How Do You Get A Baby To Sleep Earlier?

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My baby sleeps about 12 or 1 AM and if he does sleep a little earlier he will end up waking up an hour later and not sleeping again. I would really like him to sleep earlier and sleep through the night. He is 8 months old. Any ideas?

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7 Responses to “How Do You Get A Baby To Sleep Earlier?”

  1. §??????² ?†???†? says:

    Put him to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until you get him to the time you WANT him to go to bed.
    Not all kids sleep through the night. My 7-month-old does, but my 4-year-old never has. It’s a very individual thing.
    I don’t believe in Cry It Out (CIO). When your child cries, you should take care of him, or at the very least, comfort him until he goes back to sleep. Otherwise, he will grow up thinking that his needs will not be met and that no one cares if he cries. Also, if your baby has a wet diaper, it’s better to change it than to make him cry and suffer in a wet diaper until morning. Yuk.

  2. Amanda H says:

    The obvious choice is “cry it out”, since he’s 8 months… it is an option.. 1Am is WAY too late.
    Routine, Routine, Routine.
    If he always sleeps around 12AM, develop a routine that starts around 11:45– maybe its a soothing bath, a bedtime book, a bottle, etc.
    Do it for a week at a time when he goes to bed normally. Then move it forward 5-10 minutes a day. If you do the same routine each time, this should help.
    Also, try varying your day– does he nap a lot or is he active?
    My daughter plays on this toy (she’s only 3 months) that involves her kicking a foot pad and watching this thing spin….so she’s kicking and kicking and kicking– she wears herself out. Sometimes I look over and she’s fallen alseep on her blanket on the floor, one foot still half on the toy. Maybe he simply needs to be more active to tire himself out.
    Or if its the opposite– and he’s TOO stilumated, you can try sitting with him, talking, reading, rocking, etc, to calm him down.

  3. go to my question I asked the same question but in the form of twins. I got alot of good answers. best wishes

  4. brave_la says:

    Cut his naps down through the day , toward the evening let him play til he tires himself out then when he seems tired give him a snack and a bottle {if still on it} or a cup {if not} then a warm bath then see what happens. I have 7 children it worked for all of them.

  5. ? LovingMyLittle1 says:

    All you can do is move that time earlier every couple of days by 15 min’s or so.. Baby’s been doing this for 8 months, so it will take a little while. But eventually he should get used to it. It’s okay if he wakes up, just try your harder to put him back to sleep.. if he wants to play, play quietly in a dark room.. Thats about all you can do. A child’s circadium rythm (?) needs to adjust to the new time, and crying it out won’t help it at all..
    So just be patiend, and move your bedtime routine up 15 min’s every 3 days and you’ll soon see progress =]

  6. ?Miz Thang? says:

    This is what I Do….I lay them down on their beds and turn off all the lights and let them cry for a bit….then they will go to sleep…WORKS EVERYTIME!!!

  7. That’s a question that every parent wants answered, whoever figured that out would be a genious.

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