I Have Have Had 2 Emergency C Sections And Would Love To Have A Natural Birth Next Time Round Is It Possible.?

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I had an emergency c section 11 years ago and also a 2nd emergency c section 7 years ago not through ill health or complications. the first one was because my twins were coming out too fast. the second c section was because I was in labour for 4 days and i was too exausted can i have a natural birth if I fell pregnant now. I have no problems with stomach muscles.

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17 Responses to “I Have Have Had 2 Emergency C Sections And Would Love To Have A Natural Birth Next Time Round Is It Possible.?”

  1. First of all from your description the 2nd c-section was not emergency. but anyway, after 2 c-sections it is extremely rare that a OBGYN will allow a vbac. the uterus has become significantly weakened and could cause major complications, it has nothing to do with your abdominal muscles. It is my understanding that you only get one more try for a vaginal birth after 1 c-section.

  2. Amy the Black says:

    I agree with Jill. You can try for a VBAC after one c-section, but after two, you should just assume you’ll have another c-section. There is also the issue about what type of incision they used with your previous c-sections–some are better than others and have a risk of tearing.
    If I were you, I’d prepare for a c-section and enjoy as much of the pregnancy and birth as I can. If you have a scheduled c-section, you’ll be prepared and it will be a much better experience than an emergency one.

  3. sandra k says:

    Its not your stomach muscles that are the problem. If you have had 2 c sections they will not let you have a natural birth its very dangerous to the baby. While in labor that weak spot (were they cut your uturus) could tear or rupture. Its to dangerous to have a natural child birth after a c-section

  4. Trophy Wife + bun says:

    No probably not. If you had a normal C-section then you could however Emergency C-sections are where your are opened up vertically (in most cases). A normal C-section is where you are opened horizontally with a small scar below the bikini line. With a normal C-section you can have a vaginal birth following c-section with a rupture rate of about 1%. If you have the Emergency C-section where the scar it verticle on your tummy, your rupture rate is 8%. Therefore most doctors will not allow it. Now SOME Emergency C-sections still dont go through the muscle wall. If yours is that case then you might still be able to. You will have to look at both previous surgeries and find a doctor that would be willing to deliever you vaginally. Hope this information helped.

  5. Depends on your doctor. Most physicans will allow a VBAC attempt if you have only had one c-section, but with two it could be far riskier and docs might have different opinions about what is considered safe.
    It’s a good thing that it’s been many years since your surgeries, your scars would be very strong. But definitely take your doctors advice – or get two or three opinions from other physicians, perhaps find a doc that specializes in high risk deliveries and get their opinion as well.
    Honestly, the goal should not be to have the kind of delivery you want to have, it should be to have a delivery which is safest for you and your child.
    Good luck.

  6. tammys_m says:

    Usually hospitals will not allow this, in case your placents is attatched to the scar site. My advice would be to talk to a local birthing center, usually they will allow a VBAC (vaginal birth after cessarian (sp?)) They are usaully located near a hospital in case complications arise. I have known many sisters to have an uncomplicated VBAC. As long as you are low-risk, and have adequate prenatal care, you should be able to have a natural birth. Midwives are your best chance.

  7. Video Games says:

    It could be possible but not highly likely. Doctors do c sections for the protection of you and the child. I wouldn’t rule it out if it is suggested again. If you have a history of difficult labor then I wouldn’t risk it, follow the doc’s suggestions.

  8. Kelleysu says:

    Absolutely! It’s called a VBAC. I would recommend if you’re considering a vbac, consider a midwife rather than a doctor. Doctor’s often hold the motto “Once a c section always a c section”. Midwifes are very much for natural childbirth and are often VERY knowledged in vbac.

  9. Nick says:

    i am sure u could give birth naturally. but remember some women cannot give birth naturally they just cannot do it

  10. that all depends on your doc i know some womens docs who said no and some said yes so i would say that you have to talk this over with your doc Good Luck

  11. checkito says:

    Yes they should let you try. I know you usually can try if it was not for medical reasons. like with me my son got stuck so they will not let me try this time, cause that is very dangerous. But you should be able too! Good luck..i so wish i had the option!

  12. samantha m says:

    i think once you have had 2 c sections, your next one cannot be natural, this is because you will be too week, have a word with your midwife im sure she will be able to give you more information,

  13. rz says:

    it sounds like you could have a vbac. Have you ever seen the business of being born?? There are a lot of vbac books out there that might help you.

  14. Gothmom3 says:

    Some doctors with do a VBAC ( vaginal Birth after Cesarean ) But you would probally have to call around and use a High Risk Doctor..because you would be considered High Risk.

  15. idahobec says:

    no i dont think you can but thats some thing you schould ask your docter anyway

  16. Dawn says:

    yes. my aunt did it, but every woman is different. if you do they will watch your scars closely from your c-section.

  17. got2bhap says:

    First I want to clarify -sounds like you had unplanned c-sections, not “emergency” c-sections. Sorry, I just get annoyed because I had an emergency c-section that saved my daughter’s life – it was under general anesthesia and I had a vertical incision instead of the typical horizontal kind. To me, that is an emergency…not being too exhausted and ending up with a c-section.
    okay anyways – As far as having a vaginal birth now, it is something you would need to talk with your doctor about. Some doctors will not do a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), so you need to make sure you find one who is supportive of the possibility and willing to do them. That is, if it is right for you after considering all of your medical history. The type of scar on your uterus can make a difference (vertical incisions increase the risk for uterine rupture and so doctors won’t do a VBAC if you had a vertical incision), time between pregnancies (not a problem for you though), and probably other factors as well. They will consider the reason for your past c-section/s – and I am not a doctor so I am not familiar with which reasons = better candidate for VBAC. You will definitely need to talk to your doctor about it! They can give you detailed information on all of the risks involved and help you make an informed decision regarding whether you should attempt a VBAC or not. They can also give you knowledge as far as what to expect during your attempted VBAC – they are pretty careful during one, and if anything even seems slightly off during your attempted VBAC, they automatically do a c-section anyways.
    Good luck! I hope it can work out for you so you can have the labor and delivery you want :-)

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