How Come People Don’t Believe In Natural Healing, Like A Natural Cure For Cancer?

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if you believe in cures of health problem in a natural way, tell me why? if you don’t tell me why?

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23 Responses to “How Come People Don’t Believe In Natural Healing, Like A Natural Cure For Cancer?”

  1. suicide_ says:

    It’s all about money. Natural cures cannot be patented so there’s little funding for research and testing. The FDA and the drug companies work hard to suppress any evidence that herbs and other natural things treat and/or cure disease.

  2. snoopy says:

    sometimes, natural way couldnt just cure. especially when the cancer is so erious already.. in this ase i dot believe in the natral way…perhaps miraculous way.but not natural way.cancer:prevention is better than cure

  3. PAPA62 says:

    The reason is very simple, the why is evident with out explanation!
    Many have died using them! It was found after death that had they gone to the Doc. they would have lived!
    I have been around for sometime now!

  4. I agree completely with suicide_b. It’s all about money. I think what silver butterfly is alluding to with the apple seeds is a chemical which has been called “vitamin b-17″. Most fruit seeds and kernels are high in it and it has been shown to destroy cancer cells. But because it’s a naturally occurring substance the drug companies can’t patent it and make billions of dollars off of it. So they sue and try to suppress it.

  5. dee d says:

    some only believe what the drs tell themand really do not have the resources to go and research for themselves

  6. bad kitty says:

    i do believe it. in fact, i think pharmaceutical companies will eventually become obsolete.

  7. CuteWrit says:

    Because science has taught us that what is “natural” in terms of healing is not the “herbs and love” type of thing that naturopaths believe in.

  8. J says:

    Natural cures may work, but there are no studies showing that they do. Companies rarely pay for studies on things they can’t put a patent on and sell. The FDA also doesn’t regulate “natural cures”. Therefore, most health care professionals will not recommend them because they don’t have proof that they are relatively safe and effect. This is not the same as saying that they don’t exist. In fact, there are many people that have used natural cures for generations.

  9. quartert says:

    Dyeing cures cancer too. But, I believe in scientific medical treatment for it. Regardless, of the awful side effect.
    Personally, I use a product called SUPER GREEN made for the treatment for horses. I use it for muscle aches, cuts and fever blister. It is an alcohol based produce that contains a lot of steroids. It is not approved for human use but I use it all the time anyway because it works so well.

  10. AntoineB says:

    i wouldn’t call it “natural healing”
    but that’s what it is.
    if you eat better, your odds of developing a cancer will be less. numerous serious studies have made this clear.
    so it is “natural prevention”, rather than “natural healing”.
    “natural” is a bit of a funny word. If a pill uses a molecule which is made in a lab, but the molecule was originally discovered in a plant, is this natural healing, or not?

  11. MrsMama2 says:

    I believe that the main reason people get sick is because of the colon. The crappy stuff we eat builds up in our colon until it starts backing up into our system and starts affecting our body in various ways. Like… cancer. The Master Cleanser is a detox cleanse that takes care of that problem by cleansing your entire body. Its been known to cure many diseases. One woman did the cleanse for almost a year. She was crippled up with MS in her wheelchair, but after being on the cleanse that long, got up and walked and was healthy again. The book, the Master Cleanser can be found in a lot of health food stores and stuff. Its really great, and a quick read. The cleanse itself is also really simple and doesnt involve buying costly pills and supplements.

  12. WitchTwo says:

    I sure do, its not the witchy thing either. God gave us everything we need here on earth to heal ourselves. I use and sware by essential oils but only the ones by Young Living. I recommend you look at a book called “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hays. Look up a few ailments, either yours or diseases people you know have dealt with, then see if the reasons we manifest them fit…..its amazing.

  13. If you ask most doctors, they do not belive in natural cures.

  14. sarayu says:

    It depends what is the disease. Sprain and pain in body, can be overcome by native medicines and many are available in respective countries practised over centuries. There are ayurvedic, homeopathy, siddha and other form of medicines for these and other diseases caused due to indigesation, overheat in the body, strenuous work, allergy etc., but cancer, some heart dieseases are still treated with allopathy only.

  15. Ginkgo says:

    First anyone can say something cures cancer to get you to buy it even though it does not work in most cases. But MDs want you to buy their stuff so they indoctrinate people to not believe in other things. See this site to see how things are changing and many do cure cancer naturally.

  16. kongchai says:

    People do not believe in natural healing because they have been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry that they have to use drugs to cure a sickness. In fact the drugs used do not cure our sickness, it is the body that cures because our immune system is doing the work. Therefore. whether we use natural healing or drugs it will still work.

  17. sweets says:

    because just wishing it so doesn’t make it true –necessarily. . .
    I believe in what works –and I think it can be from both sides at the same time. . .
    A friend of mine was big on good nutrition in the treatment of his cancer. . .

  18. jv637 says:

    i’m not one of those people. =)

  19. jennabea says:

    oh! oh! I believe in natural healing! Why? because it works and we have a naturalpath that has helped many people heal from supposedly fatal diseases

  20. idontkno says:

    I know that bugs me too. A lot!

  21. silver butterfly says:

    apple seeds (of three apples a day) are great for preventing cancer… are grape seeds.
    give it a whirl…
    also…they are great at reversing the effects/reversing cancer….
    (cancer isn’t really something to be “cured” as it’s not really a “disease” per se, it’s just a condition of the body’s cells growing abnormally, but it’s not catchy, not even in the body, it’s just those cells replicate–which is much different than a bacteria or virus or fungus taking over the body….it’s really quite different.
    so, as I said….the word “cure” isn’t the best term here, but 3 apples a day with their seeds, eaten completely, will prevent and help eliminate issues of cancer).
    and of course…this advice doesn’t take precidence over your doctor/midwife/nurse practitioner.
    Always consult your doctor(s) on a change in diet/exercise regimen!

  22. jidwg says:

    Perhaps people don’t believe in natural healing because if natural methods actually worked,people wouldn’t have died from things like cancer, heart disease and diabetes as well as infections and contagious diseases in all the years before we had lab produced drugs. Most drugs come from natural sources or are produced in lab processes that reproduce natural substances. So if you are asking why people don’t believe natural drugs can heal,they just haven’t been properly informed. But if you are asking about processes like using crystals,chanting or blood-letting,whatever, people don’t believe because they have never worked in the first place. Any “cure” rare individuals may have experienced is probably just spontaneous remission and not a real cure.

  23. MOrpheus says:

    need somthing they can repilcate in lab fro evrybody
    not jsut tales sombody got healed by prayer
    and 2 herbs

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