Herbal Remedies And Supplements For Depression?

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Does anyone know or can anyone give me some good advice on what herbal remedies and or supplements fight depression that don’t react with prescription medication. Also, are there any herbal supplements that can give you an energy and motivation boost that actually work? I’m sick of trying things that have no effect what so ever. Can anyone help me?

Well I personally am experiencing depression. As a result of my parents strict “no western meds” rule, I had no choice but to turn to natural herbal remedies. I found the most effective herbs are Ginseng, magnesium/calcium combo, and rosemary skullcap. I would suggest that you see an accupuncturist that practices chinese medicine. He (or she) will…or should, at least, order you an herbal formula designed especially for you and your needs! but if you find yourself drifting away from the needle factor (which really is not bad because im extremely afraid of needles and im doinng accupuncture) you should probably see a homeopathic doctor.

I don’t believe that any herbal supplements can react with your perscription because herbs don’t work the same way as western meds do. I would suggest though yoga and meditation… other than the herbs I am taking I found that those two things helped a GREAT deal. As for the energy boost… ginseng can give you a bit more energy but nothing compared to exercise…. Well i hope you find my information usefull and if not… well I’m sorry… Good luck!

This is in regards to what ickypoo_ responded: (refer below)
Herbal medicines are not unsafe or unreliable or what ever he said. Herbal cures have been around for thousands of years where western meds… not so much. plus western meds merely cover up the symptoms of what you are having where herbs get to the root of things and get rid of it. also herbs are natural with no (or at least very very very minor) side effects. While western meds have tons of side effects that cause you to end up feeling worse at some points because of the very unnatural chemicals being put in your body.

I would suggest getting off perscription meds before you get hooked on them (but thats just me…. i tried the whole perscription meds and well… i got worse and almost suicidle). I’m sorry but that response was… well spoken like a true western medicine doctor… What im saying is, give the herbs a try, do some research if you must… but i can speak from true experience…. Also i do agree with Ickypoo on one thing…. Multi vitamins are a good thing to get into… i personally take Alive vitamins that work great for me…. and yes… your pee does turn shokingly bright yellow…. : )


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9 Responses to “Herbal Remedies And Supplements For Depression?”

  1. Savitha Suri says:

    Ashwagndha calms mind and increases body energy.
    Yoga and meditation help to overcome depressionhttp://www.ayurhelp.comhttp://www.ayurhelp.com/articles/ashwaga…http://www.ayurhelp.com/yoga.htmhttp://www.ayurhelp.com/Meditation.htm

  2. Ronda B says:

    I have the same problem and the thing that helps me the best was to take St John’s wort and increase my B vitamins. I take subligual B’s that you put under your tongue and it makes a world of difference. I was able to stop taking prozac after I began doing this. Also Kava Kava is really helpful for panic attacks. I take 2 dropper fulls under my tongue. Calms me right down.

  3. Ickypoo_ says:

    Stay away from herbals. They’re unsafe, untested, and extremely unreliable. All a manufacturers of herbals have to prove is that the drug is what it says it is on the labels. It’s impossible for a pharmacist to screen for drug interactions because we don’t know what you’re taking or how exactly it works. Not to beat a dead horse, but if herbals had any redeeming qualities, don’t you think that drug companies would have found a way to make money off of them?
    So, for the depression, get some exercise and some therapy. If that doesn’t cut it, your doctor can start you on an SSRI like Paxil or Prozac. For the energy, make sure that you take a multi-vitamin every day. I recommend Centrum. If you need more of a burst that that (and you’ll be surprised how much that helps if you’re not already taking one) I suggest taking a B-Complex vitamin as well. But be aware, it will turn your urine electric yellow.

  4. virginia b says:

    I don’t have any specific recommendations that could help you. I think the the best thing to find a naturopathic physician in your area. This type of physician will run a number of tests and get a baseline for you. They will then give a specific regimen that will address your issues with not only nutritional recommendations and supplements that might be beneficial to you. When you go in for your first visit, I would inform the physician of all supplements that you are taking. This will help to make sure that give you the right supplement regimen. The physician will make sure that you are comfortable with the regimen that they are prescribing for you.

  5. Mike T says:

    I take Altrum supplements, though I haven’t tried this one for mood upliftment, it contains St. John’s Wort:http://www.altrumonline.com/redirect.cgi…
    This natural energy booster contains Guarana, works for me and my wife:http://www.altrumonline.com/redirect.cgi…
    While these are worth a try alone, I think total nutrition is a good foundation to work with. Here is the link to all the Altrum supplements: http://www.altrumonline.com/redirect.cgi…
    A good start is the Ultra Multi, Ultra Daily Enzymes, and the Nutritional Oils. Good luck.

  6. mycatown says:

    You have to be extremely careful when mixing the two together. Do lots of research first, enlist the aid of your doctor or a naturopath just to be on the safe side. Every allopathic (regular pharmaceutical medicine prescribed by a regular MD) can react differently with different herbs/supplements etc. My only advice is have patience with every combination you eventual end up trying. These things take time to become steady in our systems and there may be lots of tweaking (trial and error, increases and decreases in the amounts of things you try together) before you come to what works for you.

  7. teddi p says:

    visit http://www.4health411.com and click on the 10 secrets prompt.you will find the info you are looking for on this site.

  8. KEN W1953 says:

    Yes try Tree bark

  9. ceddog86 says:

    I would also recommend talking to a naturopath, specifically someone with an N.D. (Doctor in Naturopathy) degree. Be aware that some people may call themselves “naturopaths” or use similar terminology, but NDs are highly trained physicians who have done 4-6 years of graduate study, the first year or so of which is very similar to what MDs study in their first year or so of medical school. They tend to have more training in clinical nutrition than MDs, and also have extensive training in herbal medicine.
    I would do a quick search online to look for NDs near you. There is probably an organization for NDs in your state that will be able to direct you to an someone you can see.
    In the meantime, taking a multivitamin isn’t a bad idea. The ones I take are made by Super Nutrition, which markets a variety of different packages. The formulation I take is specifically designed for memory and energy boosts. It has a lot of niacin (B3) and other B vitamins as well lots of minerals in forms that are closest to those found in nature and are easily absored by the body. For instance it contains two calcium salts—calcium carbonate and calcium citrate—which are absorbed at different rates by the body.

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