How Long Should I Expect My Baby To Eventually Sleep For At Night?

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Currently he finishes his last bottle at about 9:30pm and falls asleep by 10pm. Then he wakes up at around 5 which is great.-sleeps for about seven hours of sleep. But I wouldn’t mind sleeping a bit more since I get to bed by midnight after I’m done with all my things. Will he eventually sleep a few more hours? (I have not introduced solids yet).

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8 Responses to “How Long Should I Expect My Baby To Eventually Sleep For At Night?”

  1. tink24ml says:

    All babies are all different-mine was 9 months old before she started to sleep thought the night every night and all night.

  2. fourchee says:

    when your baby starts to eat more formula it should help, and feed him baby food to keep his stomach full and make sure his diapers are clean and not wet when he goes to bed. vMy daughter is the goddess of the dawn so she woke up at 4 am all the time until she started to eat more and keep her belly full

  3. gaigesmo says:

    be glad your baby sleeps as much as he does…some babies dont sleep that long at that age. your a mother and your just going to have to deal with the fact that your baby is not going to sleep as much as you want to sleep…i agree it would be great, but it just dont happen. my son is a year old…he goes to bed about 9:30 and gets up about 6 every day. so i would say if your baby sleeps longer than that, consider yourself lucky. but talk to his pediatrician…maybe he can give you some ideas. oh…and maybe try keeping him up a little later at night if you can…this way he’ll sleep longer in the mornings. and a little bit of baby cereal prolly wouldnt hurt before bed. good luck

  4. New Boots. says:

    By the time he is 6 months old and having three meals a day I would expect him to sleep 12 hrs per night.A good filling dinner and a last bottle usually does the trick.Remember the motto”full tummy means more sleep for mummy”

  5. round face says:

    I think that you have to wait till he is 6 months as he will start his first baby food. now that he is too young…

  6. Liandrew says:

    He’s already a pretty good sleeper, and he’ll eventually sleep longer intervals at night. He’s still pretty young, just give it a month or so. And whatever responses you get, don’t introduce solids, he’s too young for solids.

  7. Anonymous says:

    As he gets older he will start sleeping for longer periods of time. He is sleeping great for only being three months old. My Pediatrician told me that it is okay to start giving your baby solids at 4 months of age if you are comfortable with it. However, cereal doesn’t hold baby over any longer than his formula, he can drink more formula than he can eat cereal so that is not going to get him to sleep longer. So don’t rush into giving him solids unless you have talked it over with your Pediatrician and you feel your baby is ready for solids.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Every baby is different. My daughter slept 12 hours each night at the age of 2 months. She would go down about 8:30 and not wake up until about 8:00. It was great. I gave her a little bit of baby cereal in her bottle at night. I had a nipple with a slightly larger slit in it so the formula could flow. I only used about 2 tbls. cereal in a 6 oz bottle of formula.That would keep her belly full and she would sleep great. But my nephew didn’t even begin to sleep through the night until like 9 or 10 months. And even now he’s two and still gets up in the night. And sometimes his mom will still give him a bottle in the middle of the night. But I think that is a lot of his parents fault. Anyway, I think a lot of it has to do with what the parents will allow. Also talk to your pediatrician about the cereal thing. Mine was okay with it, but he wasn’t fond of the idea. It’s something my mom and mother-in-law used to do. I loved it cause my baby was satisfied and she slept. She is perfectly healthy. But I know some pediatricians say absolutely not and others are fine with it. But you also know whats best for your baby. If you do or don’t feel good about something use your own judgement.
    I’d say for 3 months old, he is sleeping great. I got lucky with my daughter. My son on the other hand took a little longer to sleep all night. It different for every baby.
    Good luck!!

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