Do You Believe In Natural Healing Alternatives Like Aroma Therapy, Herbal Teas And Meditation?

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Do you think they can have real health benifits?

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11 Responses to “Do You Believe In Natural Healing Alternatives Like Aroma Therapy, Herbal Teas And Meditation?”

  1. lo_mcg says:

    I think seeing an alternative practitioner, and getting the time and undivided attention you pay for and the opportunity to talk about yourself and your problem(s) can make you feel more relaxed, and happy that someone is taking you seriously, and all that makes you feel better.
    Similarly treating yourself to aromatherapy baths etc makes you feel more relaxed and less stressed. So does meditation.
    And for very minor ailments, sometimes teas and other natural ‘treatments’ can make you feel better, and are in any case harmless
    But I’m strongly against advocating alternative ‘healing’ for genuine illnesses. In this context alternative is another word for unproven. If any alternative medicine had been proven to work, it would no longer be alternative medicine, it would just be medicine.
    I use the YA Cancer forum a lot, and every day people with no experience or knowledge of cancer post advising terrified, desperate and highly vulnerable people to abandon conventional treatment and go with untested, unproven, ineffective and sometimes dangerous alternatives.
    People who fear for their lives are advised to rely on herbs, juices, water (!), apricot kernels, shark cartilage, cottage cheese, restrictive diets, teas, vitamin C. hydrogen peroxide, electrical devices, mistletoe and other hocus pocus.
    I am deeply concerned that there are people who might decide to abandon treatment that would give them a chance of cure or remission and invest money, hope and – most dangerous of all – time on these ineffective ‘treatments’.
    I was actually something of an alternatives enthusiast myself until I got cancer and did an enormous amount of research into possible alternatives and discovered the ruthless charlatanism of the muti-million pound ‘alternative cancer industry’ and that anyone with any understanding of the biology of cancer couldn’t possibly believe in such rubbish.

  2. No, although some may make you feel temporarily refreshed, or better, there are no proven long term benefits of any of these things.
    Think about it- aromatherapy – smelling stuff (when did you hear that smelling stuff makes you healthier?)
    Herbal tea – flavoured hot water
    Meditation – sitting and relaxing. Some say it helps them cope with stress, but then some say going for a jog is 20x times better as you are actually doing something useful.

  3. nathania says:

    yes i do and yes they do!


    I sure do! In my family we are strong believers of alternative medicine, though you must be very well informed as to what to take for whatever it is you have, it has always worked for us, for instance, my dad suffered emotional diabetes for a long time, taking pills every day until he started reading about herbal teas used in china to reduce the sugar levels of such illness and in a matter of time, he noticed that this was actually true, today he doesn’t take any pills, lives a relaxing life, stress-free, and cares for his mind and body.

  5. charge says:

    ** Most definately

  6. olivegal says:

    I believe that meditation DEFINITELY has health benefits of performed regularly (though it won’t “cure” any diseases). I think it can help a lot to prevent stress-related illnesses.
    I think aroma therapy and herbal teas can help with things like mild insomnia.
    The kinds of herbs that can be actually used as medicines (e.g. healing wounds, curing disease) do exist, but are not found in suburban health shops. These are medicines used, for example, by people with expertise who live in the Amazon, and other communities who have retained their traditional medicinal knowledge.

  7. jilliann says:

    I think we all need a bit of balance in our lives-and meditation could be a good way to start. Many studies show herbs have medicinal effects-people should understand these before randomly taking them. In general herb teas may be better than tea and coffee. With aroma therapy the effect is probably individual-if it makes you feel good-then it is probably doing you good.

  8. big nickel says:

    Most definitely roots and herbs have been around since time began and man has made use of them since walking upright I have some good books about herbal remedies and North American Natives healing agents

  9. vimesfan says:

    Not at all.
    It has been proven that they have no more effect than a placebo.
    Real medicine does not do that.

  10. minx says:

    Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants ~ and some animal extracts ~ for psychological and physical wellbeing. It is a holistic practice that incorporates mnd, body, pleasure and healing and has been used for centuries throughout the world to treat conditions ranging from minor physical blemishes to near fatal illnesses.
    The essential oils derived from the leaves, petals, bark and roots of plants are highly concentrated essences and contain powerful vitamins and enzymes …….. because they are so concentrated, they are used only in tiny doses and work best when diluted ie ~ bath water, humidifier, inhaled from a bottle or combined with other oils and sometimes applied directly to the skin ……….. i most definitely do believe in the physical and mental healing power of essential oils.
    you should never take essential oils internally. some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy as well as by people with asthma, epilepsy or other medical health conditions also. Check with a naturopath or a nutritionally oriented physician about the safety of each ingredient before using any essential oil …….. also keep essential oils away from children as even in small amounts many oils may be toxic?
    Herbal medicine has been the most widely used form of medicine for thousands of years and recognized as today’s leading trend in self care. Herbal medicine is rooted in the same theory as establishment pharmacology. In fact, nearly 50 percent of all drugs commonly used and prescribed are either derived from a plant source or contain chemical imitations of a plant compound. ……….. With the herbal remedies you don’t get the harmful chemical compounds that allopathic medicines are composed of and you are aiming to heal from the source rather than to bandaid the problem ………. that being said, never try any herbal remedy without knowing what it does, how it should be prepared and taken, what cautions should be observed and what possible side affects it may have ? i don’t know about you, but i’d much rather brew up some organic loose leaf peppermint tea to resolve indigestion or a nasty headache than pump myself full of the latest “miracle headache cure”?
    Meditation teaches us to quieten our mind and wandering thoughts ………… to gain a mind free of negative thoughts & stress ……….. you bet your boots i believe in that one too hun ?

  11. There are studies to prove the benefits of these modalities. Aroma therapy works well, I have used essential oils for years with great success. My children were all raised using lavendar to help sleep. Herbal teas/medicines are phenominal! I took an Herbal Pharmocology class and learned alot. A high percentage of pharmaceuticals originate from herbs. Foxglove is an herb, found in Digoxin which is used to treat heart problems, aspirin comes from a plant, even an anti-leukemic drug (chemo) is made from the Madagascan Periwinkle, which is a plant. I have helped many people using herbal remedies made in my home. Meditation has been studied randomly and there is documentation on it, decreasing blood pressure and simply easing the body. Try these things, they are wonderful!

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