Conventional Doctor Vs Holistic Natural Medicine?

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I am so confused about deciding which doctor I should go for all my health care. Conventional Doctor seems to give me a diagnostic right away, and prescribe me medication. I was told it is a money making scam. But in some care, you do need these meds. Then, there are Holistic natural medicine, usually they are not MD, but like acupuncture or massage therapist where you would go see them on regular basis regardless of sick. or when you get sick, is it too late to go see them? They usually gives you herb medicine. It cost like $90 each time you go see them, may be twice a week. Conventional doctor would cost you about the same, but once a month or only once. They would gives you a quick fix, powerful medicine that has a lot of side affect. A lot of them just treat the symptoms. I am so confused what is the truth and who do I really need to go see. Like anxiety, depression, flue, virus, infection, allergy, just any disease…..who for what?

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7 Responses to “Conventional Doctor Vs Holistic Natural Medicine?”

  1. l81ucky says:

    that would depend on whether or not you believe holisitc medicine works. it is a personal choice that you need to research and make for youself

  2. sokokl says:

    Like in Hollistic or alternative medicine not everything in conventional medicine is a quick fix. Sometimes it can take several specialties and such to try and figure out what the problem a person is having if one is having a very complicated problem. This is the situation I face now.
    My conventional medicine drs will let me try some alternative things if they see that they are safe for me to do. I always check with my conventional medicine drs because I have a very complicated health situation.
    Some drs of the conventional type are starting to do more with offering alternative treatments such as accupuncture.
    I would say that for monitoring overall have a conventional medicine dr. Some conventional medicine drs like mine are very good at listening and being open to alternative medicine/hollistic ideas if they are truly safe for the patient to do.

  3. like to help says:

    For starters, make sure you are helping yourself……eat good food, keep away from processed foods and get as much health fruit and vegetables as you can. Exercise every day even if it is just for a 30 minute walk… will be surprised how quickly depression disappears when you get a hit of endorphins.
    If you feel really unwell with a virus, go to bed, drink plenty of fluids and take it easy. If after a couple of days things don’t improve, visit you Doctor.
    I think you will find that with a healthy diet and exercise you will find that things just don’t seem to happen to you any more.
    And another thing I find really helps is to go out and help other people on a regular basis and you will find that you don’t have time for anxiety, depression, flu, virus’s etc. etc. It has worked for me.

  4. einreb says:

    give me the doctor any day, but I do not cut out natural therapies. If its serious, don’t fool around, see a doctor.

  5. imneifli says:

    i have from my experiance that doctors treat the simptoms—alternative treats the cause–u decide

  6. boncarle says:

    You’re right, they both are necessary in my opinion. Often for current acute illnesses, the regular doctor and meds are important. Holistic works great as preventative medicine, though it also can help some acute conditions. Often you can use both as long as they don’t interact — for instance you can take blood pressure meds and also get accupuncture. You may not want to take blood pressure meds and also something more natural like CQ10 though, without consulting the docs first. I think holistic is great because it looks at the root of the rpoblem and I have seen amazing results. But sometimes it works too slow for a major problem that needs taken care of right away. I hope this helps — often holistic docs will recommend you detox and eat healthy, so you can often take care of the holistic angle yourself, by researching your issues and good diets and vitamins for yourself. It helps to see the holistic doc maybe once or twice until you figure out a good regime, and see the regular? doc if soemthing acute pops up.
    Also, hostic docs actually have to go to the same medical classes as MDs, but also study holistic medicine in addition. — at least in ARizona they do. And many insurers will reimburse you for the holistic doc here also.
    *edit* so for your specific scenerio I would say go to a regular doctor for a major problem. Then see a holistic doc to help you overcome side effects of the meds used to solve your acute problem, and to get you healhty and prevent future attacks. Always trust yourself, and question every doctor, no matter what kind they are.

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