Does Anyone Suffer From Insomnia And If So What Has Helped You?

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I suffer from Insomnia, from as early as I can remember. I have tried alot of things like relaxation, not getting on the internet before bed time, reading a boring book, etc. I use Tylenol PM, (2) every night in order to get a good nights rest, even though I know that it is harmful to my liver. I have taken them for the past 4 years now. I am looking for other alternatives, herbal, home remedies, anything that will help with this problem. Thanks in advance!

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15 Responses to “Does Anyone Suffer From Insomnia And If So What Has Helped You?”

  1. For one I would highly recommend seeing your doctor about the medication. It is very damaging to your liver with prolonged use. Ask your doc to get you off them with any other means.
    In Oriental Medicine, insomnia can be caused by a number of things. It could be that you either have too much going through your mind and you find it hard to shut off, or it could be a nutritional thing that is stimulating your stomach energy.
    Either way, your body is out of balance. If you can get yourself to an Acupuncturist or a good Shiatsu therapist they should not only be able to help physically with re-balancing things, but also be able to recommend lifestyle changes to help bring you back to balance.
    I wish I could help but without further information and seeing you personally I would not be able to make a diagnosis. I have successfully treated many people with Insomnia, not one person has had te same treatment plan however.
    Some good natural remedies that can help include:
    * Warm milk and nutmeg about 20 minutes before going to bed
    * A brisk walk and 10 minute cool down with stretches before going to bed
    *Keeping yourself more active throughout te day so your body actually ‘craves’ rest.
    * Brething and Yoga stretches for the lmphatic system
    * Avoid stimulants after 7pm (coffee, most tea, sugar)
    In the end, insomnia is not just a condition that can be fixed with a drug or herb, it is a result of an un-balanced lifestyle, so the way to fix it is changing something with the cause, not the effect.
    Hope this helps, please let me know how you go

  2. emeraldk says:

    Melatonin is awesome! Inexpensive too!

  3. conster monster x3 says:

    Lunesta, Ambien, or other sleep aids may help. If you don’t want prescriptions, eating a lot can make you sleepy. Don’t drink caffeinated drinks and don’t have much sugar. Milk helps at night. Tylenol PM is a bad idea. Melatonin is good, too.

  4. elfrelim says:

    could be geopathic stress. check out I’m sure they will help

  5. christy says:

    ever tried melatonin? Check this site for details:

  6. jEzRa says:

    Have you tried having warm milk before going to bed? it helps. Try not to drink coffee or any caffeine drinks before going to bed and try to empty your mind before going to bed just think of relatively calm sleep. hope it helps.

  7. beek says:

    Exercise early helps your system to get fired up early so if you are a slow morning person do some exesise or something. Make sure you don’t get too much sleep. Be careful what you eat and drink after supper.

  8. norman77 says:

    I do and so far, nothing has helped me. The doctor gave me a prescription for a drug and it worked but I became addicted to it so he gave me another prescription at half the rate and it worked but after I ran out, I continued to have insomnia.. So.. now I am taking an over the counter pill from Walmart called Equate sleep eeze… I still do not know what I am going to do about my insomnia

  9. Battlera says:

    Get out, and pound the pavement. Jogging, or any other strenuous activity will help you go to sleep. Remember, do any physical activity at least one hour prior to bedtime. If you will achieve your heart target rate, over time, you will also loose weight. I did it and lost over 20lbs, and gained a full eight hours rest! Peace!

  10. cindy_ce says:

    I have a TV in the bedroom. I watch a video tape of a movie I watched a dozen times. I still like watching it, but I am so comfortable with it, that I just doze off while watching it, and then I am sleeping like a baby.
    When the tape ends, it shuts off automatically so, no need to wake up to turn it of.

  11. blondeco says:

    try to watch tv.. it probably wont work bc insomnia is more then just i cant fall asleep
    but try watching CNN or something really boring
    usually try to clear your head
    count sheep
    play a story out in your head…a dream like a day dream
    dry to drink warm milk to help a little
    definitly dont take the tylenol anymore
    thats just really bad for you
    if you wake up really often dont look at the clock …cover it
    it can distract you
    read a book
    your probably tried all these but whatever
    use incents or soemthign thatll make you dreary and sluggish
    just try out different ways to fall asleep
    your body is going to get adjusted and build a tolerance to the tylenol and your gona take more and more and soon enough … well it cant be good
    good night
    sleep tight
    … go to your doctor jeez.. 4 years…hell give you sleep medicine

  12. blonde says:

    i would say…lets start over…Tylenol PM may have helped initially, but on a nightly basis, your body would become used to its effects. (also I would have to say, unless you are downing multiple doses of other Tylenol products on a daily basis, it would not be harmful to your liver..just needed to throw that out)..My suggestions…Relaxation techniques are a great place to start…eliminating caffeine, or at least past 3pm or so. Make the place you officially “sleep” your sanctuary..If you are a student…don’t study there…If you bring home work, don”t work there….many experts reccommend no TV there, etc…My husband finds TV on helpful to fall asleep, and it does not prohibit me, but if it does so….then eliminate the factor….bedroom only for sleeping…Other things that have helped me are nice relaxing baths, reading, and if all else fails…lie in the dark and think of something really monotonous…I have a couple of memorized poems, movie excerpts, etc. that i can start ‘reciting’ in my head until I just wear out…(yes…I’ve had long time issues with insomnia too!) I’ve been able to help myself so far with my own self help issues (and occasional Benadryl)..but there are also RX meds that are safe and OK for short term use if necessary…I am also a pharmacist…Talk to your MD if treating yourself has not helped…I recommend trying all non-medicated remedies first, but don’t feel bad if you need RX help…it’s what it is there for.

  13. scenegea says:

    Try melatonin, but the most helpful thing, would be to CLEAR YOUR MIND before bed time.
    Try listening to a rain (or other soothing sounds) CD,and relaxation/meditation, while listening to the CD in a totally dark comfortable room.
    Good Luck!
    Gotta get off that Tylenol PM

  14. logicaln says:

    take a bath with lavander sented soaps and whatnot. or do what i do…
    breath in slowly for ten seconds hold it for 5 seconds then let it out slowly for 5 seconds and repeat it works for me…really relaxes you

  15. unicorng says:

    Lavender Oil is great. Rub some on your temples,a few drops on your pillow each side. Close your eyes and very slowly in your mind try the following. Working from Head down to your toes tell yourself relax the head relax the head and feel it getting heavier into your pillow, then relax the ears, relax the eyes relax the nose and so on. Do this really slowly and i bet you dont get to your toe nails.

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