How Long Should A 1 Month Old Sleep During The Day?

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I guess I always thought infants did a lot of sleeping. This was the case the first week that our baby was home, however now she only takes short naps throughout the day. Usually they are only about 45 minutes to an hour at the most. It makes it really hard to get anything done. At only 1 month, should she be sleeping for longer intervals? She is breastfed, so that may have something to do with it. She does sometimes sleep for a straight 4 hours at night, which is very nice. I’m just worried that she should be getting more rest during the day. She is cranky a lot in the late evening. Could it be lack of sleep?

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10 Responses to “How Long Should A 1 Month Old Sleep During The Day?”

  1. melissa s says:

    every baby makes there own schedule, but you could try to have her eat more at each feeding, does she sleep in the same spot in the day as in the night, is the level of noise the same, at only one month you two are just getting used to each other and the feedings it will take time, try a baby swing, but don’t worry have patience and try different things, you two will get it , don’t worry about getting things done they will wait, it’s only been a month

  2. RIffRaff says:

    Babies will sleep for as long as they need to. Try feeding her more when you are breastfeeding her and she may sleep longer if she’s not so hungry. In the womb they only sleep for short periods and she’s still getting used to being outside so it will take a while, but their sleeping does get longer at a time.

  3. Jenn says:

    No, it sounds like she’s doing fine. Babies at her age have no problem sleeping no matter where theyare, therefore she will sleep whenever she is tired. She seems normal to me. My son, when he was a newborn, just didn’t nap at all, maybe one hour tops PER DAY!!! My babysitters did not like me much, LOL

  4. Amanda K says:

    My daughter did the same thing. She may be sleeping for short amounts of time because she is breastfed.I think that is why my daughter slept like that. I had to stop breastfeeding her because I wasnt making enough milk and that is why she was only napping for like 40 minutes after she was fed. Good luck!!

  5. princess says:

    the avrage newborn will sleep 18 hours

  6. beetroot says:

    How much a baby sleeps depends entirely on the baby. My first son hardly slept during the day or night til he was 6 weeks then he got gradually better at night but hardly slept during the day (yep I know how hard it is as you can’t get anything done at all, let alone catch up on any missed sleep), but my youngest was completely diff he slept loads during the day and a reasonable amount at night. The first was bottle fed and second was breastfed not sure it makes a difference on sleep to be honest.
    It takes a while for them to settle into any pattern or routine, hope yours decides to soon! Steph x

  7. NiNA M says:

    Um mm well I have a five month old daughter and she does pretty good with sleeping now .. I tell you it does get better promise. But when she was one month old i remember she would wake up every three hours or less to eat .. I never really gave her the bottle right away i talked to her a little, played with her and than when she started to get really cranky yelling louder than usual not just winning than thats when you know shes really not in the mood to play around she wanted to be feed … Your baby love attention and loves kisses!!! She’ll start cooing at you smiling and laughing before you know it.They grow fast .. Fast than you would like them too so give them some lovings while there just so little because once you know it you’ll be looking back on the first pictures you took of you baby and say what happened ..How did she/he get so big already…. :( hope this helped
    peace out
    nina m

  8. Mel says:

    Well, it seems normal, except that my child slept much more, and when he started to sleep less, I realized that he did not get enough food during his feedings, so I put him on formula and it worked like a dream! He slept much more and longer, and he was is very happy child!

  9. billabon says:

    perfectly normal healthy baby girl by the sounds of it. they sleep for aslong as they need basically. my 2 yr old loy used to sleep for bout 2ittle boy used to sleep bout 2 hrs a day n tht was if i was lucky n my little girl is 3 weeks old she sleeps all the time i have to wake her up for feeds she is soo lozy. sounds like ur doing a great job.xx

  10. Nicole says:

    My baby girl is 5 weeks and she hardly sleeps during the day (unless she’s in a sling, car seat or on my chest). But night is pretty good–mind you, she’s quite cranky by then (usually around 10 pm is when she winds down). She even slept for six hours on two nights this week! Maybe it’s a new trend?

    I understand it’s hard during the day to try and get things done…but I’ve figured out that the Kangaroo sling and napping in bed with me work. Find what works. I remind myself during the day when I’m frustrated with her alertness that it could be worse…imagine if she was like that during the night! Count your blessings.

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