How Can I Cure My Insomnia Without Sleep Meds?

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For years I’ve had insomnia. I can’t even remember the last time I fell asleep within an hour.

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4 Responses to “How Can I Cure My Insomnia Without Sleep Meds?”

  1. bustmeth says:

    Ok, here we go… you asked.
    I’ve had insomnia for years and my main problem is my mind wont stop thinking. If you are ready to sleep, willing to put forth some effort and give it some time(a couple weeks of this routine and 1-2 hours per night at first), you can sleep without drugs =)
    First-Look up sleep hygene and make sure you are following as many of these recommendations as possible like: no caffeine/stimulants, keep the room dark, cool and quiet, turn off your phone, get a loud fan that will drone out other noises, watch what you eat/drink for dinner or late night snacks, make a list of what you need to do tomorrow so you dont stay up thinking about it, stretch, brush teeth, warm shower, etc….
    Second-Find a tv show that is slightly entertaining(too much and you will be winding up vs. winding down) and somewhat dull( too dull and you will not stay focused on the show), Fraiser works for me. Record 2-3 episodes for each night or find a second show so you have at least an hour and a half worth of shows to watch and wind down. Do all of your sleep hygene before climbing into bed and starting the show.
    Then keep the volume at a low level and stay focused on the show. If your mind wanders, when you notice this, re-direct your attention back to the show. After 30-45 mins, you should start feeling sleepy. This is where it takes effort, do not turn off the tv yet. Instead, turn the volume down a bit, lie down and close your eyes. Make sure you can still hear the show and keep your focus on what they are saying. After 15-20 mins, the volume will become loud to you as you relax more, so turn the volume down a little more. Now keep listening to the show until you start drifting off to sleep. You will probably wake up to the tv after a breif nap and now I can turn off the tv here and fall asleep. You may want to turn the volume down a little more before turning the tv completely off or even be ok with leaving the tv on all night( if the light doesnt bother you). Once you notice that you woke up from being asleep, you can usually fall back asleep easily.
    This method takes some practice and focus but it works! It will bring your mind to a relaxing state and also help you stay asleep throughout the night because you wont be physically falling asleep with your mind still being active. Good luck!

  2. Samantha says:

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  3. Cherry Joe says:

    Try melatonin. Take it late in the evening. It acts as a trigger to tell the body to begin it’s sleep cycle.

  4. Fr John says:

    Go to a herb store and get or tithe groceries chamomile tea or the stronger natural stuff

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