Government Control of Food

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This is the first part of evidence of food control and creation of food shortage. This part includes Codex Alimentarius and Chipping of all fish and animals (NAIS). The second part, I have not yet created, but plan to do so soon. For anyone not aware of weather modification, here are two website links of Bills: (The pages from above links have since been removed, but I’ll keep above links here in case the pages get put back up, but they were apparently removed because more people were becoming aware). Weather modification is also included in at least two military documents. One is titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier”, and the other one is called “Owning the Weather by 2025″. These can still be found on the web. The Codex Alimentarius part of this video is from a video entitled “Nutricide – Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs” which is over an hour long. I hope you watch the original which I severely edited in this clip due to it’s length. In the beginning of this (video you are now watching); Dr. Laibow is referring to president of IG Farbin. The Below is link and description to the Nutricide video: Link: Description: “The Codex Alimentarius is a threat to the freedom of people to choose natural healing and alternative medicine and nutrition. Ratified by the World Health Organization, and going into Law in the United States in 2009, the threat to health freedom has never been greater. This is the first part

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25 Responses to “Government Control of Food”

  1. bhstwo says:

    Hey whats up! I loved your channel!
    Its cool. Check out mine! Stay in touch. Hope you got my friend request! Maybe you can sub thanks This is for everybody that see this

  2. CmoreBuhts says:

    martial law is already in play, while ago

  3. mainestategop says:

    Proof that liberalism and fascism are the same.

  4. FromDimmuLand says:

    They are killing the trees to with the darn chemtrailing…
    I see it on the trees outside my apartment here..
    Birchtrees dont shed their needls in the fall… :(

  5. toddhawley says:

    Well, it’s finally boiled down to eating cat.

    And we wondered how china got there!

    Hooray Obama!

    Save the animals(‘cept the other white meat)-

  6. NOislamification says:

    WOW. i googled.. take note of very last sentence

  7. jbreezes says:

    thanks for watching and commenting. We need as many as possible aware of what’s going on so that they stop complying (especially with whatever lies the msm tell everyone).

  8. jbreezes says:

    The same is said of stripping food of nutrients via gmo and irradiation of food (Monsantos) and illegalizing of nutiritional supplements (Codex); and shortage of food (other than just wheat) via drought inducement and killing of livestock and fish with chemtrails and iron dumping, and so does manipulation of the economy and increased taxes making food unaffordable to more people. It’s all an agenda by the elite and enables them to implement Agenda 21.

  9. peacehome20 says:

    Just google wheat rust and you’ll see one of the biggest challenges facing humanity.

    Scientist are saying billions will die :(

  10. KnightmareNC says:

    Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner!

    Johnny Pardo, tell them what they’ve won!

    A fully paid one way trip to Camp Fema!


  11. ChrisBennett18 says:

    no if the republicans are on it to then they are just a democrat too also were is this “free” food who is paying for it like free health care who is paying for it no not the government the tax payers that why taxes are getting higher and higher because of all this free stuff nothing in life is free you get what you pay for

  12. jstoecker53 says:

    It’s not just the Democrats, the Republicans are in on it too.

  13. ChrisBennett18 says:

    its the democrates they want us all to die and they want us to get killed and we need less government and less waistful government spending also government is simmilar to being in a jail and or a communist place

  14. thenextdude says:

    This is full of twisted half truths, please lookup ( Ian R. Crane ) on youtube everybody this women and her ally Gen Albert Stubblebine “a psy-ops specialist” are lieing, thay are controlled oppersition, thay are bought pro-Codex Alimentarius agents, listen closely as she says thay have developed something like the codex but is “nicer” she has done alot of damage to the real anti-Codex Alimentarius educaters. Please spread the word that shes a fake trying to forward thier agenda. Peace

  15. nepdog111 says:

    stake is so good omg so is chicken

  16. rabbitsfoot1 says:

    you don’t have to stop eating meat because of the way our f’d up corporate farms “raise” their animals. buy it locally. all you’re doing by not eating meat is hurting your local economy. try looking down at the box and you start to see more than one way to f these morons.

  17. jbreezes says:

    Thank you. My comments section changing to approval required is getting annoying. Sorry about that, I didn’t choose to have to spend my time approving comments. I’ll check it out again.

  18. allymetoo says:

    board needs to be in Title-case, like that: Board dot html.
    Once you have the Page, scroll down.

  19. jbreezes says:

    I just finally checked out that site canadiansub. com slash board and it was a forbidden site.

  20. jbreezes says:

    Thanks. I haven’t eaten meat in 34 years because of the disrespect and cruelty in animals to produce it and for other reasons as well.

  21. nathippo says:

    I recently watched Meet Your Meat on YouTube … I now dont eat meat now ,,,, great vid xx

  22. jbreezes says:

    You’re so right, and also depopulating us with chemtrails, vaccinations, food chemicals and plans for concentration camps.

  23. BreakingTheMatrix says:

    I will starve before I become a slave!
    And this is all Henry Kissingers proposal for Food control. “He who controls the food, controls the people.” UN is in full support of his depopulation plans. Boycott UN and the Government (NWO)!

  24. jbreezes says:

    Thanks. I’ll check out some of your leads some time soon. Almost everyone has a hidden agenda.

  25. Ian says:

    I will starve before I become a slave!
    And this is all Henry Kissingers proposal for Food control. “He who controls the food, controls the people.” UN is in full support of his depopulation plans. Boycott UN and the Government (NWO)!

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