How Do I Get My Mentally Disabled Child To Sleep?

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i have a 6 yr. old mentally disabled child that has been on and off meds. for about 3 yrs. now noone knows what is wrong with him he doesn’t sleep but about 2-3 hrs. in a 24 hr. time what can i do to help him get to sleep so i can keep my sanity and please don’t say take him to the doctor his doctor asked me what i suggest the last time i took him to see the doc. so the doc is of no help.

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10 Responses to “How Do I Get My Mentally Disabled Child To Sleep?”

  1. ?emo fairy? says:

    talk to him, and read him a story, play with him until he is very tired, then let him rest,i dont have any children, but my mom works with handicapped kids, and i sometimes help her, that is how she puts them to sleep. god bless your child.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They won’t give him something to sleep?

  3. FOXXTAIL says:

    I had the same problem with my child. My son is ADHD hyper active. My son have been using this med. for over 3 years no side effects. It is called “Clonidine”. I give this small pill to my son at 9pm and he is sleep at 9:30. If he played hard all day, he would be out sooner.With this med. he sleeps threw the night with no problems. I recommend this as a mother. It is safe, when he wakes up the next morning he is smiling and refresh!

  4. Antea says:

    The Doctor wanted feed back. Do you want to put him on meds to help him sleep, was what he was asking.
    Maybe he just doesn’t need the sleep. Have you tried a tv. Out of his reach so when he wakes up it is on his favorite channel so you can sleep a little more. Keep things in his room that will occupy him, also put a bell on the door so you know when he leaves the room, or maybe a baby gate. That he can’t get over but you can peek in to see how he is doing.
    Be very wary of people giving medical advise on here. There may be medications that your child is on that will have an adverse effect with “natural” remedies or herbs, that will cause more problems than you wish to deal with

  5. dallasch says:

    kids are easily relaxed by cuddling and soft speach.

  6. dani says:

    with my sister… we were having the same trouble… does your son have a tv/ radio or such in his room… UNPLUG them. if you child gets that he wont wake up to play with those things… have a set bed time… does he tell time? if he does tell him something like ” we got to bed at 8 and sleep till 7– if you wake up and need me… come get me… other than that stay in your room.” that way if he does wake up you can still sleep too… other than that pray!

  7. luv_bein says:

    Find another doc who is experienced in treating children with disabilites first of all. It sounds like the doc doesnt care one way or the other. Lack of sleep is not good for the body. The systems need the down time to refresh to maintain good health. My friend has a son who autistic, and she plays Celtic music for him at bedtime. Im stumped on this question…….sorry . Good luck.

  8. down_und says:

    I think the only help in such a situation is really going to a doctor. If your doctor won’t help you try to find a new one. He or she must find out why your son can’t find any more sleep.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Play some Beethoven in the background. And find a better doctor.

  10. jaantoo1 says:

    Try one of those noise machines,, They are very soothing.
    God bless & Hugs from Texas. {:-)

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