Has anyone heard of any holisitc/natural medicine cures for Lou Gehrig’s disease or any other nerve disorders?

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My boyfriend is 48 years old and has been suffering for over 13 years with what was diagnosed at Lou Gerhrig’s disease. They told him he would die within five years and he has survived it. Two discs in his neck, c-3 and c-4 I believe, have deteriorated and compressed the nerves in that area causing severe paralysis and deterioration of the muscles in his right arm. I graduated from a natural health school with a degree in massage therapy, so I’ve been given him massages almost every other night. When I first began working on him about two years ago there was a significant recovery period, the muscles in his arm were growing and he was even able to weight lift a bit at the gym. Then, I worked on him less and less as his recovery got better. In April of this year, however, things got worse and have been getting worse at a very alarming rate. There’s hardly any muscle in his arm, it hangs limp at his side and he can’t use it at all. If anyone has any advice please reply.

there is no scientific basis for any holistic/herbal/’natural’ therapies treating disease such as ALS, anything you hear is anecdotal and unproven, sometimes even dangerous.

Also, not sure what disc deterioration has to do with ALS, as it is the nerves, not the discs which are affected

ALS is incurable, but you haven’t mentioned if you’re seeing a doctor. If not, you really should…

medication can relieve the symptoms and help to some extent, but the disease is progressive, and at some point, there’s really not much that can be done

Edit: based entirely on what you’re saying, which is saying much less than your doctor can, since the disease is progressive, you’re probably seeing now the progressive deterioration. Because of degeneration of the motor neurons, most voluntary muscle movement is becoming impaired. Perhaps early on in the disease, when damage was very slight, massage stimulus helped alleviate the symptoms, but as damage progresses and the nerves degenerate and die, that really won’t help.

It’s really best to see a doctor if you haven’t.


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3 Responses to “Has anyone heard of any holisitc/natural medicine cures for Lou Gehrig’s disease or any other nerve disorders?”

  1. alexa says:

    I too, am a Massage Therapist, and my bf’s mother has ALS, I tried the manual therapy, and it’s not helping, I’d like to get some answers too.
    Bless you both, I KNOW how hard it is.

  2. sugars_that_heal says:

    Read the information on my page and also look at

    What you need is very simple and inexpensive.

  3. lecarz says:

    There are no proven facts as not many studies have been performed, but Chlorella and Spirulina are said to help with nerve disorders tremendously.
    These are algae that are grown in large ponds and packaged into pills. They are close to being considered a whole food as they have nearly all the nutrients our bodies need. Spirulina has anti cancer traits and chlorella binds to heavy metals in the body and effectively detoxifies the body.
    They are not that expensive, $6 for spirulina and $20 for Chlorella at GNC but think….if it helps at all that $26 was well worth it, though to get effects youd need to take continous large doses.
    Try searching online for Chlorella and Spirulina, you’ll find all you need to know about them, but here is a great site to start you on your research. I haven’t tried them yet but plan on trying it soon.
    Good luck! I hope he finds some relief! I had Cauda Equina Syndrome (very rare where the nerves become over inflamed and cause massive pain like intense frostbite and often paralyzes the toes and leaves the entire saddle area numb) I could not use the bathroom without a catheter or enema for a week, but luckily I recovered. I know how it is and I hope he can find some relief at least.

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