How Do You Get Your Baby To Sleep?

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My baby fights sleep until his eyes are red and he cant hold them anymore. I rock him, swaddle, passy, cried to sleep (terrible) swing, bouncer and more im sure. He just hates to sleep. Give me some other ideas.
EXTRA: I ask a lot of what to do b/c I am a 1st time mom with nobody to go to. I stay home with him in a new town and dont know a sole. All family lives 4 states away.

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13 Responses to “How Do You Get Your Baby To Sleep?”

  1. Gisele C says:

    There are several things you need to keep into account. I don’t know how old your baby is, the younger the baby is the easier to teach him how to put themselves to sleep.
    First you need to put your baby in a routine, an order of events during the day, so your baby will expect to have a couple of naps during the day (depending on his age). I believe pacing the floors and bouncing the baby does not work in the long term (unless your baby is not feeling well). The key is to tech them how to put themselves to sleep, the baby and you will be much happier!
    Have a “before bed time” routine. (specially at night ), for example, walk into the baby’s room, lower the lights, maybe even play some soft music, and read a book, or do something else that is calming. At night (what I did with my baby) you can give them dinner, then a bath (at least 10 to 15 minutes so he can relax) and put him to bed. When he cries, don;t pick him up, but do stay with him to make him feel secure. You can pat his back, and shhh. and just be patient! The first times it can take a long time before he gives into sleep. But believe me it WILL get shorter every day, and your baby will love going to sleep in a calm environment!
    Good luck! The best advice I can give you is, go to the bookstore and buy “Secrets of the baby whisperer” By Tracy Hogg. Best book for moms! :)

  2. *~HoNeYB says:

    My friend is a new mom, and she uses that Johnson’s baby bath with lavender in it. It comes in a purple bottle. The smell of lavender is very relaxing, and it always makes her baby go right to sleep after his bath.

  3. princess says:

    my son would do that sometimes so i started a new technique. when you know he is tired and wants to sleep lie them down and let them cry for max 3/4 mins (i cant see my baby cry but that was what only worked sometimes) and then pick them up and start rocking then the way they like it, i used to haveand still do rock for for quite a while, maybe for 10 mins, then my baby would be dfast asleep! youve just got to be patient though!

  4. Anonymous says:

    try taking him for a walk in his stroller….. or for a drive in the car….. that used to help me….. it still does

  5. jaq_zim says:

    How old is he? My baby is 2 1/2 months and every night I give her a bath then lay down with her in my bed and nurse her to sleep. I always burp her which wakes her up a little then I put her in bed and wrap her up.
    If that doesn’t help you could always go for a walk or go for a quick drive.

  6. jachooz says:

    We used music to put our baby to sleep since the day she came home from the hospital ( she is 7 months old now) there are several great cd’s out there. One is by Fisher Price called “good night, sleep tight. You can get it at Walmart, babies r us, etc. It has soft music meant for baby’s ears with a mother’s heartbeat throughout. We play it every night when we are getting her ready for bed and she is out by the 3rd song.
    There is also a series called “You don’t have to let your baby cry” It’s a booklet with a cd and a system to use.
    They have worked wonders for us!

  7. keejay21 says:

    My son (7 months) and I stick to the same routine every night at the same time (for the most part).
    He gets fed, takes a bath where I let him splash around for about 20 minutes, he gets a massage with lotion, read the same bedtime story, then I put on a mixed CD of slow Sade music (smooth operator, by your side, etc).
    I was rocking him until he passed out, but now I can put him down with his eyes open with no fight.
    How old is your baby? It sounds like he’s overtired – that he’s been sleepy for awhile and then gets to the point of crankiness because he’s so sleepy. Try to put him down to sleep the minute you see him rubbing his eyes or yawning. There seems to be a small window of opportunity between sleepy and overtired.
    If nothing else works, you can also try giving him 1/2 to a 1 teaspoon of children’s benedryl just to get him into a normal sleep pattern. I’ve heard of other moms doing this with success. Try giving it to him around dinner time so that it has time to work when you would want him to go to bed.
    And don’t waste your money on bedtime bath products. They didn’t do a thing for my son when he was going through this. But the Aveeno bedtime bath smells really good. That’s about it.

  8. littleli says:

    My little one (5 months) has trouble going to sleep too. She fights it as hard as she can. For naps, we dance to a special CD. She is usually asleep by the third song.
    Since she has figured out how to sit up, she hates the swing, which is what we used to use.
    For bed time … a bath … pjs … bottle (in a dark room), and she is out cold until morning.
    I think my sweetie hates to go to sleep because there is fun stuff happening. But we battle it every day.
    I am a first time mommy too, so I am figuring out what to do as we go.

  9. shortimo says:

    I’m sorry for your situation, but it will pass. I guess after everything you tried all you can do is start a routine. This is how I get my daughter to sleep: First a bath, then I turn down the lights and read her a book. After that, I hold and and give her a bottle sometimes she falls asleep with the bottle, if not I hold her with the binkie and her blankie (she goes no where without her blankie). Sometimes she fights it but she is conditioned to it now. Does your child have a security blanket/stuffed animal that could help.

  10. Anonymous says:

    rock him

  11. prncesbu says:

    Maybe you are fussing too much over him. When he shows signs of being tired, start your normal sleeptime routine, then put him down. If he cries, don’t run to him right away. It is ok for a baby to cry. If he cries hard, do not let it continue for more than 10 minutes. After that, go to his side but do not pick him up. Place a hand on him and tell him he is ok and you love him but it is time to go to sleep. Then leave the room again. Continue this routine until he wears himself out and falls asleep.
    You will only have to do this for a week at the most until he learns how to comfort himself and stops fighting so hard. It will not be easy and it will try your patience, but stay calm and keep your voice even when dealing with him. It will pay off in the end.
    Hang in there.

  12. misslubl says:

    Prnces Buttrkup has def got it right. I had to go to a sleep clinic with my son because his sleeping habits were so bad! Unfortunately, most of the time, the problem is largely down to the person who puts them to bed. Routine is essential and a stronger will than your babies! Its your job to teach them that they are safe to go to sleep without you. I was told to put him down in the cot after bedtime routine and stand next to the cot til he fell asleep, no eye contact, no speaking. The most I could do was rub his back. Then I had to move away from him a bit more each night until after about 2 weeks I was outside the room. Within 2 weeks I had a baby that went to sleep by himself every night and slept through til morning. It broke my heart to hear him cry but to give in whatsoever would have ruined it. Hes 7 now, and sleeps like a baby!! lol!!

  13. Noah's Mommy says:

    Noah is on a tight schedule. I read Babywise by Gary Ezzo and it was all about full feedings, playing, and sleep schedules. It teaches you to teach your baby to go to sleep on his/her own. It’s tough love because you have to let them cry themselves to sleep. After 7-14 days, your little one will learn. It’s hard in the beginning but will be very rewarding in the end :)
    I’m a new mom too and we just moved to TX…so, we’re in the same boat. I joined a “mommy and me” group and have made several friends. You may want to look into it.

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