Do Bio-magnets Really Aid Our Body’s Natural Healing Process Or Is It Just Another Gimmick To Part People’s $?

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It is said 550 gauss per magnets are essential in every magnetic cushion or mattress.
Negative ions are suppose to promote the reduction of bad cholesterol build up.
Athletes in many countries are said to be using such methods to improve recovery process in faster times, whether be it from injury, soreness or mere fatigue.
Anyone who has tried them could step forward and give some helping insights. Thanks a lot. =)

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6 Responses to “Do Bio-magnets Really Aid Our Body’s Natural Healing Process Or Is It Just Another Gimmick To Part People’s $?”

  1. Survivor says:

    Bio Magnetics, treatment for the human body using magnetic therapy, was first recorded by the Chinese in circa 3000 BC. It is found in most civilizations throughout human history around the world. BioMagnets have been found to help relieve Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, Toothache, Headache, Backache, Arthritis, knee, (or other joint) injuries, sore or knotted muscles.
    By using a proper magnetic field, the electrical condition of the specific problem area of the body can be manipulated into a healing attitude. Forcing the electro-bio-chemical activity of the cells to assume a high-energy, healthy circuiting, Biomagnetics can help the body return to proper health known as Homeostasis.
    Most manufacturers advertise their magnets’ internal gauss ratings instead of their surface gauss ratings. However, the actual gauss at the skin’s surface is much lower than the internal gauss rating. So, in our example above, a magnet rated at 45,000 internal gauss may have a surface strength of only 2,200 gauss.
    The penetration of a biomagnet’s field is dependent on both its gauss and size: Length, width, and depth. So, the field penetration of a small biomagnet with a high gauss rating may equal that of a much larger magnet with a low gauss rating. The earth’s ½ gauss field extends far because of the earth’s large size.
    More power = more energy = more depth of penetration.
    For more info click the links below.
    That’s My Best Answer! Hope it can help!

  2. There is no proof that they have any beneficial effect. There is some concern that strong electrical currents may cause cancer, so I would be careful with this kind of therapy.

  3. mr.answe says:

    Magnets do not cause ions either positive or negative.

  4. foogill says:

    They’re a scam, save your money.

  5. skep-doc says:

    Gimmick, scam, take your pic. There is no scientific evidence that magnets do anything other than makek the seller rich.
    People are gullible.

  6. sad tad says:

    i have not tried this myself…but i am in massage school and my teachers and others have said that is works great. there are so many different kinds of magnets that you can use. there is a pad you can use for your mattress….there are wrist ones…there are ones that go on like band aids that you can place anywhere on your body…there are also ones for your neck, knees and back. they also sell magnets for water…my teacher said they did taste tests and they could tell the difference! i am interested in trying them out myself! GOOD LUCK!

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