How Do I Make My Child Sleep At 8pm At Night Without Fighting With Him?

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The best way to get your son to sleep at night is to tire him out during the day. If he takes more than one nap, cut back to one nap per day. If he only takes one nap, shorten the amount of time he naps. It is also good to have a bedtime routine. Make sure the routine is something he can associate with bedtime.
I have a two year old that does not like to sleep for fear of missing out on something. We developed a bedtime routine that begins with bath time. I give him a few minutes to play in the water before I bathe him. I bathe him with lavendar baby bath and afterwards I rub him down with lavendar scented baby lotion. (Lavendar is known to be soothing and comforting which why I chose a scented baby wash and baby lotion.) After bath time he tells his older brother and his father goodnight. We then go to his bedroom to sit in our rocking chair and rock while he sips on a cup of warm milk and I read him a story.
This routine works VERY well for my son and I. You know your child so it will be easy for you to find a routine that works for the two of you.

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10 Responses to “How Do I Make My Child Sleep At 8pm At Night Without Fighting With Him?”

  1. screech says:

    tell him to stay in bed and wich t.v or give him some milk and food it makes peolpe tied and wake him up at 6:30 am and he might got to bed and then we will go to bed . good luck

  2. Lost My Glasses says:

    wake him up at 5 for a few days and dont give him a nap

  3. tryinthi says:

    Don’t try to make your child go to sleep right at 8, right away. For 1 week intervals, slowly cut the bed time down. Try for example one week 10, then the next week 930 and so on until you get to 8pm.

  4. stweetyj says:

    Try this: Let him stay up until he wants then in the morning he will be very tired and tell him that he should have gone to bed at 8:00.
    Just put him in his bed and read him a story

  5. Lost My Glasses says:

    depending on how old the child is! My son was 3 and I had the same problem he would not go to sleep for anything.. So I cut his afternoon nap and made a quiet time instead and without sleeping all day he was so tired at night that he would pass right out.

  6. Lost My Glasses says:

    You are the parent. You set the routine. Be consistent. 8 pm every night.

  7. Lost My Glasses says:

    Without fighting with them.

  8. Lost My Glasses says:

    Also see my answer at;…
    which tells what we are doing now with our youngest child.
    What we did when the older kids kids were little:
    We made weekly trips to the library and always walked out with as many books as we could carry. At 8pm the kids were to be in their beds, but the light stayed on if they wished to look at their books. At 8:30 to 9pm we would come in and help them clear the books and put on audio story tapes – we had a ton of them to pick from both in our home library and from the public library. The lights would be turned off and they would listen to the stories until they fell asleep or the tape player turned off.
    We never had any problems with bedtime with this routine.

  9. Killer Curvz says:

    Put them to bed, tuck them in, tell them it’s time to go to sleep. When they get up the first time tell them it is bedtime and tuck them in again. Any time after that just take them to their room and put them back in bed….don’t say anything to them after that point. It will take awhile to get them to stay there but eventually they will get the hint and stay in bed longer each time until they get to the point of just staying there from the first time.

  10. wonderin says:

    Just put him down and dont talk at all. dont interact. just keep putting him back in bed. YOU have control. it sounds like right now the child has control and knows it and knows how to keep it. stop talking!!!!!! that is the one thing I’ve found that I do and need to stop and it works. dont negotiate…or plead…..dont respond when they blow kisses or tell you they need to talk. just put them back in bed.

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