How Much Chamomile Tea Will Help Induce Labor?

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I read that chamomile tea (in large amounts) is not good to drink during pregnancy, until the end, because it can cause contractions. I am TRYING to cause contractions, and i have read several peoples stories saying it really helps you go into labor. I just need to know HOW MUCH do i drink everyday?
I’m 37 weeks and 3 days, I want to have a natural labor but my doctor has scheduled me for a c section at 40 weeks because I have gestational diabetes and that is what my health care providers policy is. I had an ultrasound yesterday and my baby is average size and measuring at 37 weeks, so i’m NOT going to have a BIG baby, and thats the only reason they make women have the c section. doesnt really make sense in every case.
Please don’t tell me that it doesn’t work or about other remedies, I know them ALL, and I am just trying to avaoid a c sections. ONLY ANSWER IF YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I SHOULD BE DRINKING PLEASE!!

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14 Responses to “How Much Chamomile Tea Will Help Induce Labor?”

  1. chantell says:

    42 Bags. The More You Drink The Faster You Go Into LAbor. Also Try Drinking Vodka, Even though You Not Supposed To, It Eases The PAin And Induces Labor. So Drink A Whole Bottle!

  2. :P says:

    enough to make you sick, and enough to stress your baby out, and enough to bring on the labor because your baby cant handle all the pressure from the sickness. smart eh

  3. I thought it was raspberry leaf tea that brought on labour, not chamomile. Anyway, you shouldn’t have more than 4 cups a day. But really, let your baby come when it’s ready. If you try and force early labour you can cause complications. Tea contains caffeine which can cause heart rate problems in your baby. Follow your doctor’s advice – they know it all and have seen it a million times before. Do what’s in your baby’s best interests, not your own.

  4. Ash says:

    Chamomile tea is not safe to drink during pregnancy for a reason and that doesn’t change just cause you want to cause contractions. I would say none is safe to drink. Try using a different method, or contact your doctor and see what they recomend for you to do.

  5. pinky says:

    I think by now you have your cute little baby in your arms……Iam facing the same problem now
    i wanna induce labor at 37 weeks but its not comming I tried walking 4 30m and drank thyme and chamomile 4cups a day….but nothing happened still waiting 4 my little one to come

  6. tati says:

    i have been drinking chamomile tea since i was 36 weeks pregnant. i’m now almost 41 and baby is not here yet…i say let nature take its course and if anything, doctor will schedule a date to induce if baby is not here by due date. nothing has worked for me…sex, walk, bumpy rides, tea…i think it might be just a coincidence when people relate labor with any of these activities…baby has his/her day, shouldn’t rush her anytime sooner :)

  7. Momma_10 says:

    My due date is on monday and it is now saturday evening, i am in labour (2 cm dilating) and i am trying to hurry things up! i sorta want to get my water broken, but i also want to do things at home, i tried the walking, treading thru deep snow,castor oil, sex, and drinking chamomile tea and also i am nesting right now! NOTHING IS WORKING i am starting to get impatient i sure hope that the tea isnt harming my little gurl, and by the way this is my first one, and i am 20 years old, i have 4 due dates actually but the hospital that i kept on running into ( 2 nights in a row coz of severe contractions…still nothing!) and they have jan 25th so im hoping that she’ll be out by then, has anyone else gone through this?

  8. kk says:

    i started dilating at 37 weeks with 2cm, i am 39 weeks now and have been 3-4cm dilated for two weeks.i have tried just about everything and nothing has worked.or if it does i will start contracting and it’ll last for an hour or less and then go away..i’ve been dealing with that since i knew i was dilating and started trying things to speed up labor…i’m getting induced thursday but would love to just get it naturally rather than through drugs. im going to try the tea right now, so hopefully it works, or else im just waiting until thursday morning!

  9. Blythe says:

    Chamomile is a natrual blood thiner – why risk anything bad hapening during labor?

  10. Melissa says:

    I’m now almost 39weeks. I’ve been 1.5cm dialated since sunday. It is now Thursday and I can’t stand it anymore. I made a deal with the dr that if she isn’t out by the 26th I would get a c-section.. but I rather go natural like my first child. I drank the chamimile tea on Sunday and yes it started the labor, but now i’m just stuck with inconsistant contractions. Anyone know of any other tea that will help?

  11. Prego Momma says:

    Red raspberry leaf tea and acupressure… You tube the accupressure video and it gives you directions to each pressure point that can induce labor.

  12. Alissia says:

    I was 3 weeks overdue with my daughter and they had tried inducing me 3 times. Nothing was working. I was scheduled for a c section. 3 days before i drank 3 cups of chamomile tea around 10pm. Woke up around 5am having hard contractions, for about and hour. They started to stop so i drank 2 more cups and had my daughter at 743 that night. A cup a day is safe during pregnancy. Large amounts can put you into labor. Try double bagging your tea cup and drink 3-5 cups before bed.

  13. Claire says:

    Absolutely horrified with the first post re vodka…are
    you deadly serious or just a complete idiot?!

    I really don’t agree with those of you saying these things are dangerous!! Herbal teas etc
    are not drugs and are extremely low in dose. In an age of medicine now these teas have been
    used for centuries upon centuries.

    I’ve heard that evening primrose softens the cervix, but this should
    be taken from week 36 orally and vaginally. Rasperry leaf tea can be taken from the same time and it can make labour contractions steadier and in some cases labour quicker.

    To those of you who say everything is unsafe, stop scaremongering. These herbal remedies taken WITH SENSE will bot harm your baby!! Especially compared to manufactured drugs like pethidin and epidurals Iean come on!! A few teas?!! Honestly!!

    Good luck with your labour and do what you feel like :)

  14. Michelle says:

    I will be 40 weeks on Tuesday &I havent had ANY contractions and I started drinking chamomile tea yesterday &hasn’t helped ; I drank 3 cups. I hope this helps because im so ready to go into labor being pregnant is so tiring . Good luck girls!

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