Does Anyone Not Like Johnsons Baby Products?

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For my son’s baby shower we received a ton of Johnsons lotions and baby washes. I know that they are the tried and true standard for baby products, but I don’t really like them. The smell of the lotion bugs be, and they don’t seem to work well for my son’s skin. The lotion seems to be more drying than moisturizing, as well as the baby wash. We started using Aveeno baby, which has worked really well for him.
Does anyone feel the same, or does anyone swear by Johnsons? Why or why not? Thanks!

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13 Responses to “Does Anyone Not Like Johnsons Baby Products?”

  1. Dianna H says:

    I never like Johnson’s. I always used Huggies and Grins and Giggles (Which I can’t find hardly anywhere anymore!) I stand by Huggies products, even their diaper rash cream got rid of a rash as fast as Destin or Balmex. The Boudreaux Butt Paste did nothing for him.

  2. pumpkin1 says:

    I love Baby Magic the way it smells and all I can’t stand the Johnson’s stuff and I like you got a bunch given to me when my baby was born so I gave it to a local charity so it could go to someone who would use it. I have always used Baby Magic products but I have also tried and liked the Aveeno Baby products also.

  3. elizabet says:

    I love the way they smell, but I’ve read from several sources that babies don’t really need the lotions and stuff (because it could dry out their skin like you said).

  4. Yummy Canadian Mummy says:

    I also like the aveno better. It makes my DD’s skin softer and I prefer that it’s unscented. Just bought her the baby aveno SPF 55 sunblock. Her skin is so soft from it!
    If you really don’t like it, don’t use it! Donate to a local women’s shelter.

  5. Pettitte Fan says:

    We started out using Johnsons…the only one I couldn’t stand is the lavender lotion…after the regular baby lotion, we switched to a cocoa butter wash and lotion, which smelled awesome. My son started getting really dry skin, so we switched to Aveeno Baby (which is made by Johnsons anyways!), and have been using those ever since.

  6. Courtney R says:

    Baby Magic!!! I swear by it. I have a 4 month old and thats all I use and his skin is soft and supple. Its not that expensive and has a great smell. Give it a try.

  7. Jamie S says:

    I started out using Johnsons on both my sons and each of them had a reaction to it. You’ld think I would have been smart enough not to try it again on #2 but the scents got me. We use aveeno and their skin is softer and clearer. I do use the bedtime bath with my 2 year old but thats about it.l

  8. lillilou says:

    I like Aveeno too, and am also very picky on scents, and cant stand that yellow lotion they always put in the Clinique bonus buy bag.

  9. ava1 says:

    They defiantly dominate the market. My mom told me that the news said one of the major brand baby care product ingredients have been linked to reproductive problems from a study they had because of the high concentration found in urine of the babies. My husband bought some Burt bee’s baby product and thinking its natural but some say 97% hum? I am going to go to a local store and get some organic soap. I know you can’t protect your children from everything but why do we have to settle for the same old thing with stinky chemicals that dry them out.

  10. ProudMom says:

    i changed to huggies aloe and cucumber i think it is .. but just because i liked the smell better lol..

  11. proudmom says:

    theres a brand of baby products called ” my lil angel” or sumthing like that and i think those smell the best and the lotion works good. plus, its more on the cheap side as far as money goes!! but really, i do use johnsons alot! i have no complaints about it!!

  12. tamklue2 says:

    I use Johnsons’ on my two older kids, but not my newborn. I use Huggies brand with Shea Butter for him becasue he’s only 9 days old and his skin is still super dry. When he’s a little older, I’ll probably start using Johnson’s on him. Aveeno is too expensive! I use Aveeno diaper rash cream, but that’s it. Huggies works just as well and it’s not as pricy.

  13. Bron Webster says:

    Don’t use it – they put stuff in it to dry your babies skin out so that you will use more. You need to look for baby products that don’t contain sodium laurel sulphate as it is really bad for baby and children’s skin.

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