For All Of You Parents Whose Children Sleep With Them?

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I have a 6 year old who has been sleeping with me since birth. I know that there are alot of people who “frown” upon it, but for us, it just seems right. Daddy is in the Special Forces and gone about 85% of the year. It’s just as comforting for her as it is for me. It still amazes me that between Jerry and I and God, we created this perfect, beautiful little girl. Sometimes in the middle of the night I’ll watch her and she’ll smile or giggle in her sleep and I can’t help but to giggle myself. Our daughter is very emotionally stable. She doesn’t have any separation anxiety and is a kind, loving, and nuturing child. When Daddy comes home, he enjoys having her close to us as well. We still have Daddy and Mommy time and when that happens, our daughter is more than happy to stay with her grandparents who have basically helped me raise her. I’m sure the time will come when she’ll want to sleep in her room, but right now I’ll enjoy what we have. Kids grow up to fast anymore as it is. I hope this post will help calm fears of the parents who keep hearing how “bad” it is to allow your children to sleep with you.

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16 Responses to “For All Of You Parents Whose Children Sleep With Them?”

  1. jennther says:

    I let my sweet little prince sleep with me sometimes after a long week at work, and I didn’t have much time to spend with him. I feel like we are spending quality time together even if we are sleeping. I hold his hand, and I watch him sleep, they are so sweet when they are sleeping. Sometimes in the middle of the night he will hug and kiss me and tell me he loves me. Isn’t that what having children is all about. Do what works for you and don’t listen to anybody else. It’s your child and you brought that child into this world and as long as you don’t abuse your child eveybody else should mind their own business. Isn’t it funny how people who don’t have any children have all the answers? Ha tell them all to go **** themselves LOL People really have no idea until they become a parent themselves. What works for one child doesn’t always work for another.

  2. tcdrtw says:

    This isn’t really a question, but I’ll comment.
    Ok. That first answer is downright disgusting.
    In other countries, co-sleeping is the norm. In the US, it is the exception rather than the rule. This is an individual family’s choice. There is no right or wrong on this one.
    There is nothing sexual about this, so I don’t know what that first person’s problem is. Ignorance maybe.

  3. momie_2b says:

    I have a 7 year old that sleeps with me and my husband! Here is the bad part, I’m 5 months pregnant so I have got to end this or plan on getting a bigger bed LOL
    Good Luck

  4. DevilsAd says:

    Our son slept with us when I breastfed (until he was 8 months). My husband was always worried about him sleeping in the bed with us. So we started putting him in his crib. When he’d wake up in the middle of the night I would bring him back in bed with us (wasn’t too often). The funny thing, my HUSBAND started to miss having him in the bed with us!! He used to sleep next to me and the side of the bed (we had a rail) now he sleeps in the middle. My husband was always afraid he’d roll on him because he’s such a deep sleeper. He’s discovered that you are aware of the baby, regardless of how deep you sleep. We love the bonding. Wouldn’t change a thing, well, maybe a bigger bed. He’s two now and a BED HOG!!
    We don’t discuss it with others because, like you said, people frown upon it and, of course, have to tell you their opinions.
    I must not have a sick and twisted mind like some others. I didn’t take Daddy “enjoying” sleeping with her as dirty. I read it, as some others (obviously the ones WITH children), as a boding experience!!
    “Opinions are like a$$holes. Everyone’s got them and they all stink!!”, says my father, who let us sleep with him and my mom on the weekends (he worked nights) and we turned out fine!!!!!

  5. Desert Rose says:

    No it’s not bad for them. My son did the same thing till he was 7yrs old, but he used to have terrible nightmares etc., and we were going through a pretty traumatic time, his father stalked us for many years. My son is very stable, I was told by a counsellor, considering the trauma we had been through, and he needed to know he was safe so the nightmares stopped and it was my bed or on the floor near me nearly every night for 7 years, even though he had his own bed. My now husband, knew us while we were going through all the trauma and started to help my son to trust men again and to get him to sleep by himself with lot’s of encouragement, by just being there and being a normal everyday bloke and making my son feel safe again. And then my daughter came into the world, and my son was so excited, and then I set up a bed in her room with her cot, and they slept in that room.

  6. Her Majesty says:

    Thanks. That really helps. I think it is more common than people think or will admit.

