How To Develop A Sleep Pattern For An 8 Week Old Newborn?

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My little son has been eating every 2 hours (not even 2 hours and 1 minutes) since he was born, including the nights. I breastfeed during the day and pump then bottle feed during the night. He does not cry or wake up, but he is just hungry. He resumes his sleep right after he’s full. Still, I have to get up and spend at least half an hour for 4 times a night. Can you suggest how to develop a sleeping pattern so he will eat only once a night? Thanks!

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10 Responses to “How To Develop A Sleep Pattern For An 8 Week Old Newborn?”

  1. ~Proud Mama of 3~ says:

    He will have his own schedule until he is old enough to change it!! Meaning, no matter what you do, until he decides to only eat once a night, then you”ll just have to do what you have to do. Babys are NOT scheduled little humans….they are demanding. Both of mine didnt sleep through the night until they were well over 4 months old.

  2. photogal says:

    LOL! Welcome to Motherhood, isn’t it wonderful! Your son will get into a sleep pattern soon, I promise! It usually doesn’t happen until some where around the 4th month.
    He will sleep thru the night when he is developmentally ready too, it doesn’t matter how much you feed him or when, he will do it when he is ready.
    Hang in there, I remember how difficult the first few months were for me too.

  3. Hannah's mommy says:

    “Can you suggest how to develop a sleeping pattern so he will eat only once a night? Thanks!” LOL…sorry, but it is not going to happen until he is a bit older. I understand your tired, but you should be thankful that he goes right back to sleep after eating.
    His little tummy obviously isn’t ready to go longer between feedings.
    Have you considered co-sleeping and nursing at night? That way all you would have to do is roll over and latch him on…just a thought.
    Otherwise, just keep up with what you are doing. He will eventually sleep longer stretches…

  4. Beautiful boy OBK 19.09.08!! :-) says:

    He wont eat only once a night for a few months yet.
    Our baby boy is 4 weeks old and my partner feeds him his last bottle at 9pm then im up at 12am,3am and 6am.
    Dont worry about the other replies saying why express and have the bottle at night and with not putting him on formula. Its what works best for you! I cant breastfeed i have no milk so having our bub on formula is a great help since my partner can help out when he isnt working with the night feeds.
    Im so tired but wouldnt change anything for the world, enjoy this time its the best experience ever!!

  5. 2boyslos says:

    too young to only eat once at night… why do you pump and bottle feed at night?????? seems like more energy and effort to me….
    breast milk goes through body faster cause it is easier to digest than formula so breastfed babies eat more often….
    just nurse him or give him the expressed milk bottle… he’ll grow up soon enouh and you’ll miss those nights when you held and cuddled him…. believe me, i experienced the frustration of getting up that often but i miss it now…
    or try co-sleeping if you are ok with it. form 1-5 months I co-slept and he nursed all night and i got my sleep
    formula is not the answer…. only time is… your baby will get older soon enough

  6. B2B 07/04/09 says:

    Ok I realize your stressed out and very tired. But your baby is only 8 weeks old, they need to eat whenever there hungry. Nothing you can do is going to change it for him eating only once a night at that age. Feed him when he’s hungry, your baby will let you know when it only needs to eat once a night!!!

  7. sadmommy says:

    once a night, r u crazy???? he’s a baby he should be eating more than once a night. i know it hard. my 3 yr old would wake up every 2 hours, i’d prepare the milk, feed him for like 20mins, burp him for 10 mins, rock him for another 30 mins, sleep and hour later up again. it was driving me crazy but too bad he’s the baby and needs to be fed. he’s not ready for a bottle a night. he’ll get his routine when he’s older and will be ready for less bottles at night. talk to his pediatrician, maybe he can give u some advice that will help and make sure ur baby will be healthy.

  8. daddysgi says:

    This is very normal. Try giving him an ounce more. It may be that he is getting older and is ready for formula. Formula will make a baby feel fuller. It worked for my baby. But my baby still got up throughout the night until he was about 4 to 5 month old. I would talk to his pediatrician immediately and see if maybe he needs to be taken off from your breast milk.

  9. Jacquie says:

    i tried everything to put my son on a schedule. hes 6 months now and he has made his own. he doesnt sleep through the night, he will wake up once maybe twice to eat but goes right back to sleep. all babies are different
    try the link below but pretty much your son will make his own.
    good luck!

  10. bjoy says:

    It is very simple – wait about 10 more months. He is a baby – that is what they do.

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