Controversial Post! (couldn’t resist it!)

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I wouldn’t normally publish this type of post as it is off topic – meaning it has absolutely nothing to do with health. But it’s interesting so I’ve let it through.
PS – Love the comment on toast!

Christians, Can You Prove Just One Miracle That Cannot Be Called Coincidence Or Be Explained By Natural Causes

I mean, according to the Bible, we should be seeing REAL miracles, like Jesus did.
Jesus said to His followers:
“Greater things than I did, you shall do.”
That just seemed to have been not the truth!
Cancer being healed is not a Jesus miracle. Cancer can go into remission and disappear seemingly without warning.
People being saved, quitting drinking, changing is not a miracle, because people convert to all religions and change drastically afterwards. This can be easily explained by psychology.
Where is the amputee whose limb has been replaced by God? Should be easy for God to do. Please show me the pictures and documentation.
If anyone on earth has had a REAL impossible, supernatural miracle, they would not – COULD NOT keep it to themselves! Somebody, somewhere would have documented it.
I think this is the very least you Christians could offer as proof of your God. After all, Jesus Himself said these types of things would follow those who believe.
(No PhotoShop please)

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13 Responses to “Controversial Post! (couldn’t resist it!)”

  1. Road Horse Will Believe for Fuel says:

    Never mind the man behind the curtain…
    If people freaked out when they saw the first stop-motion animations, imagine what Moses or Jesus could do with a pair of sticks and some rope…
    Some people have had their suspension of disbelief turned on for good…

  2. holy toast says:

    How about when Mary’s picture appears on a piece of toast? Huh, how do you explain that? You can’t can you. There, is that proof enough for you? If you don’t believe then you are hopeless. What more proof do you need?

  3. Hugh G. Rection says:

    LoL.. exactly..
    “Virgin” Mary on toast lmao.. like God would not have better ways of showing himself to the world then creating an image of Mary on some toast.

  4. Mary Kate says:

    what about the Eucharist turning to flesh in the priests two hands as he held it up? or the wine turning to blood? or as someone who practices satanism stabs the Eucharist it starts to bleed?

  5. Chrys says:

    just because you believe it was a coincidence doesn’t mean it wasn’t a miricale! how many people do you know that smoke? How hard is it for them to quit…how long does it take them? I quit in one night…no cravings nothing….I believe I was delivered!

  6. Mike says:

    The problem with any miracle is that if science cannot explain it, it doesn’t get any coverage. If it can explain it, or expose it as a fraud then its all over the media in a flash.
    Take the Shroud of Turin. When carbon dating placed its origins at around 16th centry it was big news (as a fraud).
    However when it was later discovered that the sample tested was from a repair patch done after the Shroud was damaged by fire in the 16th centry – no coverage – hardly a mention anywhere.
    If you are really interested (which I doubt given your tone) check out the story of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on a 15th century mexican tilma. The more it is researched the more miraculous the image becomes. Heard of it? Probably not. That’s my point.

  7. CrJarvis says:


  8. Joy says:

    Miracles are real, whether you believe you can explain them away or not. It is not our perspective on events that makes them legitimate. They are either legitimate or they are not.
    A real miracle? Jesus saved me. I was headed for a life of addiction to porn and a lifestyle of homosexuality. And Jesus saved me. You can say that people in every religion everywhere get converted. And that makes no difference to me. It doesn’t bother me that I defy the whole world’s understanding of reality. They defy mine, so I can defy theirs.
    Suppose someone is hanging from the edge of a cliff and they need help. I come up to them and offer my hand. I can try to help them. But then suppose there is a thousand people all around booing me and saying that he’s fine and I should leave him alone. Am I going to leave him alone just because everyone says he’s fine? No, I am not. Because I know there’s a real problem, whether they see it or not.

  9. euhmeris says:

    You guys do the easiest mental thing there is. Just say, “I don’t believeit”.

  10. yahknot says:

    I originally was going to refer you to the 28th recognized cure at Lourdes, a youngster named LaVoye, and there are others as someone has pointed out before me, but consider this instead, also an idea suggested by someone else.
    The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is on a serape made of cactus fiber. Cactus fiber normally cannot last as long as this serape has lasted. A curiosity that, perhaps no one would consider it a miracle, and I will not advance it as one, though it in itself may be.
    Instead, consider the image. Juan Diego had wrapped roses (growing on a snow covered hill in Mexico, in winter, also a curiosity; again one I will not advance as a miracle, though it may well be) into the serape (I think the technical word is “tilma”) and when he opened the tilma to show the bishop the roses (the bishop had asked for a sign of authenticity for the message Diego had delivered to him previously) they fell at the bishops feet. However, the bishops gaze did not follow the roses. Instead his eyes were riveted on the image of a lady in blue on the inside of the tilma. The image was so detailed that the lady’s eyes, pupils and all could be discerned. I have read that if you examine the image very carefully, the image of the pupils of her eyes reflect the scene in the room when Juan Diego opened the tilma; the bishop and his attendants can be seen in the image of the pupil. That image is likely a miracle all by itself.
    Hopefully, someone will post an assertion that the appearance of the bishop in the image of the pupils of the lady is just a pious legend. Then, I would have one less miracle to have to accept; but just one. The resurrection of Jesus will always remain. If the followers of Jesus stole the body, why wasn’t the Sanhedrin able to prove that. Their own guards claimed it was so. The Sanhedrin probably could have tortured anyone of the disciples they chose and force him to tell where they had hidden the body. But there i nothing anywhere in any writing that makes such a claim, as far as I know. Do you know of such?
    What if it turns out that Jesus actually is the Son of God and that all of the Christian belief system is truth? Where will that leave you? Is the satisfaction you get from your animosity and doubt worth the gamble you are taking?

  11. Derek says:

    I understand.

  12. Max Marie, OSF says:

    HBO did a fantastic program comparing the miracles at Lourdes to one night with Benny Hinn.
    It did a delightful job explaining the very exacting process the Congregation for the Causes of Saints goes through to prove conclusively that there is no viable explanation for this or that healing.
    People unable to prove they were ill before they visited Lourdes do not count.
    75 scientifically unexplainable healings at Lourdes. Remission of a cancer takes months to happen. When it happens over night science can’t explain that.

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