Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Child’s Earaches and Ear Infections

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The most commonplace basis for visits to a pediatrician is earache. More than 70 percent of children will have had a minimum of one earache by the age of three, and approximately one-third will have had three or more earache episodes. However, what might be unexpected is that earache is also the most widespread basis for children under the age of five years to be brought to the chiropractor’s office.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Earache and Ear Infections

A pediatrician who suspects that a child with an earache has a middle ear infection will generally prescribe antibiotics as a typical course of treatment. Current study, however, has ascertained that this type of treatment is often imprudent. The cause of the child’s middle ear infection may not be due to bacteria, and because antibiotics are only effective against bacterial pathogens, frequently there will be no positive result. The reason for this is that numerous cases of middle ear infection can be caused by a virus, and viruses do not respond to antibiotics. This may explain why children develop chronic ear infections.

One of a variety of evaluations that a Honolulu chiropractor can make is whether the earache or ear infection is produced by irritation of the small nerves in the spine, called free nerve endings.

An abnormal tension in the small muscles of the neck is caused when these nerve endings are irritated. This muscle tension can put pressure on the lymphatic drainage ducts resulting in inadequate drainage from inside the ear, thereby preventing the body from its ability to naturally correct the problem. In addition, balance can also be affected.

Diagnosis by a chiropractor of such a problem is made by the finding of increased tension in the neck and paraspinal muscles. Usually more tension is felt on the side of earache. In addition, the chiropractor will palpate to see which spinal vertebrae are either moderately out of alignment or not moving within their normal range. This affliction may have been due to any one of the variety of bangs, jolts and falls that most children undergo in the early years of their life. Restoration of normal lymph drainage is usually accomplished with a short series of treatments that include spinal adjustments and manipulation of the neck muscles. If your child is suffering from an earache or an ear infection, contact your Honolulu chiropractor as soon as possible.

Advanced Research and Guidelines

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), ear infection, the most prevalent childhood disease second only to the common cold, accounts for nearly 30 million doctor visits each year. What’s more, at least 6 million courses of antibiotics are causelessly prescribed for the affliction.Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released new guidelines for treating pediatric ear inflammation, and expressly recommended a period of “watchful waiting” since, in many cases, infections clear up on their own, without medication.

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) applauds the AAP on the guidelines and reiterates that chiropractic care is a “good first option” for treating ear infection conservatively. “Doctors of chiropractic have been treating children for decades with great success – helping them to avoid painful ear infections, antibiotic overuse and resistance, and ear tube surgery,” said ACA President Donald Krippendorf, DC. “Particularly when dealing with young children, drugs and surgery should be an absolute last resort.”

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