Impact of Healthy Food 1 of 2 (Video)

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Most people know that a healthy diet will make you feel better, but few realize the surprising impact it can have on a person’s mental and emotional health. Diet and mood are very closely linked and more often than not, as this video will show, eating the right foods can really affect the way we feel and behave.

Barbara Reed Stitt, author of Food and Behavior, A Natural Connection had learned about the profound effects of food in the unlikely position of probation officer. The first thing she did with anyone who came under her care was to change their diet. Time and time again their lives turned around. Appleton Central Alternative Charter High School (ACA) opened its doors in February of 1996 to give individualized attention to students struggling in the conventional school settings. Despite this close attention, students behavioral problems continued to be extremely problematic. Barbara Stitt and her husband Paul, a biochemist, approached their local school (ACA) with an offer that was as unusual as it was generous. Take out the vending machines, take out the processed foods, and feed the students fresh, whole, nutritious food and watch their behavior improve. And the Stitts will pay the bill. In fact, since the Stitts owned Natural Ovens, a whole foods bakery, their company would send the school plenty of its own healthy fare AND place one of their own cooks on site at the school’s kitchen. In 1997, ACA teamed up with Natural Ovens Bakery to offer the students a free, nutritious breakfast. The following year (the 1998-99 school year) Natural Ovens sponsored the installation of a full kitchen and dining service (offering both breakfast and lunch). Appleton Central Alternative High School is, well, an “alternative school”; a place where problem students end up. Greg Bretthauer
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12 Responses to “Impact of Healthy Food 1 of 2 (Video)”

  1. Retro80Lady30 says:

    @midwest26 You are right why can’t people seem to figure this out. The reason why some parents buy the junk food which I don’t think is that bad is because it is cheaper. People eat what they can afford as well. This is why being judgemental only makes people look bad. Some parents don’t have a choice in what they purchase or the time it takes to make long meals with jobs, and multiple children.

  2. Retro80Lady30 says:

    I look at this way if you can get away with it eat what you want while you can. I personally don’t find health food very tasty. Is it really healthy since vegetables are covered in chemicals, and genetically modified? Why does the government pretend like they care all of a sudden when people have been large for many years. Meds can also cause people to pack on weight, and if kids are taking pills because people would rather throw them a pill than show them love that starts bad habits as well.

  3. Retro80Lady30 says:

    My daughter doesn’t like what they serve at school most of the time she just waits until she gets home to eat. She says they mix weird food together, and they eat foods like asian rice that she doesn’t eat at home. She said it smells bad. Our family can eat anything without gaining weight. I have been eating junk for years, and after three kids I’m still 98 pounds. It is also genetics as being a factor so I don’t judge people.

  4. FetaSake says:

    I think the problem isn’t what schools provide the main problem is what parents feed their children at home.

    A 5 year old doesn’t know what a pop-tart is ..or what’s junk food..guess who buys it for them?

  5. lovecandybars says:

    Just re-posted on our facebook page, this information is so incredibly important!

  6. deppressed1 says:

    Respond to this video…
    yeah, my parents have an extremely clouded perspective on what good food is. They use lard, oil, and a lot of msg. It is evident in the health of everyone, we are all overweight. shit like menudo, chorizo, tamales, etc. A bunch of shit if you ask me.

  7. midwest26 says:

    If parents are going to feed their kids junk at home than this isn’t going to matter.

  8. DarkMonkArt says:

    Yikes !

  9. rawjvh says:

    The daughter of a friend of mine took the video to the principal of her high school. After many weeks and many inquiries, the teaches there still have not seen this video.

    The information is there. Many people, caught in old habits, don’t want o hear it.

  10. michael37421 says:

    This is good stuff. Please share this with any teacher you know. We need to implement a nutrition program like this as soon as possible.

  11. rawjvh says:

    I was thinking the same thing when I posted these videos. But, you can bring people to the video or the video to the people but you can’t make ‘em watch it! lol

  12. jamisonmedia says:

    It’s amazing that every school district in the country is not doing a nutrition program like this. It just makes common sense that good nutrition will help students in their studies as well as behavior.

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