Critical Alert about Ritalin and Your Child {Video}

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I hope many people get to watch this. Ritalin can be dangerous. If you have an ADHD child, please try giving him/her Omega 3 supplements before trying ADHD drugs.

The FDA’s at it again. Protecting their sacred cash cow Big Pharma. And this time it might be at the expense of your child or grandchild’s life. A recent study conducted by the FDA and the National Institute of Mental Health revealed shocking information about the potential danger of Ritalin and other ADHD drugs to children. These safe drugs may greatly increase the risk of sudden death. Yet no one is sounding the alarm. Least of all the FDA. Get the facts you need to protect your children. Their very lives may depend on it! Watch this important video and visit for more information. Sign up for my FREE daily e-Alert for urgent health alerts you, and your family, need to know Health Disclaimer: The information provided in this video should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction. No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this video. Viewers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being.

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23 Responses to “Critical Alert about Ritalin and Your Child {Video}”

  1. RaynorX says:

    The thing that sucks is schools that try to force Ritalin on kids. They tried doing that with me and they tried doing that to one of my friends while he was only in pre-school!

  2. DianeDi says:

    @SkateSurfSnowMedia My daughter had ADHD so until you have tried a complete diet change by eliminating ALL processed food sources and eat nothing but organic, pure, clean food and water, don’t feel insulted. Perhaps it’s time you feel empowered and actually try something that might be the ultimate cure. OR you can continue to support the pharmaceutical industries bottom line profits.

  3. SkateSurfSnowMedia says:

    @DianeDi How about you stop speaking like you are a doctor, do you realize how insulting that statement is to people with ADD? I am extremely insulted right now

  4. pwg0070 says:

    My son was diagnosed at the age of 12 with ADD and given Ritalin. At the age of 20 he started self destructing from addiction and abuse to try and maintain his 3.8 GPA and desire to succeed. He died after he was kicked out of a rehab in Houston after Detox and 2 weeks of inpatient. He found a doctor to give him 90 more of his 20mg pills and took over 60 in two days. He was at a halway house. No doctor ever warned us of this drug and the dangers. See HBO special on addiction or the FDA warning.

  5. uschairtennis says:

    has anyone ever herd of someone who took ritalin (who legitamtly needed it) and died?

  6. jballzzz says:

    Jenny is hotter than Georgia asphalt on a hot summer day!!!!

    Jballzzz: Son of Thunder!

  7. jballzzz says:

    @ Momo- I called and left 13 messages…
    no answer!!!! Dang! Oh well…I’ll just keep calling Jesus…He always answers!

    JD Saldivar/Sgt
    82DAbn Div

    PS: Jballzzz, Leader of Men!

  8. MomoTheBellyDancer says:

    “am I? doomed?”

    Yes. You’d better call your undertaker.

  9. jballzzz says:

    What about adults?! I’m 47 and I’m taking 30 mg. I was diagnosed about 3 months ago…am I doomed?


  10. Wtfgames says:

    When your tweaking on ritalin you get extremly paranoid and you tend to isolate your self similar to meth, also ritalin overdose causes more delicious thought’s and behvior then coke and odd hallucinations , Ritalin last for 3-4 hours while coke is 20 mintues and the crash of ritalin is way harder then coke and in my opinon ritalin beats coke handown. You get obbessions over things on ritalin and alot less dopamin then coke gives

  11. Wtfgames says:

    no it does not mimic cociane trust me ive used both alot,

    Coke is way less addictve in my opinon and the high is extremly short lived

    The high you get from coke is as diffrent from ritalin as weed is from alcohol

    Cocaine makes you extremly sexual aroused , ritalin does that as well but only 10% compared to coke.

    Cocaine tweaking makes you violent and removes all fear and paranoia from you makes you feel super powerful and your filled with rage and your extremly likly to get violent

  12. Teleterkji says:

    What you tell me about her class
    makes me wonder who needs the medication.
    Why should a sensitive child be drugged
    to cope with a mental desease that belongs
    to everybody?
    Why this need to discover failures in individuals,when it is clear that its a collective madness going on?
    Poor girl,

  13. xerxerxex says:

    down with Ritalin.

  14. munichlady says:

    Have you tried changing her diet radically.? Check out ” GreenSmoothiesGirl. com “

  15. ekorre33 says:

    Buh, hu big pharma wants to kill us all, see a shrink, get some help, take something for you pms…..or whatever ails you….

  16. jacquel00 says:

    My child has ADHD. People don’t understand. She figgets, wiggles, hums, disrupts, and losses her concentration. She would have to go to a school for retarded children. She is very smart, but she cannot overcome these hyper active impulses. Without Ritalin, she is hated, beaten-up, and sent out of class.

  17. stopfederalism08 says:

    id agree with that not just that but the phamaceutical runoff in the municipal water of many areas. i was a child on ritalin and i think the stuff predisposed me toward addictive tendencies

  18. elliottbradshaw says:

    Just like how the weapons we use to protect ourselves, we will one day use to destroy ourselves! It’s a visious circle. Let it be

  19. DianeDi says:

    ADHD in children is a by-product of food additives and coloring, chemical preservatives, and all those things that I can’t pronounce – excess sugar also contributes. Ritalin is not the answer, it’s a diet change. Whole clean foods are a great start. ADHD is diagnosed by a 20 question check list…. I would hate to be diagnosed for any ailment based on someone else’s opinion and observation.

  20. y2knoproblem says:

    Smoke pot. It make you happy.

  21. okiedragonlady2 says:

    Catnip and lavender are safer

  22. Soulfree2008 says:

    btw, enjoy your free use of vitamin supplements while you can, Codex Alimantarius (look it up!) and Monsanto are about to render all ‘non chemically treated” supplements (and organic food) as ToXiNs!!!
    im serious…

  23. Soulfree2008 says:

    Yes, I have a friend who gives that “attentive child” to her son and has had mixed, but positive results… Thinking about trying it on my daughter…
    But as for SidS, that applies to infants and young toddlers…
    Obviously most ritalin users are of young school age. I dont recommend ritalin to anyone under 14 or so… FOr adults it can be a great asset though, since their minds and bodies are fully ‘formed’…

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