How Can You Sleep Better At Night Without Taking Medications?

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Ok when i go to sleep, I cant sleep it takes a while (1 sometimes 2 hours or more) i close my eyes and all i see are images of the day, the upcoming day, i tried going to sleep early so i can wake up earlier i tried getting tired (working out playing ball or some) I try reading which works but only in school not at home. if i go to sleep late (2-6 am) i usually wake up at 9 i dont know why. But i dont wake up tired just normal but i know this will take its toll later on. So anyone with ideas..remember i dont want to take medication but if i do i’ll see the doc. thanks.

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12 Responses to “How Can You Sleep Better At Night Without Taking Medications?”

  1. Exercise a lot during the day.

  2. sexi pin up says:

    go to a natural food store etc. and pick up lavender oil or sandalwood.make sure very pure not fake imitation stuff.than put on pillow a couple of hrs before you go to bed .you will sleep better that what i do.

  3. kananent says:

    If you learn, pls tell me because I can’t sleep,too

  4. usualsus says:

    You don’t need to see a doctor. Try this ok?
    Drink some warm milk before bedtime- it contains stuff that will make you sleepy.
    Avoid anything emotionally exciting 2 hours before bedtime- if your mind is quiet, it will go to sleep easier.
    Don’t work out before bedtime- the adrenaline in your body will keep you awake.
    If you still can’t sleep, take a 20 minute power nap during the day, that seems to help some people.
    Good Luck

  5. larry_th says:

    Warm milk. Milk is a natural sleep aid.

  6. try not to take any caffeine a few hours before retiring.

  7. Evans says:

    Go and buy a CD of sounds. Like nature, waterfalls, something you like and turn it on. You will sleep like a baby.

  8. lana89xx says:

    I had the same problem try not having too much on your mind before you go to sleep. try meditating and stuff. also dont go to sleep too late.

  9. shirley e says:

    I usualyl wait until im ready to pass outt o sleep so i dont get this problem anymore but what I used to do is clear my mind and lay on my back. I would slowly relax my entire boddy one part art a time and I am usually asleep before i reach my feet. You can also try some beginners yoga and straching before you sleep. Another thing is dont distract your self from sleep with music and dont do anything to get your juices pumping at least 1 hour before bed. So no working out or running around or anything. Also there are some kinds of chemicals in certain products that keep you awake [ex: nail polish]. Also try to shower or bathe before you bed with some kind of lavender or vanilla it soothes you and is meant to relax you. I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping and these things helped me. If you dont find any of this helpful you may have something clinically wrong that may require medicine. Good luck.

  10. Independ says:

    Go to Rite-Aide or Wal-Mart (or any grocery store) and pick up some Melatonin… and try not to think of anything that will stress you out.. taking melatonin.. listening to a soothing cd.. picturing youself somewhere calm.. works for me a lot of the times. Also, around 9-10pm, do you get sleepy, but if you don’t go to sleep then you are screwed until your body get completely exhausted (2am to 6am)? That’s what happens with me. Yeah, it sucks, and like you, I try to avoid the pills… except Melatonin.

  11. priusone says:

    There are some herbal remedies at natural health food stores that work well. If you want to avoid even that type of medicine, try a warm glass of milk before bed and a little meditation to clear your head of the day’s thoughts. There are meditations out there designed to relax both your body and your mind to make it more conducive to sleep.

  12. PuttPutt says:


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