health Providers. Industry loses billions every year from absenteeism and the sufferer can be in discomfort for many years.

Even though there are numerous treatment available, hypnotherapy remains the best IBS treatment and the benefits remain for years. Most experts think this type of treatment should be reserved for severe or refractory IBS. If fact it works better in newly diagnosed IBS.

To understand why hypnotherapy is effective in Irritable Bowel Syndrome, you must understand how hypnotherapy actually works. When fully awake, your brain is at Beta brainwave state. During the trance state the hypnotherapist tries to drop the brainwave down to Theta.

You are hyper-suggestible at Theta brainwave State. In other words what ever the hypnotist says is likely to reach the Subconscious Mind because the filters that block contrary information is relaxed. In addition in Theta state, the hypnotherapist has access to the reality generator of REM sleep. Thus is why visualisation in Theta state is so effective. Visualisation in the REM state is not different from having a dream. At the time it is very real. The brain cannot differentiate real and imagined reality in the REM state.

In the Theta state, post-hypnotic suggestions and visualisation is very real. Negative information can be replaced by positive ones by the hypnotherapist in the Theta state. Your IBS symptoms will only improve when there is change in expectation and perception in your Subconscious Mind. Relapse after hypnotherapy develops when doubts creep into the mind of the IBS sufferer. Once the subject believes the symptoms are returning, it is like a green light for it to return.

As long as the subject continue to believe that he or she is in total control, the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome will stay away. All IBS patients should have hypnotherapy and the earlier the better. Well established sufferers have several layers of negative information in their mind and it will take longer to replace with positive info while newly diagnosed IBS patients will respond to only a few sessions because the hypnotherapist has less work to do. In refractory or severe IBS patients it could take more than 12 session of hypnotherapy and home self hypnosis to produce satisfactory results. There are, however, several case studies where the results are outstanding.

The hypnotherapist take away negative messages and replace them with positive ones in the Mind of IBS sufferers. So does it not makes sense to have hypnotherapy at the earliest opportunity and save yourself years of distress from a condition where the large gut is normal?

Get the best IBS treatment. See an experienced hypnotherapist.

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