If You Had Some Type (any Type) Of Cancer, Would You Seek A Homeopathic Treatment?

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Suppose you had cancer or some other life threatening illness, would you alternative remedy people seek out homeopathic treatment? How can we encourage more mystics, psychics, nut-jobs, faith healers, etc to use only homeopathic remedies for serious illness so as to rid oursevles of these frauds? And don’t you think there should be a law passed requiring homeopaths to use pnly their own remedies when faced with a life threatening sickness?

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9 Responses to “If You Had Some Type (any Type) Of Cancer, Would You Seek A Homeopathic Treatment?”

  1. Stephani says:

    no because it’s a fraud. legistlator passed a law in 2000 about cure alls and non traditional types of treatment. i have never met anyone that has been cured with herbs, flushes or cleanses, ionic therapies, urine therapy, or others.
    it is against the law for someone to associate “cure” with any type of homeopathic treatment!
    contact your state attorney general for more information regarding the laws.

  2. Bob says:

    i would suggest green tea, it has polyfennels which are known to make cancer cells implode, along with a combination of vitamins, and eating healthy should help out alot… greens are a must such as kale, spinich, wheat grass…

  3. verse009 says:

    i would use traditional medicine to treat the cancer and alternative medicine to treat the sypmtons and side effects of the treatment!

  4. sydneyga says:

    OK this is a heavy question….the alternative medicine questions are easy as long as you are
    not affected…In my life I currently have Ankylosing
    Spondylitis and I go to watercure2.com rather
    than Doctors…when you see only negatives in
    Doctors you must seek the alternative….look at it
    from the natural…I see only negatives…so you must then look for only postives…IF YOUR LIFE IS THREATENED…YOU MUST SEEK ONLY POSITVES…..BOTTOM LINE

  5. Homeopathic treatments have their place but a diagnosis of cancer deserves to be treated by a cancer specialist, known as an oncologist. If you have been told that you or someone you know has cancer and if they would like to improve their life and length of life they need to check in with an Oncologist asap.

  6. sinned says:

    Well ! If you ask me I won’t take any other medicine for myself apart from Homeopathic Remedies. Its my opinion based on my own experience and the effectiveness of Homeopathic remedies I have found them 100% effective in all cases where they are prescribed according to the patients symptoms not by the fancy names our Ineffective Conventional doctors have invented due to lack of a 100% cure in their outdated knowledge. Go on treating the fancy names of the diseases and you will mostly fail, treat the patient according to the Patients symptoms and you succeed no matter what the disease is.
    Take Care and May God Bless Everyone with the wisdom to see and acknowledge the truth whenever we see it. Amen

  7. Soul Doctor says:

    EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT LAWS. The problems is that lawmakers are invested in many pharmaceutical medicines/companies and their treatments. That is a double standard regardless of who you are and what you say. If you pass laws and buy stock for example cancer treatment. Then you will pass laws that protect your financial interests and keep you in control of the system whether they work or not, or whether homeopathy is better or not. That is why it’s against the ‘law’ to state any homeopathic treatment as a cure, even if it works.
    People call it fraud, but they must to maintain control of cancer and keep the money in their pocket. Vitamin B17 Metabolic Therapy, along with Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Don’t believe a bussiness that only cares about your money, even if you die. Give your body what it needs to fight cancer and don’t believe anyone that tells you there is no cure. Your body cures itself of many things as long as it’s given the proper nutrients. Vitamin B17 threaten the Cancer Society and their control over the treatment. Read and educate yourself…
    Justice Pauling, a gentlemen who won 2 Novel Prizes said that you need 10,000 mg of vitamin C daily to fight cancer. How many Novel prizes have the lawmakers and cancer treatment advancements won? Many of the doctors the argued with him died 20 years before he did. Why hasn’t Vitamin C been invenstigated against cancer? Because they can’t control it…Educate yourself because nobody will tell you these things…
    Hospital Oasis of Hope in Tijuana Mexico has this treatment, and you have better odds than conventional treatments of cancer. Again this is my opinion, read and make your own…

  8. Hector says:

    There are many treatments which efficiency are proved. I am from spain and in here the law regulates all those therapies. I don’t know which knowledge you have about all the alternative treatments, but in the case i would have cancer i would take my time to seek and take in consideration all my options.

  9. unpepeco says:

    If I had cancer, I would try any type treatment to get better whether it was medical or homeopathic. There is no treatment that can guarantee a lasting good result. Most cancers are incurable. They can be stopped or slowed down, but there is never a promise of it not returning. Besides everyone has the God Given Right to try anything they choose. Your beliefs are yours. Other people’s beliefs are theirs. You both have the right to your individual beliefs.

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