I Am Wanting To Know If There Is Anything Natural (homeopathic) On The Market For Moods.?

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I have a friend who has wild mood swings and goes into a frenzy sometimes. She is looking for something (herbal) to possibly help her with this problem. Is there an herb or something natural from a health store that might help her with this problem? Thank you

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9 Responses to “I Am Wanting To Know If There Is Anything Natural (homeopathic) On The Market For Moods.?”

  1. Tinkerbe says:

    I use gingseng – it stabilises mood swings

  2. QWERTY says:

    Try Saint Johns Wort

  3. Amy says:

    I know someone who has used St. John’s Wort and it worked well, but you have to be careful it shouldn’t be taken with certain medications, so make sure you do your research first.

  4. A.V.R. says:

    These are supposed to work. Have no personal experience. Highly thought of by users.

  5. ?Jen D? says:

    Natural mood stabilizers include:
    Kali Phosphoricum 6X
    Omega 3 fatty acids
    St. John’s Wort
    Passion flower

  6. Helen DDS says:

    “Zen” by the Allergy Research Group. It contains GABA and L-Theonine. supposed to support the brain chemistry involved in relaxation, combined with mental acuity.

  7. Perdie says:

    You should really try to find the cause of the mood swings before trying to medicate it. It could be a mental health issue, emotional issue or nutritional. It could be PMS and consequently a different supplement would be used.

  8. ar_ex says:

    Well there is Opium Poppy Seed pods but that’s illegal in the USA. Also Kratom but it may be controlled depending where you live in the US. I will be honest with you, most medicines marketed as homeopathic like Zicam are scams. The general idea of homeopathics is that you only need a single molecule of the chemical, diluting a medicine until it virtually contains no medicine. Homeopathy may be a misnomer in your case since people associate “homeopathy” with “home therapy” or natural alternatives. A proven natural remedy for mood swings is lithium, which can be prescribed by a psychiatrist. I hope this helps.
    Oh, and for that Zen product, GABA doesn’t cross the blood-brain-barrier so for you to gain the effects of GABA it has to be injected strait into your brain. It probably does work, but as a placebo. Don’t get scammed by these products, just do some research about the things you are going to possibly take.

  9. parsleys says:

    dear psychosam
    how kind of you to try to bring your friend some sort of comfort
    it can feel like torment almost at times .
    For the treatment to be effective, try charting the episodes.
    If it is menstrual related,like say the week before or 3 days before, hormones have caused her serotonin levels to drop.
    Carbs will cause the serotonin levels in the brain to increase.
    If she is a dieter, this may be a struggle, but try to work with her to increase carbs a couple days before and during the time she usually has episodes.You can increase them slowly, add some crackers to the top of soup, or make brushetta , ( cut french bread on the diagonal , and toast dry, and dip in a tomato or red peppers in a blender w/ italian dressing dip- you can also spread on garlic or an olive tapenade, blender green and black olives and Italian dressing and maybe dried tomatoes and dip or spread on bread )
    Cook pasta for her, or rice, or couscous…
    Lack of carbs and the brain cannot make this important chemical .
    Also blue skullcap ( get it in the vitamin section)
    and calcium- believe it or not. Make sure she gets enough vitamin D or she won t be able to even absorb the calcium she intakes.
    They make a very nice tea with valerian (Celestial Seasoinings Sleepytime tea EXTRA)
    I personally tried St John s wort and had no help with it.
    It is prescribed in Germeny as much as Prozac.
    However, some have found relief with it.
    Please try the above, and also when you are writing down on the calender her trying days, make note of if it is some food she seems to eat during those times.
    Some foods are aggravating to people. Like, nuts have oils in them that are volotile to some, casing migranes, hemmeroids, general malaise…
    If it is menstrual related, oil of primrose can help with female issues.
    Take these supplements and the carb eating deal for at least one month, but really at least 3 months, so her system has a chance to adjust, and see if there was some relief.
    Thank you for being this kind of person, that relieves suffering in the world.
    Instead of hurling blame, you came to help, wow, if we all could have compassion on humankind like this…

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