How Can I Easily Get Rid Of Insomnia Using Household Objects?

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I have insomnia. N doctor told me so, but I am smart enough to figure it out on my own. No matter how early I try to go to sleep, I never get to sleep before 2 AM. Need help. I don’t want to go out of my way and it can’t be too expensive.

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8 Responses to “How Can I Easily Get Rid Of Insomnia Using Household Objects?”

  1. bellandy says:

    to beat insomnia, try the following sleep aid tips
    * When you get up, try to keep a schedule like, eat, take medicine and go to bed, etc.
    * Try to establish a relaxing before-sleep ritual, like taking warm bath, having light snack or reading for 10 minutes. This can let your body become informed that it is already near bed time.
    * When sleepy try to go to bed, get out of bed when not sleeping.
    * Have a regular exercise, it is best to exercise in the late afternoon, about six hours before bedtime.
    * Around bedtime, try to avoid caffeine, alcohol and smoking.
    * Don’t nap, naps are best taken in the mid-afternoon.
    But if insomnia persist, consult a doctor.

  2. Samantha says:

    I do not reccommend sleeping pills. Take melatonin supplements instead, 3mg per day 1 hour prior to bed.
    Sleeping pills are dangerous. I would recommend trying to synchronise your circadian clock again, spend time outside in the sun, watch it rise/set, for a minumum of 30seconds per day, although 3 – 30minute would be better. Also if your very tired, then sleep for an hour or two before 3pm. You also need to slowly ween yourself to ‘normal’ sleep hours, each day wake up an hour or two later, or sleep an hour or two earlier, gradually you will normalise the sleep cycle.
    If all this does not help, then take melatonin or 30mg of 5HTP. This is a safe supplement which is the precursor to serotonin {the feel good neurotransmitter}, at night it is converted to melatonin {a chemcial that makes you sleep}, so increasing this will help. Also stay in a dark room, no bright lights, and just relax.
    How this helps

  3. For stuff around the house, you could try a glass of warm milk… but if you’re looking for natural products for overall support, there are many options out there. There’s Melatonin, Valerian, Chamomile, Hops, L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine, Passionflower, and Scullcap (an herb).
    You can try any one of those to help you sleep naturally.

  4. oldtimek says:

    The magnesium and valerian work, and you should try melatonin (avail at health food stores) to see if that helps. You should also set aside time to “get ready” for bed–no TV, just relax, wind down for the day, maybe some light reading, etc. I’ve found that makes a huge difference. I start about an hour before I want to sleep.

  5. Anna P says:

    you said you never get to sleep before 2 AM. How long do you sleep once you do go to sleep? Do you get at the very least 6 hours of sleep?
    This is what I would do. I would chose a time to go to bed that gets me about 6-7 hours of sleep. If you need to be up by 7 AM, thats midnight. Get into your jammies at 11:00, have a cup of chamomile tea and take 2 valarian root capsules. Get your beauty routine done next and climb into the bed by at the very least, 11:45. Lights out by midnight. Close your eyes. Think about what you are going to do tomorrow. Think about your toes, think about your knees and wonder how many hairs are growing there. relax. Try this for a night or 2 and see if that doesn’t help. I am sure you will also get lo0ts of other advice. Relax first and then give them all a try but allow at least a week or so for each different thing to work for you.

  6. ckngbbbl says:

    Go to a drug store (pharmacy) and go to the vitamin / mineral section. Get 1 bottle of Magnesium Oxide (420mg). Also get Zinc (50mg). Before bed on a somewhat empty stomach take 1 magnesium and half a zinc pill. The reason you bought the 50mg is the 25mg will be the same price so you’ll save money by getting twice as much… This will put you into a deeper sleep and when you awake you will feel completely relaxed and refreshed even if you have not slept for long.

  7. ccg says:

    um. i’ve been told baking soda makes you alkaline, and that could help yo relax a little bit maybe half a teaspoon before bed. maybe try getting some good exercise so you’re tired out before going to bed. make up your own breathing exercises, that helps me.

  8. satchola says:

    i know how you feel!
    im going through the same thing….
    i try to relax,clear my mind,read,watch a movie,etc… to calm me down and make me drowsy….
    i hoped i helped…
    p.s. the same thing sometimes doesnt work for me when repeated…
    switch it up if it helps….

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