Health Food Conspiracy

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19 Responses to “Health Food Conspiracy”

  1. risenveg says:

    This man is not a nutritionist….but he loves his homestyle food….good for him.

  2. dream2last says:

    water is good for your health

  3. ralphinio3 says:

    I have nothing against Islam when it is used to promote life. When it, or any religion, glorifies death I turn away. I’m with Friedrich on that one.

  4. LuqmanNaq says:

    please don’t feed the trolls.

  5. Abbodine1 says:

    He makes statements which he does not validate or qualify and makes a far fetched assertions in the end about bottles being made to look like nipples to sell their product. I never thought of a bottle resembling this until he made the statement.

    Also, although this is a small portion of what he is saying It looks like he is preaching to the choir and telling them what they want to hear. A tactic used by many to get rapport with an audience instead of providing hard core facts.

  6. molvicorleone says:

    He’s old though, i’ll be suprised if you still have teeth at his age.

  7. MisterQuebec says:

    Why do we always tend to believe that “new research” is always right?

  8. wanderingivie says:

    Maybe this varies by location, but I can’t imagine anyone “marketing” health food. Generally, the closer food is to nature, the healthier it is. “Health food” means un-moddified plants without pesticides, natural whole grains, water, organic dairy: all things IMPOSSIBLE to copyright. The major sellers of these products are small, local, usually not wealthy farmers.

    If someone’s was out to make money, they would promote something they have an exclusive claim to.

  9. zenjirou says:

    India has the highest rate of Heart Disease, second only to the Middle East.

    Might it have anything to do with a diet primarily based on animal products? such as Ghee/Bhutter/ meat and Milk?

    Who knows, but something to think about

  10. ratherbnewhere says:

    would you believe i’m a strict vegan now?

  11. omsivoham says:

    he’s right… but as a western Muslim, i do not have to eat couscous to be healthy!

  12. Kelidiscope says:

    It’s the refining process that causes a great deal of the toxicity. But Soy itself is difficult for our system to digest, and can stimulate clogging in our blood.

  13. CarbonPrey says:

    The major health issues of soy beans are due to genetic manipulation and heavy use of chemical pesticides etc.

  14. Riko1980 says:

    soy is hardly a health food it has been linked to everything from thyroid disorders to hormonal disorders , ‘backers for soy’ lead people to believe that all Asians ate alot of soy when they do not eat it anywhere near as much as we were lead to believe. infact they considered it a STARVATION food and when they did eat it they consumed it fermented. meat does no harm whatsoever to the body when it comes from healthy grass-feed cattle.

  15. Riko1980 says:

    Actually there have been a lot of cases in which (just like he said) the ‘health food ‘ has been marketed and backed up by corporate and political aids in order to sell off that product based on FALSE CLAIMS . Surprise surprise the government lies and will pay people to lie in order to extort the public and take their money.

  16. VUandChips says:

    Hmmm…this man appears to be speaking a load of bullshit.

  17. MccainsaLIBERAL says:

    type in here, PROTEIN MYTH

    Video By World Class Vegan super athlete, Tim van orden . He is in exc health and condition, Attempting to Make US Olympic Team. and hes proving that we’ve all been LIED to about Protein !

    Spread the word and help get the truth Out ! Its all Done to us for Money and power. Check this Out

  18. JC23333 says:

    sort of tru too much meat is not good for you byt i guess it comes down to what you think too much is really, organic food 100% agree with you man these days everything got chemicals in it e number and what not there not real food beat this apprantly china going one step ahed and making eggs, eggs made from chemicals. see what i mean next time one of yous go to the shop and pics a sandwhich read the packet ull be surprised

  19. portia242 says:

    this guy sounds like a lunatic. we are a divine creation and water drinking is encouraged due to the human body being made up of over 70 percent water. u will never c the day i will take nutrition advice from a guy whose teeth are the color of corn and who looks to be physically unhealthy! his lack of water slowed down blood circulation th his brain i guess!

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