How Can I Get My Child To Sleep With Out A Pacifier? She Is Very Dependent On It.?

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She is 1 1/2 years old and I just think she is too big for it. During the day she will do fine without it, but for naps and bedtime she needs it. Or she thinks she needs it.

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9 Responses to “How Can I Get My Child To Sleep With Out A Pacifier? She Is Very Dependent On It.?”

  1. Nurse Answer Mama says:

    If she needs it, she needs it. I don’t think she is too old. As long as it is only at night, let her have it. She’ll still find SOMETHING to suck on and the paci is probably cleaner and better for her than her hand, thumb or a toy.
    My 3 1/2 yo nephew STILL takes on to bed and if my son had ever wanted one, I’d let him have it. He will grow out of it. The good news is I don’t know of any college kids who went to school with one.
    The old myth “It will hurt her teeth” doesn’t fly with me. My hus NEVER had one and his teeth are completely jacked up. I had one until I was 6 (!) and I have near-perfect teeth. AND back then, the pacis weren’t made like they are today.
    Good luck and best wishes.

  2. James B says:

    After a talk about with our daughter about her being too big for the pacifier, we let her draw on a large manilla envelope and sealed it inside. We drew a stamp on it, and mailed it to “the babies” who didn’t have a pacifier. (I really hid it in my closet).
    Anytime she asked for it, we reminded her of what a big girl she was to give up her nuk to the little ones who needed it. She asked for it for a few days, but was content with it. You have to go cold turkey with taking it away.

  3. amosunkn says:

    She thinks she needs it, and will only function with it, because you havent taken it away.
    If you dont want her to use it you’ll have to throw them all out and put up with her fussing and carrying on for a few days.

  4. itsjusta says:

    That’s not bad, my 28 month old still uses one. I say it needs to go, my wife believes that it doesn’t harm anything.

  5. nashkin1 says:

    I plan on having my son involved and saying ok lets throw them all away together and tonight you wont have it anymore but we are going to the store to buy so and so to reward you ..
    yes you can also do it the way the pp suggested. Its just a rough couple days but it will pass. dr ferber has a great technique in his book. check it out. ps he also says that if your child only uses it to sleep you are in good shape and in for an easy process
    a site for the young and the young at heart
    check us out

  6. VMSS says:

    My son only took his pappy at bed time but he thought he had to have it. At 18 months old we took all of his pappys (except for one in case of an emergency) and split them open with a razor blade. When he asked for it at bed time we gave it to him. He put it in his mouth for a second and when it collapsed in his mouth he pulled it out and said “broke”. He asked for a different one so we gave him one and the same thing happened. He sighed and gave up. He never asked for another pappy. Good luck

  7. luv my animals says:

    My daughter at 18 months thought she had to have her pappy too. I took it away during the day and only gave it to her at bedtime and nap time. About 30 mins after her being good and asleep if it didnt fall out of her mouth, Id gently take it out. For the first few times after she realized she wasnt sucking shed wake and Id give it back to her. Then she got over not having it all night. I would still give it to her to get her to sleep. It only took me 2 weeks to break her from it. Now when she sees one she’ll say “pappy? baby pappy yuck!” good luck, I found it easier doing it this way rather than “cold turkey” I have seen many kids as old as 3-4 still sucking on their pappys, so starting now is a good time.

  8. samira says:

    You could just take it away, maybe rock her to sleep if she needs extra comfort.
    If you feel like it’s time then take it (mother knows best for her baby) but since she just has it to fall asleep, there will be no harm to her teeth. Just make sure she doesn’t pick up the habit of sucking her thumb. This is a much worse habit & harder to break

  9. substitu says:

    be strict…dont give in.

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