Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment of stress.

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Without doubt hypnosis is a very effective stress treatment of stress. Stress develops when an individual feel he does not have the required resources to cope with a task he is confronted with. Hypnosis changes belief, preception and capability so the subject no longer feels he is unable to cope.

Dr. Lipton said that up to 90% of diseases are caused by stress. Vital organs are straved of nutrients and oxygen by persistent stress. This is fine on occasions but when it becomes persistent, diseases are likely.

It is not the situation you confront that is the cause of stress but by the the perception of that situation and whether you feel you have the coping mechanisms to deal with it. hypnotherapyworks remarkably well in stress because it alters your belief, perception and expectation.

Following hypnosis treatment, things that trigger extreme stress are converted to easy tasks because, you have the belief that you have the resources to successfully carry out anything you are faced with little effort on your part.

During hypnosis, you become deeply relaxed and drop down to brainwave level theta. At this level, the barriers that block unwanted information from reaching the Subconscious Mind, relax and the hypnotherapist can alter attitude, belief and expectation.

Hypnosis is without doubt a safe and powerful anxiety and stress treatment. Another recommended stress treatment is meditation. Meditation, however, is difficult in a stressed person because it is not easy to relax and carry out the disciplines. Best practice is to use hypnosis in the first instance and then introduce meditation for the long term stress control and overall life enhancement.

Anyone who has experienced stress will tell you stress is an unpleasant thing. It takes your libido away. It steals enjoyment out of your life. Anger, rage, anxiety and depression are symptoms you can develop. Creativity lessens during stress and unnecessary mistakes increase.

The most serious problem with stress, however, is that it shuts off nutrients to important organs by triggering the fight or flight reaction and stimulating the heart. Researchers believe this is the reason it is the underlying cause for 90% of diseases. In industry there are millions of days a year lost through stress and the health cost is enormous.

Attitude to stress can be changed by hypnosis and it is not just a treatment for your present stress but it gives you belief and coping skills to control stress in the long term.

During hypnosis, the hypnotist will give you very powerful and effective post hypnotic suggestions not just on how to cope with your current situation but generally on all aspects of your life. Things a hypnotist will say are, “You are relaxed and calm. You will have no fear when confronting any situation and you are confident, capable and competent.” Effective post hypnotic suggestion enables you to adopt the attitude, “Now what is the best way to do this?” rather than, “I don’t think I can do this.”

So have hypnotherapy rather than drugs, counselling, CBT or psychotherapy for safe and outstanding results of stres. Remember hypnosis is nothing more than a state of heightened awareness and your brain becomes alert and receptive. It does not analyse or filters like the left brain. While remaining in a deep relaxed state, the Subconscious MInd simply accepts positive suggestions.

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One Response to “Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment of stress.”

  1. Letty says:

    As what have the expert had to say, it’s all in the mind and nothing else. It’s basically a matter of self control where you take an easy course managing your stress. Ideally if things go wrong it’s better to asked the expert’s help for you to move and cope up with your stress.

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