Insomnia ?

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i have a problem thats been going on since january i wake up every 3 hrs after a dream i always remember atleast 2 to 4 dreams a night i usally sleep about 5-7 hours but with 2 awakenings at night is this insomnia?
i have been to my doctor and they did some lab everything came out ok. i dont want to take sleep pills because of all the horror storys .anyone else have this problem?

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5 Responses to “Insomnia ?”

  1. c9secs says:

    You are fine… Yours is not insomnia… If you eat before you go to sleep that ll happen or change your bath….
    your solution is to change your habitat and make it suitable for you to sleep…
    Insomnia is what i have…
    Imagine that u can ever can go to sleep but only u can fall asleep without knowing what time u went to sleep….

  2. Samantha says:

    I haven’t slept in 3 days you should be grate ful!
    Its 2:00 am here in NY.
    Not one bit tried its because i have a lack of fluids in my cerium cord the doctors SAY!
    I don’t need to sleep cuz i burn the same amount of calories when awake, i have an oddly high metabolism.
    I am one of those people that they call a super human.
    I have to stay away from light source after so many hours though! SO i find my day working out and finding the answers to the problems no one else is willing to solve.
    The problem with you is you have to much copper in your blood it keeps you dreaming and waking up. If you are on a diet or eat a particular thing then you should stop eating it.
    It could even be in a medication that you may be taking. 5-7 hours is plenty of sleep dreams are fun to know about to. Be thankful.
    O and medtiaon works wonders!

  3. J??hua W?sh Bûrn says:

    hi there, insomnia is a very common psychological disorder but it is also very often misdiagnosed. the fact that you are unable to sleep may not necesarrily mean u have insomnia, it can be a variety of factors such as stress, ovelaoding youself with work, relationship problems etc etc etc.
    Most people dream during there D phase of sleep in this phase you are in your deepest sleep and you also are partially paralyzed, so you dont act out your dreams. the fact that you have a lot of dreams, means that you do reach your D phase of sleep, but the fact that you wake up directly after could indicate that you have something serious on your mind.
    Are you on any other medication? I dont not recommend sleeping pills for the reasons.1. they inhibate your D phase of sleep, iow you wont dream any more and could disrupt you dreaming and sleeping patterns severly, so as i saw in a previous answer you recieved for a guy recommending it i strongly advice you to reconsider that!!! and 2. sleepingn pills are very addictive and if you use them in order to sleep the chances are you will beocme addicted to them and will not be able to sleep without taking a sleeping pill
    In the case that a medical doctor did not find anything (i take it that is what you went to see), id a dvise you to go to either a psychologist or a sleep thearipist/sleep clinic. they are more specialised in this matter, my studies into sleep and insomnia are not as extensive but this is basically as much info as i can give you!! hope it is helpful to you!!
    I mite suggest though you ask your self a few questions like what is bothering me, is there something i am hiding from someone, what are my dreams about, try to explain to yourself what these dreams mite mean! etc.
    The common consensus that if you drink milk before you go to sleep if a myth it has never been scientifically proven to make a person sleep beter.
    so in my personal opinion, u mite not have insomnia, insomnia comes from a extended period of not sleeping and especially a lot of stressing.
    Wel i hope i was helpful to you, if you do require anymore info do not hesitate to email me at

  4. RM says:

    maybe there’s something on ur mind thats worrying u and ur stressed out, try to take a long bath b4 bed and drink warm milk and u will sleep like a baby :)
    good luck

  5. Sarah says:

    You should try meditation. I used to have the same problem, and I was put on ambien. The side affects kicked in after a week, and I had trouble remembering anything during the day. Also I was told I would stay up half the night doing things I wasn’t even aware of the next day. I stopped taking the pills, took 30 minutes a day to sit, relax and clear my head, and now I’m good. I don’t chant or anything, I just kinda sift through the random thoughts.

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