Do You Know the Truth about Chemical Skin Care Damage?

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Skin care products have numerous chemicals included as ingredients, and many of these are less safe than we might think. Isopropyl alcohol is one of the most often used compounds. This is an irritant, and it makes the skin extremely dry. Manufacturers add this to their formulas even though it creates a lot of skin damage. Any time your skin is dried to this degree it is easy for bacterial, fungal or viral infections to appear.

Propylene products are petroleum derivatives and can encourage discoloring and aging of the skin. Many skin treatments also have dyes and colorants among their list of ingredients. C, D and F are dyes that have been extracted from coal tar. These create irritation of the skin and exacerbate the issues for those with sensitive skin problems.

Many of the formulas for skin care products also contain mineral oil. This ingredient may add certain smoothness to the skin temporarily, but at a very great cost. Mineral oil adheres to the skin and blocks cellular respiration. Toxins cannot be excreted and oxygen cannot reach the cells. This petroleum product literally smothers your skin and completely clogs the pores. Once this substance is on the surface of your skin the cells are unable to regenerate properly and this can lead to acne and signs of premature aging.

Petrolatum is another of the petroleum by-products and is heavily used by the skin care industry because it is cheap and readily available. One reason that many people are using formulas and creams that contain these dangerous compounds is that the long, scientific names for each of them render them nearly unrecognizable. An ordinary person scanning the ingredients list on many of the so called “natural skin care”.

Perhaps if we were all well trained dermatologists and skin specialists we would know how to handle these types of issues. This type of training might also keep us out of the sun. By now almost everyone has seen the brown, creased skin that many sunbathers are dealing with. It is important to know that skin damage to a doctor means wrinkles, premature aging, skin cancers, dermatological problems and a lowered response to infection threats. All of these concerns are escalating throughout the country as more and more patients flock to their dermatologist’s offices.

To protect your skin from the sun and other elements skin care products are necessary, but there are lots of preparations that are only increasing the damage to your skin. Some of the most expensive lotions, face creams and skin toners only speed the development of blemishes, wrinkles and age spots. It is crucial that you use safe, effective products that will not damage and destroy your delicate skin tissue.

Reaching for all of those chemically laden products may in and of itself counter what you are trying to do for your skin and may actually cause it to prematurely age along with the possible problems listed above. Instead it is highly recommended that you perform careful research on the names of various ‘supposedly natural products’ that are touted as being thoroughly safe to use on your skin. Because natural organic alternatives are indeed available, that means that you the consumer have to vote with your dollars.

The important fact to remember is that skin products with toxic elements must be eliminated and replaced with those that are made from completely natural and safe ingredients. These types of products will list organic herbs, essential oils and other botanical ingredients on their labels. Using these truly natural skin care preparations will prevent premature aging and protect your skin against the other worrisome skin problems that are continuing to increase among today’s population.

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