Dangers of Statin Drugs

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www.iHealthTube.com Robert Kowalski on why statin drugs are harmful because they limit enzyme production and cause pain. Watch more at www.iHealthTube.com Twitter twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Myspace: profile.myspace.com

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13 Responses to “Dangers of Statin Drugs”

  1. rkcannon says:

    Why can’t I post!!!

  2. tickyul says:

    At 75 my father was pretty healthy. He was strong and had no arthritis, was mentally sharp and independent. At a checkup Dr said he had plaque in one of his arteries (from what I saw it never really bothered him). From the time he started taking statins until his death his body and mind fell apart, he died of a hemorrhaging stroke at 79. Before he died he was on oxygen, had amnesia, muscle wasting to name a few. I really wish I would have known statin side effects when he started that poison.

  3. moss1transcendant says:

    i was offerred statins as a way to loose weight. i wasnt told about the adverse reactions with the body.
    i now have lost my health, i cannot travel far on my bike as a way too loose weight naturally as my body slows up like glue setting ,i ache all over and my heart races , as if 1 step is 100..
    please take me seriously abotu this . i am not exagerating !!

    never ever trust a GP or NHS they are living a false identity and dont know it.
    the biggest of lies are right under your nose .

  4. bbcweatherman says:

    It is a DISGRACE what rubbish our GPs are prescribing us these days.
    My mum and dad are on these poisons without being tried on changed diet first!
    There are too many quack medicines and cheap versions of ‘critical’ drugs with DANGEROUS side effects, often made ABROAD.
    Other ‘cheap versions/brands’ of some drugs don’t work as wel, l if at all!
    What IS the agenda?

  5. tradewind08 says:

    Avoid Statins like the plague. Money hungry docs and companies like lipitor sell their souls for a buck. Statins cause horrible muscle and joint aches and SEVERELY affect memory. Get off them asaFp. I speak from personal experience.

  6. argent2020 says:

    Is trilipix a form of statin?.

    I’ve been taken it for about three months along with Cholest Off & EFA (Fish Oil).

    Well?!, My cholesterol & tricglyceride levels went down, but so did my Tetosterone Levels.

    I’m also taking Prednisone, Keppra, Isoniazid & Methotrexate.

    Would it be possible that any of the drugs I’m taking would cause my Tetosterone levels to go down or is it like my friend told me: “It’s your age! (43)?.

  7. Taz0161 says:

    1000mg of Niacin per day will help lower your bad and riase your good. Be advised no matter what you hear , the No Flush Niacin is garbage , it does nothing for you. My Doctor said she wishes she could put the whole world on Niacin but the problem is people take it for the first time , experience that profound flush , get scared and never take it again. Just take it and when the flush starts , just kick back , relax and think of all the good it’s doing your body.

  8. lungcancercure says:

    My good cholesterol – the stuff that scrubs your arteries – is real high which gives me a nice healthy high cholesterol level! I like that because the brain needs cholesterol.

    Also an anesthesiologist told me that statins “are the worst class of drugs out there.”

    PS. Find out how to cure cancer.

  9. DuoSonic87 says:

    I agree with your means of treatment. See , pharmaceutical companies can’t patent a nutrient or natural remedy ,hence it doesn’t make any profit for them.

    thumbs up for your comment.

  10. 7299MM says:

    Be suspicious, be very suspicious.
    WHY doesn’t the doctor get you to change you diet first?
    They are just dishing them out like smarties because the government TELLS them to. ( Plus they get paid )
    I will NOT take them, so my doc can shove them up his arse.
    WHY were they rushed out so quick?
    The NHS never has enough money, does it?
    The government does NOT want you to live longer, the welfare state cannot afford it.

  11. 7299MM says:

    I changed my diet and quit smoking.
    If MY doc tells me to go on statins, I shall tell him to stick them up his ass!!!!

  12. Soulnik says:

    I would never take a statin drug. Way too dangerous.

    I’ve lowered my cholesterol by eating healthy foods,
    walking daily for at least 2 miles, taking the nutrient
    pantethine among other natural therapies.

    A lot of doctors just want to “pill and bill” their patients.

    I don’t put up with that nonsense.

  13. glynwainwright says:

    You might be interested in my video about the side effects of statins. It was created with the the help of Duane Graveline MD (aka Spacedoc). Its called “Statins –The Dark Side”. Thanks for helping with awareness of this issue. Glyn

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