The Hemp Oil Cure For Cancer (Video)

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The hemp oil cure for cancer – truth or fiction?

I’m looking into the hemp oil cure for cancer. Is it just one of those medical scams? Or is there some truth in it?

There is no doubt that Hemp or Cannabis, whatever you’d like to call it, is a medicinal plant with many benefits. Ever heard of medical marajuana? Unfortunately hemp is the source of the illegal drug and this is where the problem lies. The fact that hemp is used to manufacture marajuana is a valid reason, according to the powers that be, to keep it out of the hands of the masses. The real reason probably is because it would strip a lot of money from the cancer industry if another, natural cure for cancer was found. How can you patent natural?

The hemp oil cure for cancer comes from the fact that it has an active ingredient called THC or 9-tetrahydrocannabinol which leads to the death of cancer cells. This is known as the process of apoptosis, in which the cancer cells seem to consume themselves. This process inhibits tumor growth thus preventing the spread of cancer cells through the body.

There has been only one reported clinical trial of THC and that was done in Britain by injecting mice with lung cancer cells and then treating them with THC. The tumors in the treated mice shrunk by around 50%.

Although the hemp oil cure for cancer sound pretty convincing, don’t expect it to appear in a pharmacy near you any time soon. Why would you want a safe, natural and cheap cure for cancer when you can have a dangerous, ineffective expensive one?

Hemp oil cure for cancer video

The endocannabinoid system in our bodies regulate our cancer defense — so it makes sense that cannabis works effectively in this area, and the science backs that up. For those who dispute the fact that cannabis can cure cancer, I would like to refer you to numerous studies (since 1974!) that show that cannabinoids kills cancer cells, shrink tumors, halts the spread of invasive carcinomas, and prevents occurrence. I don’t know if you have the energy or the interest to follow up these links, but if you do value truth over hearsay and propaganda, then I would suggest you look at them.

First you have to ask yourself: why don’t you know about this? (Then you should get really, really angry). Original Univ of Va study showing that THC halts lewis lung adenocarcinoma: London study showing THC causes kills leukemia cells. University of Texas study showing the CB1 receptor (which is activated by cannabis) suppresses colorectal cancer tumor, when the receptor is lost cancer can occur. Univ of Southern Florida study showing that cannabis blocks cancer causing viruses: Harvard study showing cannabis cuts lung cancer growth in half: The British Journal of Cancer reports that cannabis treats prostate cancer Researchers at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute found that cannabis halts breast cancer. A large population study
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13 Responses to “The Hemp Oil Cure For Cancer (Video)”

  1. WeAskThePeople says:

    HEMP colloquial name for fibre pant – CANNABIS proper genus name – MARIJUANA mexican colloquial name – GANJA Rastafarian name – WEED current street name – POT .. 70s name. ,,, variations of a theme.. SATIVA cerebral high — INDICA body high HEMP makes great rope , building materials & superior clothing – RUDERALIS – Hmmm , does anyone know what this strain is good for ?..

  2. hojram45 says:

    I have recognised that if one smoke a lot pot, you don´t age. I´m a very fresh soon 50 year old (young) lady…(!)

  3. DrOrphious79 says:

    the like bar is your friend. pure green :)

  4. adam3176 says:

    will it cure heavy farting?

  5. HereToCorrectYou says:

    I just spent 10 minutes messaging hemp cure videos to cancer sufferers and their families on facebook. Type in cancer and lots of cancer cause pages come up full of people who are dying or whose loved ones are dying. Why not do the same and together might save a few lives. (Facebook warn you after about 15 messages. Continue and they temporarily freeze your account (so there is only so much one person can do))

  6. kezzaCE2 says:

    @freehemp420 Dont let being afraid of exiting your shell help save lives

  7. madclown7373 says:

    now, nuclear is always been legal, and this kind of cure is not? fuck the system

  8. chrychek says:

    @SuperNewf1 And that was all because of what u are watching here.

  9. lloydsaar says:

    @HeatherSi Hi my name is Lloyd and I have never herd of this prosess you describe of extracting the essential oil. I know Marijauna is a cure,I really think it needs to be leagleized.

  10. SuperNewf1 says:

    Please look at the current evidence. Cannabis Science inc. from the U.S. is currntlygoing into production and has signed licence agreements to produce marijuana oil for the cure of skin cancer. Go to their website. They have pictures of a womans skin cancer being healed in a few days.

  11. robreiken says:

    & remember people if you want to reduce your chances of most cancers then either eat lemons or squezze lemon juice into the water you drink & buy a reverse Osmosis water filtration system to take the Sodium Fluoride (RatSac) out of your water cause that will rot your bones , teeth , give you Osteparosis, Cancer & kill your Thyroid that will render you on medication for the rest of your life..

  12. robreiken says:

    Another good Doco to watch is Burzynski Cancer Is Serious Business, he cured the cancers that were 100% untreatable fatal, or another good doco >World Without Cancer, The Story Of B17<….

  13. lambofgod661 says:

    i love wed

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