How Is Seasonal Affective Disorder Caused?

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by Rosana Horowitz
It is scientifically said that our human body acts differently depending on the amount of sunlight to which a person was exposed. Levels of melatonin and serotonin can make the body behave different in different seasons. For example, some people feel very lively, and attentive in summers as compared to winters. During rainy days, many people become low, and a sunny day makes them feel very optimistic.

The shortening of days in winters relates to a specific type of depression known as the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Winter blues take over when a person is not exposed to sunlight more, since days become shorter than the longer days of summers.

Initiating from the fall season, and sticking until the end of the winter season, this disease usually depends on the harshness of the weather. You will see the symptoms more when the weather is intense, and the days become shorter hence, you can never really predict exactly when SAD begins. Apart from winters, the disease can arise during summers sometimes too.

Usually the signs of the disease include a series of things, which can be mood swings, bad temper, lack of concentration, tendency to eat more, sleeplessness, weight loss due to lack of hunger as well. On the other hand, people who suffer from SAD during summers are observed to experience weight loss due to deficiency of appetite, lack of sleep and short temper. In fact, people can even develop the urge of committing suicide in SAD.

According to statistical analysis, the chances of a person being affected by SAD are various, which can increase. These include living far from the equator, as this would mean a significant lesser amount of sunlight in the winter months, and a family history of depression; it is likely that a person who suffers from SAD would have blood relatives who have the same disorder.

The main attribute responsible for causing the disease is not yet clear until now, and can be the age, the hormones, or the gene of the person. In our bodies we have an inside clock, known as the circadian rhythm. It gets upset, causing a malfunction, if not enough sunlight is given to the body.

A psychiatrist or a psychologist is said to provide healing services for people who are strongly affected by SAD, because mostly they are quite low in life. These experts give them several treatments using anti-depressant drugs, psychotherapy, and light therapy to make them lively again.

A person can fight this disease by himself/herself as well. Antidotes such as creating a bright surrounding in the house and office, exposing to sunlight, spending time with nature, and getting busy with some activity can be used to avoid getting SAD. To avoid getting depressed, people can be happy by being active, social, and adventurous in life.

About the Author:
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