Health Advice Needed: What Natural Remedies Are There To Reduce Palpitations? Not Medicines?

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I was just wondering what, if any, remedies there are for curing or calming down palpitations when they arise. I am a 24 year old male who has had anxiety and panic attacks since 2001. Even when at home relaxing my mind is working over time and my heart races and palpitates. I am naturally more aware of my own heartbeat and every beat it makes due to my anxiety and general pre occupation with the way i feel.
If anyone knows, what can be done to limit palpitations and help you relax and concentrate on other things so that you constantly worry and hear every single beat.
Most people don’t go through this and i would give anything not to also. It seriously affects my life this anxiety and i am trying to find ways to drastically decrease the impact the symptoms of it has on me.
Thanks for your help in advance guys!

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17 Responses to “Health Advice Needed: What Natural Remedies Are There To Reduce Palpitations? Not Medicines?”

  1. Try meditations. It is calming and lowers the heart rate.
    Please read up on Natural cures for anxiety. Here is what my natural bible says for Anxiety and Palpitations:
    Supplements to take:
    Vitamin B complex
    No-flush Niacin
    Zinc, trace minerals
    Try these:
    Herbs that help:
    St. Johns Wort
    Valerian root
    Avoid these:
    aspartame, MSG, sugar
    Refined Carbohydrates
    Good Luck. Please see your local Herbalist they can really help tell you portions to use. It will work wonders.

  2. Wiz says:

    Cut down on salt cut out alcohol and caffeine

  3. agius152 says:

    Youi could try something like Yoga to relax yourself to calm yourself down if you get stressed or aromatherapy or many other remedies to feel relaxed. You could also try seeing a therapist to talk through the issues you are having as you are probably making it worse by constantly focusing on it. You should also think about medication as everyone is different and although you may not think it will help it can be very useful.

  4. Niamh says:

    Try to identify the root cause of your anxiety with a counsellor so that you can begin to begin to get better.Surely trying to cure the cause is better than trying to treat the symptoms.Good Luck.

  5. Violet Pearl says:

    hawthorne berries (herb) help to regular the heart
    Holy Basil helps to lower cortisol (stress hormone) and improve over all health.
    But if you’re eating a lot of sugars (juice, fruit, breads, rice, poptarts, potatoes, candy, and packaged foods) that’s going to cause huge blood sugar spikes, possibly adrenal disorders with cause all-day palpitations- especially in the mornings. If they’re worse when you wake up, or before 11am, it’s probably a cortisol problem.

  6. taxed till i die,and then some. says:

    Go see your GP.

  7. diamond8 says:

    from The How to Herb Book, page 63
    * Valerian Root is a powerful, effective antispasmodic. It quiets, calms, has a healing affect on the nerouvs system. Valerian Root is a marvelous weapon against stress and nerves.
    * promotes sleep if taken at night. Has no narcotic effect.
    * good to NORMALIZE HEART PALPITATIONS, slows action of heart while strengthening it. Good for circulatory system.
    from The How to Herb Book, page 209
    For Heart Palpitations: Hawthorne, Peppermint, Sage, Valerian Root, Mineral Water
    Note: 1/2 cup Mineral Water has been used after a heart attack to regulate heart beat. For PALPITATIONS 1/4 cup has been used. Minerals help regulate the heart.
    Valerian Root capsules are available at Walmart (pharmacy section) and other drug stores, whole food stores, or online. Valerian (in cut leaf form) can be purchased at the following website to make a tincture or glycerite. (Do not make into a tea since much of its therapeutic value is in the essential oils which would dissipate in the boiling process.)

  8. Freedspi says:

    My mom used to get heart palpitations and she used to drink Gatorade – it has electrolytes which helped to stop them. But I am not sure if this would work as your palpitations are due to anxiety – you could give it a shot though!
    What you really need to do is learn to meditate.

  9. kez says:

    You just sound like me, only I’m a 26 year old Female!
    I have the same problem, I’m often kept awake through the night by the sound of my own heart beat. It is really annoying and distressing.
    I’ve had ecg’s, heart monitors strapped to me and just recently had my heart scanned, everything came back normal.
    My anxiety attacks started around 2002 through a high pressured job which I am No longer a part of, but I still suffer the consequences to this day!
    I basically just wait for the palpitations to calm down, they are annoying but what else can I do, knowing that there is nothing wrong with my heart helps, as soon as I feel them coming on I just tell myself there is absolutely nothing wrong with me, this helps!

  10. clmez2 says:

    when you get up in the morning before eating or drinking anything take a spoonful of pure honey .the best is manuka honey.dont eat or drink anything for at least a half an hour.Look on the website under properties of honey and you will be amased.
    Good luck hope this works .

