Do You Have To Permanently Take Natural Thyroid?

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I am 20 years old and have mild hypothyroidism. I am not keen on medication, but it’s gotten to the point where it is affecting my health. I don’t want to be on medication for life (synthroid, levo ect). I was browsing at the health store and came accross a “raw thyroid” from bovine. I kind of want to try this, but can you get on and off it or have to stay on it once you are on?

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6 Responses to “Do You Have To Permanently Take Natural Thyroid?”

  1. dr. T says:

    Frank is mostly right…
    When the issue is directly that either the pituitary or thyroid gland does not function optimally (ie: not CREATING enough hormone) then you’ll have to be on the meds (natural or otherwise) for life.
    However, with mild hypothyroidism the problem sometimes isnt the thyroid itself. (Or the pituitary, obviously.) Thyroid hormones need to be activated, and then they also require Vitamin A and Cortisol in order to act. Sometimes there’s an underlying issue with the conversion or with the co-factors that causes the problem. In such cases, you can correct the underlying problem (which is not a simple or quick process, I must warn you). As you correct the underlying problem, you’ll be able to wean off the meds.
    As a last note… there’s still debate out there as to whether the “raw bovine thyroid” could potentially be a vehicle to transmit BSE (or “mad cow disease.”) Until this is clearly ruled out, I would recommend sticking with the porcine (pig) thyroid options.

  2. Misaki says:

    I had thyroid problems and I also wanted to avoid medication – I must say I am not a doctor. I found a product that is 100% natural. I don’t know exactly what are the ingredients but I know there is ginger, nori (Japanese seaweed) and stuff like that (there is also some “bovine” ingredients). You can check it here if you want:…
    Good luck!

  3. Scuba Steve JW says:

    It’s not that thyroid problems are genetic but rather that you may suffer from the same iodine deficiency as your ancesters especially if you live in an iodine deficient part of the country [or world] & or eat the same diet that they did.
    PLEASE get and read the book, “Iodine, Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It”
    Read some testimonials here…
    Also supplementing with Indium sulfate may help…
    My wife and I use the 1oz spray found here
    I think that indium sulfate is the reason that I have gone almost a year now without getting bronchitis which I always got once or twice a year since I was a teenager and I’m 62 now.
    Note : Iodine supplements like Iodoral work best when taken with Vitamin C. Some persons may also need to take B vitamins as well and possibly selenium. Get the book and read it.

  4. rickyout says:

    I would see a nutritionist that can give you whole food supplements that can build up the gland, or the glands creating the problem. Glands work together and if one is unbalanced it can effect the other.
    Giving your body raw thyroid may not help if another gland is creating the problem.
    Have it checked out.

  5. frank says:

    Hypo or hyperthyroidism is genetic and you do have to take the pills for life. If not, it could lead to serious health problems, overweight and fatigue. Blood work will also be required once a year to regulate the dosage.

  6. Queenie says:

    This questions depends on your thyroid complications if it really needs a massive treatment or just sowing down to make it stable and won’t get worst. The course of treatment depends on you and your body’s mechanism of action as well. But expectedly people who have thyroid problems easily get stick with the natural remedy and is possible submit themselves for professional check up which indeed a good sign that they are truly valuing their health.

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