  7. coolbean says:

    My children sleep with me FROM TIME TO TIME and under NO circumstances should your child be in BED with your husband…what are you thinking? You are fooling yourself right from the get-go and what’s worse is that you are teaching your daughter this is acceptable behavior. ..let your daughter have her own room own bed and own privacy and tell your daughter she cannot sleep with daddy…you said he likes it…I bet he does. But the real wonder is…how come it’s ok by you? things that make you go hummm?

  8. If its not broken don’t fix it. That’s great that it works out so well for you. My son sleeps in his own room for the most part but like you my husband is gone like 90% of the time so when my son is sick or lonely I gladly let him sleep with me.

  9. Toni_bus says:

    Sounds more like “you” are the one that needs the comforting than your daughter. How long are you going to let this arrangement go on? Your daughter is at an age that she needs to start gaining her independence and sleeping with you (and your husband) IS NOT as healthy for her as you may think. Take your blinders off and let her grow. A test of how “secure” she really is would be to put her in her own bed for the night. It is doubtful that she would be able to sleep by herself. You are doing your daughter an injustice….leave her alone and let her grow.

  10. Some people are so opiniated and jump at the chance to put their two cents worth( worth not a damn ) down and suggest disgusting things, so much so that they fail to really comprehend the question in the first place. Reading on the answers will tell one that they have a warped mind to begin with. For the rest of parents whose child/children still sleep with them, more power to you!

  11. juniemoo says:

    Thanks for the post. Can I ask how long you intend to continue letting her sleep with you and your husband? Would it be more intrusive if your husband were not gone all of the time? I’ve been wondering a lot about “family beds” because my 13-year-old niece still likes to sleep in her mom’s bed, which I think shows that she has some anxiety or psychological issues she needs to be dealing with. There is something very loving and natural about sleeping with your child. But I think you also need to be careful to foster her healthy development as an independent person. So, how do you determine she has reached the point in her development where she can and should sleep apart from the marriage bed? When she enters puberty? I mean this with no sarcasm. Because if you as the adult can not see that she needs to be in her own space for her psychological development, then why do you assume she will see it? Some children are naturally more independent than others and would say they want their space. That doesn’t mean your daughter will. I wish your family continued blessings and happiness.

  12. lisa_ark says:

    i think it is fine to have your kids sleep with you for awhile, but to be with your husband when he is home to share relations could get difficlut and hard to explain to her why you want her to stay in her own bed while you do your thing lol but i don’t think it hurts them if any thing in your instance when your husband is gone most of the time and your scared for him is would be comforting to her to know you are there close

  13. Princess Peach says:

    There is nothing wrong with sleeping with your child But my little sister slept with my mom for a long time and she hasn’t slept in there for 2 years but every night she screams and wants to sleep with my mom. I hope everything works out and Good Luck.

  14. kayle_ro says:

    My best friend is a single mom, she still let’s her 11-year old son sleep with her and her nine-year old daughter. Each of the kids have their own rooms and own beds, they just don’t use them. She tries to get him to sleep in his own bed, but he won’t. And he is starting to play with himself a little bit. It is really disturbing and she wants to stop it, but doesn’t want to listen to the kids through a fit. I would stop it now if I were you.

  15. lootrev says:

    Hi, I’m sorry but i strongly disagree….A good friend of mine sleeps in her daughters bed whom is 7 and recently she went for a sleep over at a friends house for the first time and was shocked to see that her mum and dad have their own bed and her friend has to be on her own, she now never wants to sleep over anywhere again as she thinks its abnormal for parents to sleep together without their kiddy’s with them….bad move luv make the break now. P.S Make it a special thing between you both maybe Sunday mornings let her jump in with you and have a cuddle then!

  16. heather1 says:

    Firstly, Am I the ONLY one who read the sick twist in the first answer about “I bet he does” like the little girl sleeping in the bed? That is so wrong.
    Second- if you are sleep sharing as a form of bonding, it can actually be detrimental to your childs development. Children who want to sleep with parents often do so as a result of lacking bonding throughout the day. Your child needs to be independant, and if your husband is gone 85% of the time, for the sake of your marriage I would keep your attention on him durning bedtime and let your daugther sleep in her own bed at those times. Anyway, that’s my take on it. For whatever it’s worth.

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