Does Anybody Know, Any Medicine For Constipation , Which Does Not Create Dependency?

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As far as i know senna creates dependency
psyllium , lactulose , milk of magnezia they are to weak
I tried so far normacol , fybogel metamucil , regulan , none of them worked
the best remedy was a chinese tea calles sanye anti adipose tea but once i stopped it my bowel movement was lazy again
do i have any other alternative for senna without dependency?

Psyllium husk should work but you have to persevere and take it religiously. You also have to make sure you drink enough water as psyllium works by keeping stools moist. So drink lots of filtered water and/or herbal teas. You could try aloe vera juice [or aloe vera capsules] as well. Prune juice is good also for constipation. I would also drink fennel tea after meals to help the digestion. A mug of hot herbal tea or hot water first thing in the morning often opens up the bowels.
Avoid tea and coffee…they are constipating. And make sure you eat lots of vegetables and fruit rich in fibre. Eat baked potatoes with their skins. Eat lots of raw carrots and celery. Avoid greasy foods. Add oily fish to your diet and nuts.
If it persists ….perhaps you should see your doctor.
Best wishes.

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10 Responses to “Does Anybody Know, Any Medicine For Constipation , Which Does Not Create Dependency?”

  1. LQO00321 says:

    The cause of constipation should be addressed in order to cure the situation. Temporarily I can suggest a pure form of natural magnesium. The type of magnesium makes a huge difference.
    There is a product called: Natural Calm. It has a form of magnesium which is very effective to loose the bowels. My 85 year old grandma was suffering with constipation, and this helped her with a few days.
    However, if you’d like to eliminate the cause of the constipation, we need to talk further. Feel free to e mail me.

  2. Qurtuba says:

    My mother swears by movicol, there is no senna in it. Can get on prescription here in the uk. However you really need to find out the cause of the constipation. Is it lake of fibre and water, or a side effect of medications? or something else. Any change in bowel habit should be investigated, so if this is new to you get checked over. Mine was caused by anti depressants.( No amount of fibre helped!) Mine has resolved now i am off them.
    Make sure you drink, 2 litres of water a day. Fibre, fibre fibre (I am sure you know all this!). Try prunes on a high fibre cereal, bananas are good (though a lot of people think they are low fibre), greens,sweetcorn, peas, lentils, kidney beans etc. Exercise is also important.

  3. Kiwi-pie says:

    Any and all medicines for constipation (laxatives) are dangerous and unneccessary. Avoid them like the plague! Use Kellogg’s All Bran cereal. Non habit forming and effective. Soya milk also effective. Down a litre of that (sweetened to make it palatable) and you’ll head for the crapper post-haste.

  4. Big Willy says:

    Try to eat high fiber foods – bran, wholemeal everything, fruit and veg.
    Most importantly drink lots of water – about 2 liters a day – and make sure you get some exercise, even if it’s only a walk after dinner.
    If all of the above fails, take a teaspoon of molasses in warm water every morning and night (start with just a little and build up to a teaspoon).
    I hope the above helps. It’s so much better to avoid drugs if you can…

  5. Debbie says:

    There is one ancient Indian home remedy which can really help and its damn simple and safe! Buy a Copper utensil or water jug.Everynight before going to bed fill it up with water.And in morning as soon as you get up before even brushing ur teeth drink that water until ur stomach feels full.It would improve your stomach related problems,constipation etc and also boost ur metabolism.Do it daily-no harm doing.
    you can also take one or two softer meals daily like porridge which r soft on stomach

  6. Silver Lining says:

    Go Daily from this website is absolutely brilliant and works much better than any of the products you have listed. In addition they also do an oxygene colon cleanser called Oxy which does not have any laxative content but really moves your bowels. If you take both the fibre and the Oxy (at night on an empty stomach – starting with three capsules and gradually increasing) you should empty your bowels in the am.

  7. rich t says:

    Daniela, have you thought about taking a warm water enema, it’s quick, simple, and you’ll feel better within minutes.

  8. soisitok says:

    You may think I am joking but for me it is having a McDonalds. I don’t think I’ve ever had one and not had to go to the loo an hour later!!!

  9. Alana C says:

    try eating papaya

  10. LillyB says:

    There is a great digestive product which uses Psyllium Husk and other natural products including probiotics. I`m in the UK and it has helped me a great deal with general digestive problems due to my job, I found it here…
    My comments are on the above website stating how it has helped me.

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