How Can I Get My Child On A Right Sleep Schedule?

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My child wakes up at noon. Naps at 8p-12am thinking it’s a nap. Up til 5 am and then wakes up at 11am.. And repeats the process. My hub and I are trying for another child and I can’t imagine what I would do if I do happen to conceive and my first would be on this messed up schedule.
I sleep whenever baby sleeps. That’s what they say to do and that’s what I do. I tried so hard to get her on a normal schedule, but she does it for a few days then back to the same ol’.
What should I do???

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5 Responses to “How Can I Get My Child On A Right Sleep Schedule?”

  1. Hopi says:

    YOU have to set a routine. Make sure the baby doesnt sleep for more than 2 hours in the afternoon. He/She is 2years so one 2 hour nap at noon is all he needs. Make sure he is really busy till sleep time which should be no later than 8pm. Also start winding down an hour before sleeptime. At 2 he shouldnt be watching any TV, but if is then switch it off an hour or two before bedtime. Make sure dinner is also over by 7pm. the you can maybe give him a relaxing bath, read to him, sing to him and once he is in bed switch the light off and dont talk to him. Keep it really quiet. It will take a while, considering his pattern now is terrible, but soon it will set in.

  2. fairy says:

    my sons Dr told me to start a bed time routine 1 hour before i want him to go to bed then at that time put him in bed and let him cry it out. that is what i did and after the first night he would only fuss a few min b4 he went to sleep. of course this only really works if they are still in a crib. i know ppl think this is mean but it saved my sanity and made me a better mom you can only be sleep deprived for so long. the first night it lasted about 30 min and then he woke up latter and fussed about as long. my son was on the same type of schedule as your baby. when we first started this bed time was 12 but we have moved it to 10 now. he was about 1 when we did this. you just have to stick with it we do bath at 9 then put him in bed and read him a story. if it gets messed up we just do it right the next day. he is 2 now good luck

  3. Tenn Gal says:

    You have to break this cycle for both of you.
    Wake your child up and put her on a cycle.
    How old is your baby?

  4. a_real_h says:

    whoever told you that mess is an idiot. Who’s the parent and who is the child anyway?
    this is what you do. you wake the child up when you wake up. Yes… you will have to deal with the child crying and stuff, but who said being a parent was all fun and games. then put the lil’ bugger to bed around 1pm. DON’T wait until it’s ready to wake up. Wake the munchkin up around 3 or 4pm and move around with it. Then put it to bed by 8 or 9pm. Do this for two weeks and it’s circadian rhythm (person’s sleep/wake clock) will be on a fairly average clock.
    Also, stop subscribing to baby magazines and do it the old fashion way…be a parent and do what comes natural.
    I know you probably think your child is the most precious thing in the world, but if you keep up this, I’ve got to do what the baby wants crap, you will be a piece of crap parent unleashing a piece of crap kid out into the world with no moral core and no sense of order.
    …sorry, i talk like this. “this” being honest.

  5. no body says:

    For one how old is your child?
    Now matter what you cnat control their sleep really, im still stuggling with my 8 month old really. I would think i would have it but then she goes off and messes it up.
    Im 7 months pregnant and i know the scheduals will be crewy no matter what.
    They are kids and dont know any better just yet. Just wait till they talk back to you about it, lol

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