Health Risks To Mother Waiting Out Natural Miscarriage Due To Blighted Ovum?

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I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum this week. My doctor is saying that I am 6 weeks along in my pregnancy. I have been doing a lot of reading about women who were misdiagnosed with a blighted ovum and waited it out, only to find the heartbeat, in some cases as late as 12-13 weeks gestation. Most of the misdiagnosed cases were due to a tilted uterus. My doctor tried to encourage me to go ahead and end the pregnancy this week, but told me he would give me 1 more week if I needed it. This morning I called to ask him if I had a tilted uterus, and he wouldn’t answer my question. He just became very short with me and said a tilted uterus has nothing to do with the diagnosis. I told him I would keep my appointment next week, but wanted to wait out a natural miscarriage. He demanded that if there was no heartbeat by 7 weeks, there would not be and that I needed to go ahead and end it because he was already giving me a week to wait and that was all he was giving me. I have no symptoms of miscarriage so far, and even though I know the chances are slim of a baby being found at this point, I would rather wait it out as long as my health is alright and there are no signs of infection. I plan to find a new OB (hopefully) that will support this decision or at least agree to monitor me. My question is have you ever experienced a misdiagnosed blighted ovum OR do you know of any health risks to me that I may be overlooking by waiting it out? I know that either way I will have to have a D&C. I would rather go through that than wonder the rest of my life if I killed a potentially viable pregnancy.

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6 Responses to “Health Risks To Mother Waiting Out Natural Miscarriage Due To Blighted Ovum?”

  1. Kay C says:

    Six weeks is TOO EARLY to diagnose a blighted ovum. You should really find another doctor and soon.
    I believe a blighted ovum should never be suggested before nine weeks because I was almost nine weeks before finding my baby and had turned down the D&C at both seven and eight weeks. There was absolutely no doubt of my dates either.
    Want to know if you should wait out a possible diagnosis? Check out these stories:…
    and my own misdiagnosed blighted ovum story:…
    Keep in mind, blighted ova are common but they are also commonly misdiagnosed. As long as you watch for any signs of infection or complications, you should be able to wait out this diagnosis. Seeing as how you are so early in the pregnancy, waiting sounds like a good idea.

  2. donna a says:

    i am in the process of a miscarriage now and i am at nine weeks was told i had blighted ovum, i chose to lose it naturally, just in case there was a fetus in me, this was at 6wks it was rough but i waited, if it is in your heart to wait then by all means wait that way there is no what if’s or regrets’ and who knows maybe u will be one of those slims chances the doctors were wrong because god knows they r wrong sometimes shame on your doctor for pressuring u into a d/c if health wise u can wait and want to then wait it is ur body not ur doc’s, stay strong i am 41 and had no health risks waiting it out, stressful but worth it, 6 weeks is too early for ur doc to make a call for d/c

  3. ?39wks and counting!? says:

    I have never been in the situation you have been in, but if I was, I would definately look for another doctor. That sounds a little bit iffy to me….. get a second opinion, and one that will work with you wants and needs. Good Luck.

  4. There was someone on here the other day that said she was told her baby had no h/b and she decided to wait for a m/c naturally. After a month nothing had happened and she went back and there was a 10 week fetus with a beating heart. I don’t know personally, but I would wait it out. Doctors are smart, but don’t know everything. I don’t want to give you false hope, but like you said you don’t want to think that the rest of your life the baby would’ve been okay. Good luck to you!

  5. Denise says:

    Wow…I know exactly what you are going through and I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart. Before the birth of my first child ( I am pregos with #2) I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum. I was nine weeks along, but my pregnancy stopped at 7 weeks. I was completely destroyed. I just could not understand. The doctor gave me the option to have a DNC, have this pill inserted in me that would cause a miscarriage, or just wait it out. I was too distraught to even make a decision. So, I went home and started reading about blighted ovums as I had really no idea what they were, and read about tilted uterus’ and heartbeats found later in pregnancy. I called my doctor’s office and I asked about the possibilities of this being my case, as like you, I did not want to do ANYTHING that would cause me to kill my baby if it was viable. My doctor was great and completely understood what I was going through. She offered to do a blood test the next day ( which was Friday) to see where my HCG levels were. Then repeat the test on Monday to see where they were. If they had fallen, then I would know for sure that the pregnancy was not viable and if they had risen, then obviously my baby was ok. I opted for this and it was the best thing I did for myself. My HCG levels dropped about 3000 points from Friday to that Monday, so I knew that it was not viable. It was hard, but at least for the rest of my life I will know that I tried everything possible for my little baby. I did do the medicine that they insert inside you which causes you to miscarry. I had to pass out all the tissue at home and it was painful. If I could do anything differently, I would have had a DNC because it was pretty traumatic going through the actual miscarriage.
    I would ask you doctor to have your HCG levels checked and compared, that way you will know for sure and you will have the same piece of mind that I did.
    Again, I am so sorry for what you are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  6. mum_2_ma says:

    when i lost my baby i was allowed to let it happen natrually it took 4 weeks for it to be complete
    BUT i was giving weekly scans to make sure it was all passing
    with the right care i dont see why you could not try this and see
    good luck im sorry if it doesnt work out x

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