I Am Being Bothered By Insomnia While Under High Levels Of Stress. What Is Advised?

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I do not want an addictive sleep aide. Anything that helps insomnia for a few days? It is increasing. I don’t need a doctor. I have one.

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5 Responses to “I Am Being Bothered By Insomnia While Under High Levels Of Stress. What Is Advised?”

  1. Mischele, RN? says:

    the best way is to lower your stress (obvious, I know) but also, get yourself into a bedtime routine, take any TV’s or work-related items out of your bedroom, have a hot bath (and a hot tea) and try sleeping while still warm from your bath…..if you can’t fall asleep after 40mins get up, make another cup of tea or warm milk DON’T turn on your tv, or the computer… just sit and concentrate on relaxing, than try going to bed again.

  2. Samantha says:

    Here’s some sleep aid info that can help:http://insomnia-natural-sleep-aid-review
    No drugs, & particularly good at removing stress, (& they get really good user testimonials). 100% refundable if it doesn’t work for you.

  3. B12 says:

    A former doctor suggested benadryl. Anti-histamines tend to have drowsiness as a side effect. They knock me out to the point that I can’t take them during the daytime, only at night.
    Chamomile tea is supposed to be good for relaxing. The smell of Lavender is also supposed to help with relaxation and sleep. Breathing techniques and meditation may help alleviate the stress that’s causing the insomnia.

  4. Serpentine Fire says:

    Benadryl or generic Diphenhydramine (it’s the same thing). Start with one. If that doesn’t work, take 2 the next night. If that doesn’t work take 3, but I wouldn’t recommend taking more than that. You can buy melatonin at any place that sells vitamins. Camomile tea before bed, soothing nature CD’s (like rain, ocean, etc).
    If worst comes to worse, get a prescription for Lunesta. It’s the least addictive sleep aid I’ve come across with my patients. I personally take Ambien to help me sleep.

  5. Ronatnyu says:

    I have always been a fan of non-medicinal assistance first.
    Mild exercise …. or up to the level that you can stand is a way of both relieving stress and naturally tiring out the body. Walks, brisk walks, jogs in the evening will allow time for your system to adjust & let the fatigue set in. I would do sit up’s, leg lifts, some push-ups (LOL). Try to work that part of the body that you store your stress in (shoulders, adomen … etc)
    A nice walk …if in a safe area ….. pick a direction and walk for 20 minutes turn around and walk back home. The next time pick another direction and then walk for 25 minutes. I’ve found that when I walk …. small issues don’t seem that important.
    Another thing that I would do would if I couldn’t sleep I would like to positively use that time. I would start to organize my thought to write a story, novel, anecdotes or something funny (if I could). I’ve found that running my brain on a different path is relaxing so I’m enjoying myself … until I can fall asleep.
    Peace & Sweet Dreams

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