In Two Years You’ll Wish You Had Seen This! No More Menopause!

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Most of the menopause products are created based on 3 strategiess:

  • a single supplement/herb wonder
  • a combination of past researched supplements/herbs with an addition of the latest fad herb
  • in most cases a newbie manufacturer/distributer copies another company’s product that is selling well

The result is that it is difficult for the consumer to determine what works. So how do you know what works?

Anyone can create testimonials but long-standing, valid, reliable results are very difficult to manufacture. Even the research that is presented is not the full story but rather a spin on the research to move you to buy a particular product. In most cases, the manufacturer may truely believe they have a formula that will work based on misinformation on a herb’s benefits.

The right herbs for menopause will primarily 1) raise the body’s energy, 2) nourish the blood, 3) cool the body and 4) normalize the body’s thermostat. And indirectly, because the underlying imbalance is corrected, the menopause symptoms will begin to dissapate within 2 hours.  

Most discoveries about herbs have come from Chinese herbal medicine but revealed to the American public in an incomplete manner. The American manufacturers share the info about an herb as a solution for everyone who has a particular symptom. Nevermind, all the body of Chinese medicine and theory that understands that there are different body types or constitutions that may accompany those symptoms. Menopause symptoms are characteristic of the hot constitution or body type which necessitates liver cooling. 

Chinese herbs which have proven to be effective for hundreds of years on millions of patients. Chinese master herbalists comprehend, on a beginning level, how extensive Chinese medicine is and that through thousands of years of practice, further research is not necessary. Its essential to apply the right formula to the right constitution and symptoms, not just the symptoms. In addition, in order to discern this  relationship between body constitution and herb formulation, it is essential to choose the most knowledgeable practitioner.

A Practicing Master Herbalist Knows More About Herbs Than Any Other Profession?

A seasoned master herbalist (10 years+) who works with herbs every day is the best source for herb medicine. The time element is critical to allow the practitioner to get the kinks out and test his/her knowledge. What is taught in our traditional Chinese herbs and herb medicine schools is only a beginning knowledge and needs to be tested. Optimally, post-graduates should continue to extensive apprenticeship prior to being ready to remedy ailments with patients. Medical doctors rely on their Physician’s Desk Reference for information on herbs which is truely a beginning base source. A one herb or multiple herb formula is not going to work for all. The formula will probably work for a small percentage of the women with a similar body type but not the majority. For instance, Black Cohosh is a Chinese herb but is not appropriate for menopause. the herb is rendered for feverous conditions. Still, American supplement manufacturers have found a way to exploit the misinformation supplied to the public and so the story continues. Never mind that its short term benefits decay in 2-3 weeks.A proven improvement with other homeostatic herbs would be to ingest bupleurum.

In summary, the best choice of herbs for menopause will take into consideration the woman’s constitution or body type when constructing a formula. Additionally, herbs that have a long established record for hundreds to thousands of years must be perceived with greater preference over herbs with a minimal account. I encourage everyone to seek a seasoned source in herbal medicine.

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