  11. Redberry says:

    Natural Remedies for Palpitations…
    Natural home remedies
    Here’s a natural sedative to subdue the thumping. Steep two chamomile tea bags in 2 cups of just-boiled water. Steam a few shredded leaves of cabbage. Then, in a soup bowl, combine the steamed leaves with the chamomile tea. This tea-soup may not taste good, but it can help overcome those skipped heartbeats .
    Honey has proved valuable in overcoming this condition. Honey is considered to be an excellent food for the heart being easily digested and assimilated. The patient should take a glass of water, mixed with a tablespoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon, before going to bed.
    If you have heart palpitations occasionally, drink peppermint tea. Have a mug every day. It seems to have a calming effect on people, especially since it is an herbal tea that does not contain caffeine.
    Grapes are one of the most effective home remedies for heart palpitation. The patient should take the juice of this fruit at frequent intervals. This will relieve the condition.
    Black haw root bark is antispasmodic, supplies phytosterols and helps a racing heart. Use 25 drops of tincture, or sip the infusion.…
    Good luck! You could also send an email to the British Homeopathic Association and Faculty of Homeopathy, as they might provide you with the best information on natural remedies for heart palpitations.
    This works for me:
    The breathing yoga. When you have palpitations stay still and try to inhale the fresh air very deeply into your body (not only chest but also stomach), hold it for a while (1/2 min) and slowly release it. Do it about 3 to 5 times for the first time. It usually helps. Research breathing yoga on the Internet.

  12. Arly says:

    I have the same problem, so I have decided to drink water (which I don’t like) instead of sodas. I am eating 6 light meals instead of 3 heavy ones. Digestion seems to play a role in my palpitations. I am also taking an anti-depressive (Celexa) which was prescribed for my anxiety; I started taking it on January 1st and it is working wonders. I avoid junk food as much as possible. I also take some supplements; Magnesium is important for the activity of the heart muscle and the nerves that initiate the heartbeat and Potassium plays a key role in cardiac, skeletal, and smooth muscle contraction; however, we have to keep a good balance of it because too much Potassium can lead to such serious problems as irregular or rapid heartbeat. Aerobic exercise strengthens your heart ,so I am riding my stationary bike twice a day. A combination of all these factors is helping me tremendously. I suffer from skipped beats, other abnormal heart rhythms and to make it worse I also suffer from anxiety. Some spices and food additives can also trigger or increase our palpitations as well as some over the counter medications. In other words, watch your diet and keep your stress level as low as possible.
    •Take a stand against overscheduling.
    •Be realistic.
    •Get a good night’s sleep.
    •Learn to relax.
    •Treat your body well.
    •Watch what you’re thinking.
    •Solve the little problems.…
    Seldane D and Claritin D both contain pseudoephedrine (a decongestant). Pseudoephedrine can cause the blood pressure to go up, and it can also cause palpitations or rapid heart beat in some people.…

  13. TweetyBi says:

    As you have posted your question in Mental Health, I will answer it in this way. Consult a psychologist and begin sessions to learn how to manage your anxiety though behavior modification and imaging. There are other techniques you can learn and these are just two. If you are looking for Alternative Medicine options, which are iffy at best, post your question in that category. I wish you the best of luck.

  14. LX V says:

    Cut all caffeine out of your diet. Try relaxing scents like lavender or vanilla. If you are noticing mood swings or weight loss, go to your doctor and ask him to check you for hyperthyroidism (heart palpitations, anxiety, and ADD -like symptoms can indicate a hyperactive thyroid)
    See an herbologist (someone who’s into herbal medicines as well as traditional medicines), not an herbalist (I was told that the difference is that the herbologist is required to go to some intense schooling to get certification. An herbalist just hangs out a shingle). They’ll be able to give you what you need and in the proper dose. Since we’re talking about your heart here, you want to be especially careful.
    Hope this helps

  15. jazzcraz says:

    Taurine, regulates the heart beat. A shortage of it can cause palpitations and chest pain. It’s an amino acid available at most vitamin stores and Walmart. Remember that everything around you is for your benefit. Set goals that you want to achieve and focus on taking one small step towards those goals each day. Also, exercise. Martial Arts is a great way to build confidence and use some of that excess energy that’s messing you up. Herbs like, skullcap and chamomile are both calming. Valerian is too but it stinks like butt and most people can’t stand it. It’s what Valium is derived from.

  16. glgl says:

    I’ve heard Hawthorn is good for heart & palpitations but I don’t think for anxiety or panick attacks. You need to do DEEP BREATHING every few hours, take a really deeo breath,hold for4,exhale for 4 do this a few times every few hours, it’ll make a difference I promise.
    I have tried crystal theroay for panick attacks with wonderful results, SODALITE is the crystal for panick attacks, place it on solar plexus (if that’s where get them) & they’ll be gone in alittle while. Just remember crydstals need cleansing as they absorb negative energy, put in sea slat water for 24 hours or brown rice for 24 hours (u can eat the rice after), or place in full moonlight.
    for anxiety deep breathing is very good also take a multi-vitamin plus magnesium in the mornings on empty stoach, and a separate calcium supplement. Also 5HTP is very good.
    Ask ur health shop for advice & also if u can take all together.
    Hope this helps,
    lots of luv

  17. Samuel says:

    I am 17 now, and i have suffered from Anxiety and horrifying palpitations for 3 years now.

    I have gone to multiple DR. Got Ekg’s, Ultrasounds etc.. Everything comes out perfect.

    I have tried everything to get them to go away, i am not obese or anything. I use to live with an alcoholic father who played a big roll of stress on me, and thats when they developed.

    I have a Palpitation literally every couple of beats, all day…. all night…. They never go away. THEY DEFINITELY GET WORSE IN THE EVENING AND NIGHT.

    Anyways, they still have not gone away, the only thing i notice that truly helps in the long run is being active. And working out.

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